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December 1, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:

ABL’s 24th Innovations in Healthcare – SoCal Edition

In the midst of surviving our second year of COVID, healthcare innovation continued – frequently by building on valuable foundations constructed in the past. All three of our “Innovators in Healthcare” are serial entrepreneurs: two built successful healthcare businesses that have been catapulted to new heights thanks to new government programs – or at least massive federal support for existing ones. And a third developed a product to help make metabolic fitness more accessible and achievable.

ABL’s 2021 “Innovators in Healthcare” awardee/presenters are:

Kim Phan’s CareConnectMD, was selected to be among the nation’s first six participants in CMS’s Global and Professional High Need Direct Contracting Model. Prior to forming CareConnectMD, Kim co-founded Gerinet Medical Associates, SoCal’s first SNF’ist medical group. Later she formed Health Essentials, a management company providing long-term care physician and other post-acute-care services, including hospice and home health.

Harry Soza, Founder and CEO of CAREMINDr, has developed a platform which enables providers in federally qualified health clinics to effortlessly “check-in” on their patients. While monitoring ALL their patients, the asynchronous check-ins identify which patients are in need today, enabling the clinic to focus their resources on those with the most urgent medical needs, as well as those prompted by patients’ and social determinant of health.

Dalton Combs, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Temper, is a neuroscientist who sold his first company, Boundless Mind, to Thrive Global, Ariana Huffington’s behavior change tech company. His book, Digital Behavioral Design, teaches designers how to ethically apply the techniques of behavioral science in their products. After carefully studying the drivers of metabolic fitness – and the behavior changes necessary to achieve it, Dalton discovered one of the single biggest roadblocks to attaining it: hunger – and founded Temper to give people more control over when and what they eat.

In addition to having the opportunity to engage our Featured Speakers during Q&A’s that will follow each presentation, some past “Innovators” will bring us up to date on how their organizations fared during COVID.

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