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Upcoming Meeting

 FRIDAY, September 7, 2018

Discussion Topic:

Customer Experience Management:  Why? & How?

We’ll discuss the increasing importance of this issue, as the technology products and the typical services our Members offer become increasingly commoditized, and thus, in many cases, provide lower margins than in the past. The question of how to best improve customer experience is not a new one.

In our discussions this month, our emphasis will focus on creating higher profit margins from every existing and new customer. Customer Experience Management is both an old and new approach to acquiring and developing customers.

We’ll briefly focus on a few general tools, such as “Customer Userflow,” to help us in Better Designing & Delivering More Effective, and More Profitable Customer Experiences. Then, members will share and discuss the effective approaches they’ve used, or seen used, and the resulting company benefits, in Improving Customer Experiences.

As always, we’ll look to also hear and discuss, What’s Keeping You Up Nights?

Featured Member Mike Smith is President and Managing Director of Georg Fischer Signet LLC

ABL Business Meeting

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Oct. 5, Nov. 2, & Dec. 7

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