July 21, 2020

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In August, ABL will hold its Round Tables via ZOOM to ensure Social Distancing for our Members. See your Zoom Table invitation for participation instructions, and the ABL.org Members Only website for all the invitation specifics.

August 6 – ABL-Tech OC Zoom Table

August 7 – ABL-Tech SGV Zoom Table

August 14 – ABL-Tech WLA Zoom Table


Blog by Mimi Grant

Tech Members Speak Out About COVID

July 21, 2020:  You might expect ABL’s Healthcare Members to have strong opinions about the mortality and morbidity rates of COVID-19 – and they do! What’s really impressed me is how knowledgeable (and concerned) ABL’s Technology CEOs are about the virus. Here are the voices of three of them – John Tanner, Jason Ciment, and Dave Berkus – who are well worth listening to.



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>>Lute Maleki, Ph.D., is a Founder, President and CEO of OEwaves, Inc., which is focused on the development of advanced sensors and communication components and systems based on microwave photonics technologies for Department of Defense and other government and commercial customers. Before re-joining OEwaves last month, Lute had been GM/Cruise Automation, since 2017, responsible for the development of LiDAR for autonomous navigation. In 2014, he co-founded and served as CTO of Strobe, a LiDAR company spun out of OEwaves and acquired by GM/Cruise in 2017. Prior to founding OEwaves, Lute was a Senior Research Scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he created and led the Quantum Sciences and Technologies Group. He is an inventor of 65+ U.S. patents and applications, and has authored and co-authored 130+ refereed publications and 200+ conference proceedings. Lute has re-joined the ABL-Tech LA Round Table.


Vlog by Mimi Grant

Getting Back to Work in the Office: How to Do It

Getting Back to Work in the Office

While technically during Phase 3 of the “Resilience Roadmap,” California employees can go back to work in their offices, 35 “hurdles” stand in the way. Oh, and there’s the human factor, too. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MIMI GRANT’S 4:54-MINUTE VLOG