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November 3, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:

From ER & Street2Home

For 1.5 million YouTube viewers, a GoPro video, shot as Jay Mendoza biked along the Santa Ana River trail, was an introduction to just how bad “the homeless problem” was in Orange County. A decade before, Paul Leon, a Public Health Nurse, decided to do something about the problem and founded the Illumination Foundation to bring recuperative care, healthcare, emergency – and, ultimately, permanent housing to OC’s homeless.

Since founding Illumination Foundation, they’ve provided over a million safe shelter nights. And, for each homeless person Paul and his team have housed, the taxpayers have saved $1242 per member per month in healthcare costs alone. Little wonder Paul won AARP’s 2019 Purpose Prize.

After hearing from Paul, “what happened to the hundreds of people living on the Santa Ana River trail?,” and about the other programs that are being provided to care for the homeless’ physical and mental health, and to treat their substance use issues, Paul will not only share how Orange County has addressed these issues, but how The OC’s approach differs from that in, for example, LA and the Bay Area.

Following the Break, we’ll also look to hear “What’s Up?” in your healthcare world.

Paul Leon is the CEO and President of Illumination Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) he founded in 2008, which provides targeted, interdisciplinary services for the County’s most vulnerable homeless adults and children, thereby disrupting the cycle of homelessness. Paul also pioneered IF’s Recuperative Care Program, now the country’s largest program, to manage the discharge of homeless patients from hospitals.

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