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Healthcare CEO Peer Advisory Group

1st Wednesday of the month from | 8:45 am – Noon | Costa Mesa, CA


September 7, 2022

Opening Discussion Topic:

How COVID Expedited AI in Healthcare

Not since the 1956 Dartmouth Workshop, where “Artificial Intelligence” was born, has the field made such impressive strides as it did during COVID. In fact, according to Appen’s State of AI 2020 Report, 41% of companies accelerated their AI strategies during COVID-19. In healthcare alone, major advances were made in:

  • Helping 911 call teams detect COVID symptoms in callers’ voices
  • Reducing complications 5x with AI-assisted robotic surgery
  • Using chatbots to answer questions, set and triage visits
  • Identifying “COVID” drugs developed to fight other diseases
  • Expediting remote work, contactless and virtual interactions
  • Enabling clinicians to “read” large sets of referral documents in just seconds.

During our Members’ Discussion we’ll look to hear how you and your organization adapted AI technology over the past 2+ “COVID years” – along with “What’s Up?” in your sector.

Then our Featured Member Presenter, Ed Buckley, CEO of Select Data, will update us on Select’s AI product, SmartCareTM which is now on the market and enabling nurses in the field, coders, and QA teams to review huge sets of referral documents in seconds using SmartCareAI to identify pertinent information for their expert review.

Ed Buckley understands the home health industry from the inside out, having founded Select as a home health agency, over 30 years ago. Soon other agencies realized Select had a competitive advantage that went beyond their nurses: their bills were accurate, and they were paid promptly. For decades, Select Data’s team has been integrating the latest technologies to improve accuracy and speed. Leveraging AI and NLP to deliver high-quality coding, clinical documentation improvement, OASIS accuracy, and referral coding is just Select’s latest step towards coding perfection.

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