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Healthcare CEO Peer Advisory Group

1st Wednesday of the month from | 8:45 am – Noon | Costa Mesa, CA


June 2, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:

Lessons from Collaborations That Worked
– Or Didn’t

Reflecting on just the past year, one now infamous collaboration to improve care and save money was that of Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase, and Amazon: Haven. While that collaboration didn’t work, throughout healthcare, inter-professional collaboration – when professionals from different specialties and their patients and caregivers work together – is saving lives. And, during COVID – in the absence of federal directives, New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey collaborated on creating a regional Approach to combatting COVID.

After hearing “What’s Up?,” during our Members’ Discussion, we’ll look to hear about major collaborations in your business and sector, and how – and if – they’ve:

  • Nurtured better brainstorming
  • Built trust with your clients and co-workers
  • Made it easier to work remotely with colleagues

Then our Featured Member, Sumit Mahendru, CEO & Managing Director of Savi Group, will share how he’s taken the skills running SAVI’s medical billing, records management, and revenue cycle management company, and collaboratively leveraged them with other clients and friends of the organization to create entire new business lines.

Sumit Mahendru, CEO and Managing Director of Savi Group, brought a broad spectrum of skills to the SAVI Group, from the entertainment and technology consulting fields, including, most recently, becoming the CEO and Founder of Abstrakt Health. He’s also responsible for SAVI’s ~200 employees based in Gurgaon, India – 68% of whom have had to be temporarily replaced, as they are “out” with COVID, while 100% are impacted by it.

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This Table meets on the 1st Wednesday of the Month (with the exception of some holidays).  We have been meeting via ZOOM since April, and look forward to meeting again in person – once we can do so safely.

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