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Upcoming Meeting

 FRIDAY, May 3, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:

Advantageous Hiring – What’s Working

More than “effective” hiring, “advantageous” hiring is about ensuring you gain a competitive advantage with each new hire.

Two recent McKinsey Insights articles deal with this topic, each of which contains tools to significantly improve most companies’ approaches to hiring. They also recognize and reflect the current tight job market.

Following a brief presentation on these “advantageous” approaches, as usual, our Round Table will use the presentation as a trigger to share how the Group is “advantageously” hiring these days, with a discussion focused on:

  • Comments on the most useful aspects of the presentation, and
  • sharing how they are getting “advantageous” new hires for their vacant positions, especially in light of the current job market.

As always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?

We’ll also be serving as Strategic Advisory Board Members to Mike Smith, as he makes his Featured Member Presentation.

Mike Smith, President and Managing Director of Georg Fischer Signet LLC

Mike is responsible for leading growth and profitability for GF Signet measurement and control products. GF Signet’s GF Piping Systems is a world-leading provider of environment-friendly piping systems for industry, utility, and building technology with a focus on water cycle applications. GF Piping Systems develops, produces, and markets a comprehensive range of piping systems and components in a variety of materials used worldwide to transport water, gases, and aggressive media.

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Past Discussion Topic Include

  • Capturing Value with Your Digital Strategy
  • Re-Thinking Your Digital Strategy
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2019 Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management: Why? & How?
  • Agile Teams - When, Where & Why?
  • Blockchain - Applications Emerging – for Whom, What, Why & When
  • The People Side – A Key To Change Management
  • Becoming A Learning Organization:  Why - What - How?
  • Making Culture A Key Competitive Asset – How?
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