November 16, 2021

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These upcoming ABL-Tech Tables will discuss “Growth of VC, PE Capital: Implications”

December 2 – ABL-Tech OC ZOOM Table – featuring Ali Payani, CEO of LookinLA

December 3 – ABL-Tech SGV ZOOM Table – featuring Miranda Su, Co-Founder & EVP of The Joy Factory

December 10 – ABL-Tech WLA ZOOM Table – featuring Jason Ciment, CEO of Get Visible


>>Uri Blackman is Founder and CEO of GIDEON Informatics Inc., a medical decision support company whose web-based application and ebook series are deployed at hundreds of institutions, including the World Health Organization, the CDC, and prominent universities and government organizations worldwide. GIDEON is a user-friendly application for diagnosing diseases, identifying pathogens, and research – a one-stop resource for anyone with a professional interest in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. It’s ideally suited for saving time in point-of-care settings while empowering clinicians to consider all possible scenarios. Additionally, it’s an excellent teaching tool for biology, microbiology, public health, and medical students and residents. GIDEON significantly improves diagnostic accuracy and broadens the user’s knowledge base; the application is continually updated. The company was founded in 1992 by Uri and Dr. Stephen A. Berger.
Previously, Uri was Senior VP of Applications at UberMedia, where he led the growth of the mobile apps group and tripled annual revenue. Prior to that, he was VP of Corporate Development at Speedbit, creators of Download Accelerator. His career also includes having founded a venture-backed online home-owners insurance firm; serving as Product Manager for two generations of the Netscape browser; and later managing the computing and download channels on Netscape’s website and business development at AOL. Uri is a member of Tech Coast Angels, former Chairman of the Technology Council of Southern California, and has invested in a number of technology companies around the world. He was also a commander in the Israeli Defense Forces 8200 unit. Uri has joined the ABL-Tech WLA Round Table.


Blog by Mimi Grant

Google, if you want your employees to come back to the office:   Show Them The Money!

Google Headquarters

August 25, 2021:  One of the hottest sub-topics to emerge in recent weeks in the “Return to Work” discourse is “remote worker pay cuts,” specifically those proposed by Google that vary by urban, suburban, and more rural locales.

They kind of remind me of that World War I Top 40 hit, “How Ya Gonna Keep ’em Down on the Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree?)” – in reverse. Of course, the song was referring to Uncle Sam conscripting farm boys and sending them off to war in France, only to experience the Big City, “liquor, jazzing around, [and] painting the town.”

Fast forward about a 100 years, and few of today’s tech stars were raised on farms, and if they’ve been working in tech’s mega centers in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, the rest of the Bay Area or Orange County, chances are excellent they’ve had lots of experience in megalopolises, liquor, jazzing around, and painting the town, along with the traffic jams, high parking fees, and higher rents, that come with working in ultra-urban environments.

While it wasn’t Uncle Sam that changed their environment overnight, it was the government. When California Governor Newsom issued “shelter-in-place” orders, shuttering the State on March 19, 2020, I understand that immediately, young engineers and software developers emptied out of their cubicles and cramped City-quarters to head East: some went to Austin, others to Nashville and Charlotte, Jacksonville and Denver, even Sacramento rounded out the Top 15 areas with “net inflow of tech workers.” OK, so they’re not exactly farm-towns, but, according to RENTCafe, this month, the average monthly rent for an 865-square-foot apartment in Austin is $1539 (up 9% YOY), compared to the $2933 tab for an 825-sqft apartment in Mountain View (down 7% YOY), or $3035 for a 749-sqft apartment in San Francisco (down 11% YOY). Hmm, a bigger place for roughly half the rent?

In addition to larger quarters, and virtually zero commuting time and parking fees, many tech workers are finding they’re just as productive for their employers – plus they’re really enjoying their newfound “life-work” balance.

If Google sincerely wants to bring workers back to their campuses, rather than threatening their 135,000 employees with 5-25% pay cuts, depending on how far away from their offices they’ve moved, they might consider pay raises for those who return to live closer to the mother ship




Vlog by Mimi Grant

Since to Err Is Still Human, Healthcare Could Use a Little Help

Since to Err is Still Human, Healthcare Could Use a Little Help

Mimi shares how embracing new processes, tools, and approaches – including a National Patient Safety Board – could dramatically reduce hundreds of thousands of lives lost each year when harm IS done in the hospital.



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