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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Discussion Topic:

Getting Superstars for Your Gamebreaker Positions

Last month we discussed the importance of having a “champion” lead the drive to develop an innovative opportunity in an adjacency to your core business. This month we’ll discuss the idea of using highly capable and effectively motivated people, like champions, in the roles that can add, or ensure, the most value to or for your company. We’ll call these critical and exceptionally high-value positions “Gamebreaker Positions,” as they make, or “Gamebreak,” your achieving success in your competitive ecosystem. In most cases, to ensure this success, you need highly competent and motivated “Superstars.” If you’ve been achieving this kind of success, you’ve probably had “Superstars” in these “Gamebreaker Positions.”

We first heard about getting “Superstars in Gamebreaker Positions” years ago from a highly successful “Turnaround Expert,” and ABL Conference Presenter, who was being called in by investors, lenders, and sometimes owner-managers to unlock the value in companies that were underperforming and typically heading for bankruptcy.

We’re bringing this up now because of the business dynamics of Generative AI (Gen AI) tools which are becoming increasingly adopted throughout the business world. This rapid adoption is leading to new uses that accelerate the profitable growth of some companies by dramatically reducing costs and/or enhancing competitive market development. These business dynamics have led to a level of business volatility that’s, by far, the greatest in living memory of most of “today’s business historians.”

Those most likely to achieve success in this highly volatile environment are those who have been, and are, rethinking their business organizations to ensure they identify their new and emerging “Gamebreaker Positions” – primarily in the deployment of Gen AI tools that will ensure their emerging and future success. They identify these positions, then move to redeploy, or hire, the right “Superstars” to ensure they will achieve the “Gamebreaking” success they are pursuing.

In researching this topic for our presentation, we found that successful consultants in this area use the concept of “Linking Talent to Value,” versus the more concrete terminology of “Getting” Superstars in Gamebreaker Positions.” So, Bob’s Discussion Background material will be framed in terms of “Linking Talent to Value.”

Our Discussion itself will focus on the following questions:

  • Have you identified any new high-value, gamebreaker, positions in your organization, resulting from the use of Gen AI, in the last 14 months?
  • If so, what positions were they?
  • Have you then ensured you had superstars in these positions – versus just letting those that suggested, or initially implemented the new technology in your organization, be the ones to complete the development and full implementation of these technology breakthroughs?
  • How did you go about this?
  • What have the results been, so far?
  • What are others’ thoughts, relative to their organizations, and their plans, for what’s being described?

As always, we’ll look to hear and discuss “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?,” and we’ll also serve as Strategic Advisory Board Members to Sampson Yang, CEO of The Joy Factory, as he makes his Featured Member Presentation.

Sampson Yang is CEO of The Joy Factory, Inc. and a seasoned leader and advocate for the Connected Worker revolution. He leads The Joy Factory in delivering unique and innovative Connected Worker Solutions which enhance businesses’ safety, effectiveness and efficiency, embodying Sampson’s commitment to creating a positive and joyful future of work. The Joy Factory’s partnerships with industry giants Apple and Microsoft underscore Sampson’s leadership in the tech arena. Previously, Sampson was CEO of IOGEAR, Inc., a leading company in the computer connectivity space, where he played a pivotal role for 15 years. Under Sampson’s guidance, IOGEAR became a prominent player, providing a variety of computer connectivity and peripheral products. A graduate of Harvard Business School in 2009, Sampson brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, innovative leadership, and an illustrious background to the forefront of the tech industry.

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