October 22, 2019

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  • 11/01 – San Gabriel Valley / Monrovia Round Table
  • 11/07 – Orange County Round Table
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Blog by Mimi Grant

What You Need to Know About California’s Looming Data Privacy Law

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October 22, 2019:  While consumers may be concerned about their lack of privacy on the Internet, thanks to the California Consumer Privacy Act (better known as the CCPA) businesses better be aware of how its enforcement can impact them. Thanks to CIO DIVE and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), here are five take-aways about the new law . . . CLICK TO READ REST OF BLOG

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Vlog by Mimi Grant

Blockbusters Are Coming to Your Phone Soon

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“Quick bite” movies, tailored for your phone and your video appetite, are coming soon. Plus (news you can use) Meg Whitman’s “4-point checklist for a successful venture” – and why Quibi checks off all four! . . . CLICK HERE TO WATCH MIMI GRANT’S 3:39-MINUTE VLOG



>>>Glen Day is CEO of NVISNx LLC, which helps companies visually profile their data so they can better protect their most valuable digital assets and dispose of digital liabilities. NVISNx delivers the capabilities for an enterprise to operationally support each of the “7 Information Governance Principles” in a sustainable manner: Know: What information do we have? Locate: Where is it? Confirm: Who has access? Protect: How is it secured? Respond: Can we respond quickly? Keep: Are we retaining only what we need? Dispose: Are we purging everything else? Previously, Glen worked for EY as America’s Information Governance Leader, and America’s Cybersecurity Leader for High Tech, Healthcare and Life Sciences. He was also a Principal of Cyber Security & Privacy at Booz Allen Hamilton; a Commander in the U.S. Navy; and Chief Privacy Officer with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Glen has joined the West LA Round Table.

>>>Tushar Puri is CEO of Pegasus One, a software development company that delivers turn-key projects and provides flexible, on-demand staffing extensions for a company’s team. Since 2008, Pegasus One has been a software innovation partner for Fortune 500 and SMBs companies alike, including Disney, Honda, GE, Toshiba, Interstate Batteries, City National Bank, and more. With 97 employees, located in the US, Europe, and Asia, the company’s services include mobile app development, cloud/SaaS solutions, business and enterprise solutions, IoT, AI and machine learning. Industries served include finance, healthcare, retail, construction, sports, education, gaming, logistics, e-commerce, and insurance. Prior to launching Pegasus One, Tushar was a Project Manager at Walt Disney Internet Group and an AVP at GE Money Bank. Tushar has joined the Orange County Round Table.