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June 1, 2022

Opening Discussion Topic:

REACHing to New Heights
When CMS Changes the Rules

In 2020, Medicare spent $925.8 Billion on all of its beneficiaries. Over 40% of that was spent on just 5% of them – the high-needs patients. Unfortunately, 90% of these patients were in fee-for-service Medicare, which doesn’t adequately address the unique problems facing this subset of “unmanaged” patients.

Enter ACO REACH (Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health). The program was originally introduced by CMMI as the Global and Professional Direct Contracting (G&PDCE) Program, a 2-sided risk alternative payment system with payments tied to quality and value.

Our Featured Member, Kim Phan, Founder and CEO of CareConnectMD (CCMD), leads one of only six High Needs Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) among the first 53 participants accepted into the 2021 performance year for the G&PDCE Program. Not for the first time, by changing the name of the program, CMMI also moved its goal posts – the objectives and requirements for the program, requiring all the existing DCE participants who want to continue in the program to meet the more stringent requirements of the ACO REACH Model by January 1, 2023.

Kim will share with us what CareConnectMD has already achieved in its first 17 months in the program, and how she and the CCMD team plan to go about proving that they are indeed Adaptive Business Leaders and able to meet the requirements to continue in the ACO REACH program after New Year’s.

We’ll also look to hear from you: How in the past – or recent years – have you had to significantly change (or adapt) your business model when a major client (or the marketplace) changed their expectations, or a force majeure (e.g., COVID) intervened.

Prior to founding CareConnectMD, Kim Phan spent over 25 years building companies to care for fragile elders, including co-founding Gerinet Medical Associates, the first SNF’ist medical group in Southern California. Later she formed Health Essentials, a management company that provided long-term care physician services and other post-acute services, including hospice and home care. She also started several hospice Joint Ventures with MCOs. Earlier, she began her healthcare career in hospital and SNF administration.

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