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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Discussion Topic:

Key Issues in Planning for 2024

What was, or will be, your organization’s process for planning for 2024? What will be most important, in your current opinion, in planning for 2024 in your organization?

  • Your current Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats?
  • Your customers’ concerns and their likely responses?
  • Your competitors’ current and likely activities?
  • Major new trends having the most impact on your marketplace?
  • The economic forecast?
  • New ways to develop competitive advantages?

We’ll have a brief presentation regarding some various approaches to the above and then participants will share and discuss how they have, or are planning to, approach their organizations’ planning for 2024. .

For this discussion, Members will share and discuss:

  • Their annual planning process
  • Their expectations as to whether 2024 will see revenue growth, or shrinkage, and by how much, or similar results to this year
  • What they see as their most important issues for their organization in planning for 2024

Are you now using Chat GPT, AI, LLM, with your CRM System? If yes, where and why?

As always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?,” and we’ll also serve as Strategic Advisory Board Members to Satnam Gambhir as he makes his Strategic Advisory Board Presentation.

Satnam Gambhir is Co-Founder and CEO of Envision Financial Systems, Inc., which provides real-time shareholder accounting and servicing technologies for mutual funds, asset managers, transfer agents, and 529 program providers. Envision’s products allow firms to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, while enabling their emerging business needs. Using industry standard open technologies, along with a modular design, an intuitive interface and configurable rules, clients are able to introduce new features, functions and product capabilities to the market faster, easier and more cost effectively. Satnam has over 35 years of experience in managing, designing, and developing software applications.

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This Table meets on the 1st Thursday of each month.
Monthly meetings are held via Zoom with occasional In-Person sessions.

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