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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Discussion Topic:

Future of Decision Making: What Will Work?

Are there newer approaches worth evaluating for “Better Decision Making”? What is the “Future of Executive Decision Making” in your business today? OR the future of “Algorithmic” Decision Making?

We are now in a very fast changing business environment as powerful new Artificial Intelligence tools increasingly change the way business decisions are made. Moreover, we are undoubtedly dealing with one of the most volatile economic times, in terms of the impact of highly probable accelerating inflation, and its impact on our costs and prices, as well as a likely recession for an indeterminate period. Equally significant will be the availability and cost of those needed to operate and grow our businesses. How will we, and our systems make decisions going forward? And what new inputs will we and our competitors be working with?

What new Decision-Making Approaches are ABL Members using now? What newer Approaches are they planning to begin exploring, or using, next week?

As a key part of our opening presentation on this topic, we’ll have a special presentation by an ABL Member very qualified on the latest developments in this area: Marshall Toplansky.

Marshall is an exceptionally savvy long term ABL member, successful entrepreneur, top level consultant, and now Clinical Assistant Professor of Management Science at Chapman University. He’s also a Research Fellow at Chapman’s Center for Demographics and Policy, where he recently completed landmark research into the economic future of Orange County. Marshall is also an Advisory Board member of the Cicero Group, a 250 person data-driven, strategy-focused research firm.

Marshall’s personal goal is to help students and executives learn how to run companies better using data and analytics, and to conduct core research on how companies can apply new approaches, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data-driven decision making.

Marshall will bring our discussion more effectively up to speed in querying each other, and in thinking about what we need to be doing next along these lines. We’re indeed very fortunate to have Marshall share his deep and broad expertise in this area.

And, as always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?“, and serving as Strategic Advisory Board Members to our Featured Member: Sampson Yang

Sampson is JoyCrafter and CEO of The Joy Factory, which delivers unique innovative tablet mounts and mobile positioning solutions across the Hospitality, Healthcare, Government, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, and Exhibition industries. The Joy Factory’s P.S.P. (Protect. Secure. Position.) tablet mounting and kiosk solutions help increase businesses’ effectiveness and efficiency inside or in the field. Their product lines include: aXtion, rugged case protection for tablets that are typically used in the field, with form factors for Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, Air, and iPad Mini 4/3/2; MagConnect, is a patented mounting technology that provides an ergonomic solution for positioning mobile devices on virtually any surface – it’s also compatible with all MagConnect trays, cases, enclosures, holders and cradles; and Elevate, is a series of kiosks than can be customized to meet individual needs, regardless of table type or size.

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