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California Lightworks (George Mekhtarian) Serves Santa Ana Facility with MegaDrive

California Lightworks (CL) presents a case study in this 8:52-minute video about its work with Mathias Fields in Santa Ana, providing an ideal look at CL's MegaDrive vertical series and how to harness its full potential. (LA)

Eckert & Ziegler (Frank Yeager) to Supply Ablaze Pharmaceuticals with Lutetium-177

Eckert & Ziegler (EZ) and Ablaze Pharmaceuticals signed a comprehensive supply agreement in which EZ will serve as the supplier for Ablaze's clinical trial and research activities utilizing Lutetium-177. Ablaze is currently developing several Lutetium-based drug products for targeted radiotherapy - a radioisotope is combined with tumor-specific drugs, which then deliver the radiating element of the radioisotope into tumor cells to destroy them, while largely sparing surrounding healthy tissue. (LA)

Optimum Info (Arvind Verma) Details Success with Audi of America

In How Audi of America Achieved Field Operations Excellence With a Flexible Solution, Optimum Info (OI) shares one of its success stories that highlights how OI not only ensured Audi of America's smooth transition to OI's AMOS Business Management system, but also improved Audi's dealer network performance through flexible and adaptable solutions. (OC)

Parasoft (Elizabeth Kolawa, Ph.D.) Enhances Java Code Testing with GenAI Capabilities

Parasoft recently announced a new integration with OpenAI and Azure OpenAI providers to introduce Generative AI capabilities to Parasoft Jtest, the Java developer productivity solution. This enhancement allows developers and development managers to accelerate and enhance their Java code testing processes, boosting productivity and quality. (LA)

Project Insight (Thomas Leffler) Announces Project Management Webinars

On November 29, Project Insight (PI) will present a 15-minute Power Tutorial: Task List Tips and Tricks, which will cover giving your external stakeholders real-time visibility into the items you designate.
AND, PI has made its recent webinar available to watch on-demand: Project Management for Entrepreneurs & Start-ups, which taught prioritizing what you CAN do over what you WANT to do; preparing for challenging conversations with clients; tightening up your techniques when you don't have much wiggle room; and more. (OC)

Toast (Ken Neeld) Debuts Mobile App for Running a Restaurant

Toast, parent company of Delphi Display, recently launched a new mobile app and an enhanced point-of-sale experience as part of its all-in-one technology platform for restaurants. The app, Toast Now, gives restaurant owners and operators the flexibility and control to run their facilities from anywhere, at any time, ensuring they are constantly connected to what's going on. (OC)

Dave Berkus on: Depending on Others, Time Bankruptcy, Quality Control & Haste

In Your fork in the road? Depending upon others, Dave guarantees that there comes a time when growing businesses outgrow the original span of control of the entrepreneur. Dave expands upon this critical period, which is a test of the entrepreneur's desire and ability to delegate.
AND, in Are you or your business "time bankrupt?", Dave declares that time bankruptcy results from the deliberate over-commitment of core resources.
Other recent posts from Dave include:
A personal story about quality control;
They say "haste makes waste" but...; and
Hire as if your survival depends upon it. (LA)

CuraeSoft Corporation (Mark Parinas) on: Talent Management

In a recent post, CuraeSoft CEO Mark Parinas discussed overcoming the challenge of finding new talent, convincing them to join your organization, and giving them a reason to stay. He also polled readers on "What's your biggest challenge in talent management?" Results are at the link above. (LA)

Get Visible (Jason Ciment) on: Using Expert Content Creation to Build an Audience

In Cracking the Case: The R.A.C.E. Digital Brand Marketing Strategy - How to Use Expert Content Creation to Build Any Audience Online from Ground Zero, Get Visible (GV) says that in order to build an audience that sticks around, you just need the right strategy. Enter R.A.C.E. - Research; Author; Communicate; Evaluate.
ALSO, read GV's No-B.S. 2023 Holiday Guide to Dominating SEO.
AND, GV CEO Jason Ciment suggests a business hack to try out - a tool that converts a YouTube video into PowerPoint slides. (LA)

GIDEON Informatics (Uri Blackman) on: What's CRISPR and Why Is It a Game Changer in Genetics?

In Gene Editing: How CRISPR Is Transforming the Fight Against Infectious Diseases, GIDEON Informatics discusses what CRISPR is and why it's a game-changer in genetics, plus five groundbreaking ways CRISPR is battling infectious diseases, the potential for a world where "incurable" is a term of history books, and more.
AND, read GIDEON's article, RSV Alert: What Every Parent and Caregiver Should Know, which details RSV's history and global impact, as well as recognizing symptoms and the best preventive measures. (LA)

Half Past Nine (Kenneth Shen) on: In B2B, the Roles of Demand & Marketing/Sales Synergy

In recent Half Past Nine newsletters, Kenneth Shen ponders how demand, which drives business growth, works in the B2B space, and, in another article, he states that these days synergy between your marketing and sales departments isn't a plus - it's an absolute necessity in the B2B world. Click here to read Half Past Nine's newsletters. (LA)

Instil (Adam Miller, JD) on: Prospect Research, Important Metrics & Ethics Regarding Fundraising

In The Role of Prospect Research in Major Gift Fundraising, Instil explains that prospect research involves gathering and analyzing information about potential donors to identify those with the capacity and inclination to make significant contributions, and offers five ways it can help your organization secure major gifts.
AND, in 6 Important Metrics for Tracking Major Donor Relationships, Instil introduces several essential data points to review.
PLUS, read 6 Ethical Fundraising Best Practices for Major Gifts. (LA)

myKaarma on: Customized Tools & Multipoint Inspection Videos

myKaarma's Fixed Ops News, which delivers video content on how auto dealers nationwide are adapting to evolving service industry demands and solutions, has added recent videos on: Customized tools - keeping up with technology; and Multipoint inspection videos - digitized MPI forms are not enough. (OC)

Payani Group (Ali Payani) on: Account-Based Marketing; Brand Storytelling; & AI's Role in Investment Decisions

In ABM Tech Stack: ABM Strategy and Tools for Effective Execution, Payani Group (PG) examines the growing adoption of account-based marketing (ABM), which has given birth to innovative technologies designed to enhance the scalability of this strategy.
AND, in Utilizing Brand Storytelling to Attract Customer Interest, PG reports that studies consistently show that narratives are more memorable than raw facts or statistics.
PLUS, in Data-Driven Investment Decisions: Leveraging AI for Optimal Results, PG notes that integrating AI algorithms and predictive modeling techniques allows investors to make data-backed predictions about market trends, portfolio optimization, risk management, and stock selection. (LA)

Marshall Toplansky on: Shattering the Green Energy Illusion

In a recent episode of the Feudal Future podcast - Shattering the Green Energy Illusion with Jennifer Shaigec and Robert Bryce, hosts Marshall Toplansky and Joel Kotkin, plus their guests, discuss some "startling contradictions" inherent in the green energy movement. With the stakes high, and the future of energy costs uncertain, this episode provides an invaluable insight into the complexities of the movement. (OC)

AlzWell (Nick Focil) Wins Innovation Award

AlzWell has won the Society for Clinical Research Sites Global Summit Site Tank Award, sponsored by Pfizer, which recognizes innovative technology concepts that enhance clinical research operations. AlzWell is a powerful mobile application designed to provide exceptional support for caregivers of people with Alzheimer's. For the Site Tank competition, AlzWell showcased its AI technology that works with Large Language Models to collect patient data and match them with clinical trials. (LA)

Eitan Medical (Roger Massengale) Wins Health Tech Home Care Award

Eitan Medical is a recent Gold winner of a 2023 Merit Award for Technology in Health Tech in the Home Care category, for its Eitan Insights product in combination with its Sapphire and Avoset infusion pumps. The Merit Awards for technology were judged based on submissions that represent the best in current and next-generation innovations and technologies. (OC)

Kaiser Permanente (Marcos Vasconcelos) Adds Digital Services to Assist Patients

Kaiser Permanente (KP) recently improved its digital check-in process, allowing patients to fill out pre-appointment forms and make copayments through their Kaiser app before arriving at the medical facility. And, once on-site, KP's geolocation technology pinpoints the location of the user's device and destination. KP's app also allows patients to have the option to arrange follow-up video appointments and request prescription refills. (BA)

MedWand (Bob Rose) Debuts REACH: Rapid Electronic Assessment for Community Health

MedWand has developed an acronym - REACH, short for Rapid Electronic Assessment for Community Health. MedWand's REACH empowers caregivers, provides insight to patient status, and reduces avoidable hospitalizations. It enables collaborative clinical care to collect more than vitals, perform onsite and remote exams, and export results to electronic health records. (OC)

Onward (Steve Grau) Recognized in Digital Health Hub Foundation Awards

Onward was recently named a Quarter-finalist in the Digital Health Hub Foundation Awards, in the Longevity - Best in Class category. These awards recognize the achievements of innovative companies that are dramatically improving healthcare through the use of technology. More than 1500 companies competed in this year's event. Onward is also celebrating its recent completion of 50,000 companion rides. (BA)

Providence Digital Innovation Group (Marcee Chmait) Unveils Praia Health, Its 4th Incubated Technology

Providence announced that Praia Health, a new platform-as-a-service technology built by and for health systems, is the next incubated technology from Providence Digital Innovation Group (DIG). Adopting the proven digital flywheel concept for engaging and re-engaging consumers algorithmically, Praia removes barriers to patient care by personalizing individuals' health journeys and seamlessly connecting them to the right services, products and resources. (LA)

Pulse Healthcare Marketing's Robin Raff Certified in AI Business Strategies & Applications

Robin Raff, CEO of Pulse Healthcare Marketing, recently obtained a new certification - Artificial Intelligence: Business Strategies and Applications - from Emeritus, which collaborates with more than 80 top-tier universities worldwide. Robin's courses were provided via UC Berkeley Executive Education. (BA)

WestFax (Barry Clark) "Leads the Pack" Among HIPAA-Compliant Fax Providers

WestFax is named among the Top HIPAA-Compliant Fax Providers of 2023 by Grit Daily, which says: "Leading the pack for 2023 is WestFax. Revered for its customized services tailored for the financial, healthcare, and government sectors, WestFax has made its mark by championing data security. While WestFax's security mechanisms are robust and continually updated to counter potential threats, it has also struck a balance by offering a user interface that's both intuitive and efficient, ensuring even first-time users find the process of faxing effortless." (OC)

Need for Skilled AI Talent is Driving Up Salaries

The average listed salary for an AI engineer grew 12% since last quarter, according to data analysis by tech salaries tracker Comprehensive.io. Now, the average salary is around $188,000 for AI engineers, 21% higher than non-AI software engineers. The number of AI-related job postings rose 22% in the past three months compared to the previous quarter as enterprise generative AI plans require tech leaders to recruit skilled talent, according to an analysis of 5,000 U.S. tech companies. (https://www.ciodive.com/news/ai-job-posting-salary/698324/)

Most Execs Don't See AI Shrinking Financial Teams

55% of senior financial leaders surveyed do not think AI will shrink financial reporting teams, according to a recent survey from the Big Four accounting firm KPMG. 65% of financial executives say they are using AI in that space in some capacity, citing benefits related to increased efficiency and a reduced burden on employees (51%); greater data accuracy, reliability and predictability (50%); and increased visibility into end-to-end processes and controls (50%). (https://www.cfodive.com/news/slim-majority-execs-ai-shrinking-financial-teams-FOBO-KPMG/698773/)

OpenAI's ChatGPT Now Has 100 Million Weekly Active Users

ChatGPT now has 100 million weekly active users, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently announced. The service was released nearly a year ago, garnered an estimated 100 million monthly users within just two months of launching, and set a record for fastest-growing user base. Altman also shared that over two million developers use the platform, including more than 92% of Fortune 500 companies. (https://techcrunch.com/2023/11/06/openais-chatgpt-now-has-100-million-weekly-active-users/)

Biden's AI Order Calls for Guardrails to Protect Workers

The Labor Department has been tasked with leading the development of artificial intelligence guidelines for employers under a sweeping executive order signed by President Joe Biden in late October. The order directs the department, in consultation with other federal agencies, to craft a set of standards to guide companies in mitigating the risks of AI adoption in the workplace, including displacement of jobs and increased collection of employee data. The standards must be published within six months. (https://www.cfodive.com/news/biden-eo-seeks-ai-guardrails-employers/698270/)

Tech Labor Market Rebounded in October

The technology job market bounced back in October with U.S. employers across industries adding 483,000 IT jobs, according to a CompTIA review of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data published recently. The tech sector also expanded hiring activity in October, adding 2,159 workers. Tech services and custom software development positions drove growth for the industry. (https://www.ciodive.com/news/tech-labor-market-october-comptia/698791/)

Cybersecurity Workforce Grows, But Still Needs More

The global cybersecurity workforce grew 8.7% to reach 5.5 million people in 2023, the highest number on record, according to the 2023 ISC2 Global Workforce Study. However, the industry still confronts a record gap of 4 million industry professionals - a total of 9.5 million qualified workers are necessary to adequately safeguard the world's digital assets, according to the report. (https://www.ciodive.com/news/cybersecurity-workforce-shortfall-4-million/698684/)

Startup Founded by Former Apple Employees & Backed by OpenAI's CEO & Microsoft, Launches AI Pin Wearable Intended to Replace Your Phone

Humane, a secretive startup built by a team of ex-Apple employees, has launched the "AI Pin" - a wearable projector, with the ability to capture photos with an ultrawide RGB camera, send text messages and emails, and answer your most curious questions thanks to its ChatGPT-like capabilities. The AI Pin is meant to be a casual, everyday accessory. It requires a magnetic battery pack to keep it latched onto your shirt, and weighs about 55 grams - the weight of a tennis ball. When prompted with a physical tap on the device, the AI Pin can project a Laser Ink Display onto the palm of your hand. You can navigate the operating system, dubbed Cosmos, by tilting or rolling your hand forward or backward. A pinch gesture with your index and thumb fingers selects what's on the projected display. And making a closed fist brings you back to the home screen. When given a prompt, the device pulls the most relevant AI tool to service your needs. Humane's AI Pin will start at $699. (https://www.zdnet.com/article/humane-launches-699-ai-powered-projector-to-replace-your-phone-thats-not-the-craziest-part/)

Toyota Claims EV Breakthrough Will Allow Cars to Travel 745 Miles on a Single 10-Minute Charge

Toyota has said it's close to being able to mass manufacture potentially revolutionary solid-state batteries that could offer double the range of existing electric cars, bringing EVs into the mainstream. According to Toyota, cars powered by solid-state batteries could have a range of 745 miles, a charging time of 10 minutes, and hit the market in 2027 or 2028. (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/yourmoney/electric-vehicles/article-12662175/Toyota-EV-solid-state-range-745-miles.html)

New Apple Watch to Detect Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea; Health Coach Service Planned

Apple plans to introduce a new paid health service alongside a blood pressure sensor and a system for detecting sleep apnea in the Apple Watch next year, according to a recent report from Bloomberg. The paid health coaching service could provide a new area for Apple to develop recurring subscription revenues. Apple's services business is its second largest, behind the iPhone. Reportedly, Apple's blood pressure sensor will detect when a user's blood pressure is elevated (though it won't show their exact measurements) and monitor breathing and sleeping habits to predict if a person has sleep apnea. (https://www.cnbc.com/2023/11/01/apple-watch-blood-pressure-sleep-apnea-and-health-coach-planned-report.html)

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