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May 1, 2024

via ZOOM: 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM

How Change Healthcare Could Change Healthcare

During his 40-year, criminal career Willie Sutton robbed over 100 banks to get to where the money was. Today, it just took ALPHV one cyberheist of four terabytes of Change Healthcare‘s ‘protected health information’ – that touches a third of the nation’s patients – to ‘earn’ a $22 million ransom for its decryption key.

Ironically, when United Health Group’s CEO announced that the fallout from the massive breach will cost $1.6 billion this year, he simultaneously reported UHG earned $7.9 billion on its $99.8 billion in Q1 revenues. Now, will Washington try to break-up healthcare’s huge roll-ups? Or, is UHG-Optum-Change too big to fail?

During our Members’ Discussion we’ll look to hear your take on the cyberattack’s fallout:

  • Did it impact your healthcare business, or those with whom you interact?
  • What do you think will be the longer-term implications of it?
  • How are you preparing for these implications?

Also joining us, from Chicago, will be Sara Shanti, a Sheppard Mullin partner who is an adviser to clients on ‘data as an asset,’ and cutting-edge health-tech. Sara’s practice sits at the intersection of healthcare and innovation and focuses on data privacy, data use and protection under HIPAA, Part 2, and state privacy laws.

Sara serves as co-host of Sheppard Mullin’s Digital Health Team’s ‘Health-e Law’ podcast. She also assists clients in implementing AI and privacy compliance programs and responding to governmental investigations.

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