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1st Wednesday of the month from | 8:45 am – Noon | Costa Mesa, CA


March 3, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:

Positioning Yourself and Your Board for Success

For generations, Boards have largely been physical and mental reflections of the CEO, yet recent studies have proven the value of diversity in the Board Room. And while much of the buzz around board diversity focuses on gender, race, and ethnicity, companies are increasingly looking to improve their boards by adding members with diverse areas of expertise and experience.

During our Members Discussion we’ll look to hear your experience with Boards, both those you controlled, as well as any you served on. And what adjustments through the years made them more successful or less so, including changes to the Board’s composition.

Our Featured Member Presenter, Chris Selecky, has parlayed her experience leading publicly-traded, VC-backed and non-profit healthcare firms into serving on the Boards of health plans, a health system, an international customer support firm, an Innovation Fund, a biotech, a home care firm, and a large, nonprofit dialysis provider. Impressively for us, she’s also followed closely the demands for greater diversity and expertise on Boards, and she’ll share how she developed her “Board Value Prop,” suggestions for how companies can enhance their Boards to better align with company strategy, along with suggestions for anyone who’s interested in serving on Boards outside their current company.

Chris Selecky, before launching her “professional Board Member” career, was President of FHP (Health Plan) of California, and was CEO of LifeMasters Supported SelfCare, disease management company. Since then, she’s become the Board Chair of nonprofit dialysis provider Satellite Healthcare, and an active Board Member of Teleperformance, a $6+ billion, multi-national customer experience and technical support company. And, more recently she’s joined the Boards of ImmunityBio, billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong’s late-clinical stage immunotherapy company, and private equity-backed Griswold Home Care.

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