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Upcoming Meeting

 FRIDAY, March 1, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:

Budgeting for Economic Alternatives to Capitalism:
Socialism, “Resourcefulism,” Others?

We typically do our budgeting based on the assumption that we are operating under a capitalist system. But are there other significant alternatives that could become a new reality for business owners (e.g., The Green New Deal, Democratic Socialism, or ???)?

With several major contenders for the Democratic Party Presidential Nomination currently attacking Classic Capitalism, the business environment as we know it could shift significantly.

We’ll briefly touch on some of the other emerging alternatives and discuss them. Then we’ll share our current best guesses on the post 2020 American Economic Environment and its implications relative to our current Economic Environment.

As always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?”

Featured Member Presenter:

Andrew Bodis, President and CTO of The Development Factory

The Development Factory serves businesses looking to develop and launch (or replatform) digital products that grow top-line revenue or increase operational efficiency. They deploys whole product teams on a fractional basis so that the client can focus on the goal, not the process. Throughout every engagement, The Development Factory helps clients sustainably insource great talent, expert product knowledge, and advanced product delivery methods.

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Past Discussion Topic Include

  • Capturing Value with Your Digital Strategy
  • Re-Thinking Your Digital Strategy
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2019 Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management: Why? & How?
  • Agile Teams - When, Where & Why?
  • Blockchain - Applications Emerging – for Whom, What, Why & When
  • The People Side – A Key To Change Management
  • Becoming A Learning Organization:  Why - What - How?
  • Making Culture A Key Competitive Asset – How?
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