February 19, 2020

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March 5 – Orange County Round Table

March 6 – San Gabriel Valley / Monrovia Round Table

March 13 – West Los Angeles / Santa Monica Round Table


>>>Philippe Lewicki is Captain at AfterNow, an award-winning agile development agency specializing in envisioning, designing and building mixed reality applications for practical use cases and entertaining experiences. AfterNow works with Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, aeronautics, food, telecommunications, entertainment, and education industries as they create new products based on augmented reality (AR). Projects have included a Hololens-based medical device for doctors in operating rooms, drone flight management with holographic table, 5G virtual assistant for bike maintenance, battlefield visualization, interactive sales tool for planes, and a presentation on the future of health. AfterNow also designed the first spatial web Magic Leap app, and numerous product presentations for sales teams. Prior to joining AfterNow in September 2016, Philippe led HTMLFusion and held leadership roles at YogaGlo, Ofuz, Ready Set Net/POD Interactive, SQLFusion SARL, and EB Agency. Philippe has joined the West Los Angeles Round Table.


>>>Veronica Nguyen is Co-Founder and CAO of BeSmartee, which helps lenders deliver a completely digital mortgage experience that is easy, fast, and transparent for both consumers and lenders. As the developers of one of the original mortgage point-of-sale platforms, the company’s founders recognized that the mortgage process could be improved by utilizing source-data and automation in order to streamline the consumer experience, increase data integrity for lenders, and lead to a day where a consumer could enter fulfillment in minutes. Today, BeSmartee services some of the worlds’ largest banks and non-bank lenders, processing 25,000+ applications a month through its consumer, TPO, and solar platforms. Previously, Veronica was a Co-Founder and Executive VP of InHouse, a nationwide provider of technology-driven appraisal services, where she delivered scale and profitable growth, transforming InHouse from its start-up phase to 150+ full-time employees within two years. Veronica has joined the Orange County Round Table.


>>>Rick Anderson was recently named President and GM North America at DarioHealth Corp., a pioneer in the global digital therapeutics market, where he is responsible for both operational and commercial development, focusing primarily on the U.S. market. DarioHealth Corp. (Nasdaq: DRIO) is revolutionizing the way people with chronic conditions manage their health. By delivering evidence-based interventions that are driven by data, high-quality software and coaching, the company empowers individuals to make healthy adjustments to their daily lifestyle choices to improve their overall health. Dario is one of the highest-rated diabetes solutions in the market, and its user-centric MyDario mobile app is loved by consumers worldwide. Prior to joining DarioHealth Corp., Rick was President and COO of publicly-traded Catasys, Inc., from 2008 through 2019, a leading AI and technology-enabled healthcare company that solves the hidden, high-cost problem of untreated behavioral health conditions. Rick remains in ABL’s West LA Technology Round Table.


Blog by Mimi Grant

10 Ways Tech’s Stemming the Tide of the Coronavirus

Health IT examples

February 19, 2020:  The first report of a case of pneumonia from an unknown virus in Wuhan was diagnosed on December 8th. But it wasn’t until December 31st that AI-company BlueDot published the first alert about COVID-19 (initially called the coronavirus). A week later, the CDC notified the public of a flu-like outbreak in China, clustered in Wuhan. And, on January 9th, the World Health Organization followed; by the end of January, designating the “2019-nCoV” a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” Highly contagious, unchecked, COVID-19 typically results in 2-3 new cases per established infection – largely because the virus is transmitted to others before symptoms develop in the host. As a result, within 11 weeks (as of 2/19/20), the virus has infected 75,309 (in 29 countries or territories), killing 2,014 – all but six in China.

The amazing statistic, given COVID-19’s highly contagious nature, is that it hasn’t impacted more people far beyond the borders of Wuhan and Hubei province, where 61,682 people are known to have been infected – 82% of the global total.

So why hasn’t it spread much further? An aggressive (if not immediate) response by China, Inc., and an equally aggressive use of technology. Here are 10 (graphic) examples . . . CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF BLOG.

[Caption & Credit for Above Photo: Earlier this month, 46 million Chinese in Wuhan and 15 other cities were put into lockdown mode to contain COVID-19. The result being empty streets like this one in Wuhan. [MSN (Reuters)]


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Vlog by Mimi Grant

Blockbusters Are Coming to Your Phone Soon

Health IT examples

“Quick bite” movies, tailored for your phone and your video appetite, are coming soon. Plus (news you can use) Meg Whitman’s “4-point checklist for a successful venture” – and why Quibi checks off all four! . . . CLICK HERE TO WATCH MIMI GRANT’S 3:39-MINUTE VLOG