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    These upcoming ABL ZOOM Tables will discuss "Strategic Partnering: Why & How, Now?"

  • 7/06 - OC ZOOM Table - featuring Arvind Verma, President & CEO of Optimum Info
  • 7/14 - LA ZOOM Table - featuring George Mehktarian, CEO of California Lightworks
  • 7/19 - Explosive AI Breakthroughs You Can Use! - IN PERSON Member EVENT, in Westwood (L.A.)
    In this very special IN PERSON EVENT, you will learn HOW TO apply the latest AI apps to speed your company's growth and catapult its efficiency. ABL Technology and Healthcare Members statewide are invited to share how they are already using AI tools and learn how others they may have never heard of can help grow businesses in a fraction of the time - and cost. PLUS hear from multiple presenters and panelists and enjoy brunch & lunch. No charge to ABL Members. Click Here for More Details & to RSVP!
ICYMI: The Video Recording of ABL's Recent Round Table Presentation - "Cybercrime. How Not to Be Next" - Is Now Available on the Password-Protected "MEMBERS ONLY" Section of the ABL Website, Under "Presentations"

To help us Understand the Threat Ransomware Poses to Your Healthcare Organization - and How to Mitigate It, Oli Thordarson, Founder & CEO of Alvaka, shared an eye-opening presentation on all things ransomware related, including types of extortion, and shared real-world examples of recent attacks (with names you'll recognize). He also presented valuable Strategies for Ransomware Prevention and Mitigation, including Cyber Breach Policies - and their Loopholes. Oli also left us with Key Questions to Ask Your IT Team regarding your organization's level of cybersecurity.

Eckert & Ziegler (Frank Yeager) Gets Clearance for Therapeutic + Hosts Radionuclide Theranostics Forum

PentixaPharm GmbH, a developer of innovative radiopharmaceuticals fully owned by Eckert & Ziegler (EZ), has received approval from the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices to start PTT101, its open-label dose escalation study to evaluate the safety, tolerability, biodistribution and efficacy of PentixaTher. The Yttrium-90 labelled CXCR4-compound PentixaTher will be tested as a radiotherapeutic against recurrent or refractory primary or isolated secondary central nervous system lymphoma.
ALSO, EZ recently hosted the first Radionuclide Theranostics Forum in Boston, MA, connecting potential and existing partners and key industry players in vigorous discussions on the central topics of the rapidly developing radiotheranostics market. (LA)

Parasoft (Elizabeth Kolawa, Ph.D.) Unveils Complete Support for MISRA C 2023 in New Release

Parasoft has announced the release of C/C++test 2023.1 with complete support of MISRA C 2023 and MISRA C 2012 with Amendment 4. MISRA C is the most popular coding standard for safe and secure C software development. The new release helps developers automate static code analysis and coding standards compliance, increase productivity, and shorten time to market. The latest version introduces a wide range of new features and enhancements designed to boost productivity throughout the software development life cycle; expedite time to market; automate compliance; and ensure the delivery of safe, secure, and reliable applications. (LA)

Project Insight (Thomas Leffler) Wins CODiE Award for Best Project Management

Project Insight has been awarded the 2023 Best Project Management Tool by the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) CODiE organization. The CODiE Awards honor the best products, companies, and teams in the business and education technology industries and are widely recognized as the "academy awards of the B2B technology industry." (OC)

The Joy Factory (Sampson Yang & Miranda Su) Launches New Products

The Joy Factory has introduced three new aXtion products to its rugged case line, which are built tough to ensure devices are protected in even the toughest environments. The products - aXtion Go for Surface Pro 9, aXtion Slim for iPad 10th Gen, and aXtion Sun Visor for 10" tablets - are reinforced, yet slim and lightweight, and built with MagConnect mounting capability. (OC & LA)

Alvaka (Oli Thordarson) on: Endpoint Detection and Response & Server Monitoring

In Enhance Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Endpoint Detection and Response, Alvaka explains that Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), is a security technology that helps organizations detect and respond to security threats (ransomware, malware, etc.) on endpoints such as computers, laptops, and mobile devices. EDR can help ensure that sensitive data is kept secure and protected from cyber threats. It is an important component of any organization's cybersecurity strategy and can help prevent potentially costly and damaging security incidents. In this article, Alvaka shares several key things you should know about EDR.
AND, in Server Monitoring: Benefits and Challenges, Alvaka explains that server monitoring is the process of tracking and observing the performance and health of computer servers and their associated resources. It involves collecting and analyzing metrics, logs, and events to detect any abnormalities and to ensure that servers are operating optimally. Server monitoring typically involves monitoring both hardware and software components of a server. (LA)

Dave Berkus on: Setting Goals & Sharpening Vision

In How are you at setting your goals?, Dave discusses how your vision differs from your goal. Your vision tells the world what you want to be as you contemplate how you will change the world for the better. In contrast, your goal is a tangible aiming point, one that should be achievable within several years if you accomplish your progressive steps planned between now and then.
ALSO, read Dave's other recent, related posts - Could you be the next Ford, Jobs or Musk? and Sharpen your business vision! (LA)

CuraeSoft (Mark Parinas) on: Workforce Management Trends

Mark Parinas, CEO of CuraeSoft, recently conducted several polls on LinkedIn; see the results at the links:
> Which workforce management trend are you putting to work in your organization? - respondents chose among digital tools; workforce reporting; employee upskilling; and more.
> What best describes your work environment? - respondents chose among in-office; hybrid; remote; and more. (LA)

Get Visible (Jason Ciment) on: Favorite Marketing Software, ChatGPT Prompts & More

Get Visible recently posted its list of their favorite software and why they think they're essential for any digital marketer. AND, CEO Jason Ciment offers a few more resources:
> Is your prompt too long for Chat GPT - Use this prompt splitter tool.
> Want to generate a new logo quickly.
> Want to find podcasts that you can be featured on. (LA)

Half Past Nine (Kenneth Shen) on: Achieving Scale & Digital Intent Signals

Kenneth Shen, CEO of Half Past Nine, recently published an article on Fast Company - Achieving scale: The art of evolving your product, message, and channels, in which he discusses that businesses often face a stagnation period between the go-to-market phase and achieving mainstream scale. Those who don't traverse this critical juncture might enjoy some market traction but never become a mainstream success. Successfully navigating this juncture hinges on a brand's ability to evolve its product, message, and channels.
ALSO, Half Past Nine has published A Guide to Building Profitable Customer Journeys with Digital Intent Signals. (LA)

Instil (Adam Miller, JD) on: Donor Communications in the Digital Age

On Wednesday, June 28, Instil will present a live webinar - Donor Communications in the Digital Age; Ways to Use Technology and Social Media to Build Donor Relationships, at 10:30 a.m. PT.
PLUS, Instil has published an infographic - How To Turn Event Attendees Into Major Donors, which displays the framework of Connect, Interact, Nurture. This same topic is covered in Instil's recent webinar, which can now be watched on-demand. (LA)

LookinLA (Ali Payani) on: 7 Ways to Increase Your Sales Pipeline Value

LookinLA has published online slides on 7 Ways to Increase Your Sales Pipeline Value, citing that companies with well-managed pipelines receive an average of 28% more growth in sales, per the Harvard Business Review. Increased forecast accuracy, resource efficiency, and command of the sales force are just a few benefits of good pipeline management.
ALSO, LookinLA has announced new clients, including GoodSkin; myGini; Ronday; Karma Doctors & Associates; and Braden Barty Media. (LA)

Optimum Info (Arvind Verma) on: Vertically Focused Field Operations vs. Traditional CRM

In Vertically Focused Field Operations Solution vs Traditional CRM Solutions, Optimum Info CEO Arvind Verma writes that companies that have a dedicated franchise network channel to sell and service their high value products have a wide range of specialized processes to support and strengthen their network of dealers. These processes include active collaboration between field team and their dealer counterparts, network performance reviews, implementation of corporate initiatives and various other processes.
AND, in CNH Industrial North America Successfully Digitize their Dealer Application Process with APEX, Optimum Info shares a success story, which Arvind described as "a complex endeavor enabling this full dealer package documentation & contract process becoming a sophisticated digital platform through our APEX solution." (OC)

Project Insight (Thomas Leffler) on: 5 Keys to Managing Projects

Project Insight (PI) is currently presenting a multi-part webinar series on 5 Keys to Managing Projects, with upcoming sessions on July 19; and August 16. The July session will cover Status Reporting and Meetings and August will address Risks and Issues. (OC)

ProProfs (Sameer Bhatia) on: the Power of Cognitive Assessment Tests

In The Power of Cognitive Assessment Tests in Recruiting Talent, ProProfs suggests that with cognitive assessment tests, recruiters can level up their recruitment game and make data-driven choices. The article covers what a cognitive assessment test is, why it's important, how to create one, types of these tests (including verbal, numerical, spatial, logical, learning agility, and language), best practices, and more.
AND, other recent articles from ProProfs include: 10 Best Career Assessment Tools & Software in 2023 and 10 Best Employee Training Software & Tools in 2023. (LA)

Angle Health (Andy Leeka) Partners with Ideon to Power Seamless Benefits Enrollment & Management

Angle Health announced a new partnership with Ideon, the API platform powering digital experiences in health insurance and benefits. Most brokers, employers, and members now enroll and manage benefits via third-party HR and benefits software. Leveraging Ideon's API, Angle can quickly and easily connect and exchange enrollment data with these platforms. (LA)

Biospectal (Eliott Jones) Featured in International Video & at Harvard University

Biospectal's OptiBP is featured in a recent video, published by NGO Summit Institute for Development, that spotlights its integration into the OpenSRP solution and the Bunda app, to measure and manage hypertension in pregnant women.
ALSO, following Biospectal's recent presentation to Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science students, A blood pressure monitor in your pocket was published about the device. (BA)

Eitan Medical (Roger Massengale) Increases Semi-Automated Production Capacity & Achieves Updated Certification

Eitan Medical announced that less than a year after building its first semi-automated line, the company recently installed in its clean rooms a second semi-automated line for its Sorrel devices. With advanced manufacturing and testing technologies, this new line will allow Eitan to increase its devices' reliability and collect extensive data on the manufacturing processes. Eitan now has even greater capacity to support pharma partners and provide simplified and efficient drug administration for patients.
AND, Eitan announced that its Sapphire Infusion Pump now has an updated MDR certificate supporting perineural infusions in Europe, in addition to previously cleared routes, better positioning it to support acute pain management. (OC)

The Innovation Institute Appoints Mike McKinnon as President and CEO

The Innovation Institute has named Mike McKinnon as its new President and CEO, to which he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly after serving as the Institute's General Counsel for the past ten years, during which it grew to $230 million in revenues. The Institute is an independent, for-profit LLC owned by non-profit health systems for cultivating innovative solutions to transform healthcare delivery. Most recently, Mike was a Partner at Sheppard Mullin, where he focused on M&A transactions for healthcare and life sciences companies. Among the clients he assisted were home infusion and diagnostic imaging providers, medical groups, physician practices, surgery centers, PPO networks, diabetic supply businesses, clinical trial companies, and urgent care centers. (OC)

LigoLab (Suren Avunjian) Explores Technologies of the Future Lab + Shares Success Story

LigoLab CEO Suren Avunjian recently moderated a webinar with industry leaders to explore the current state of lab technology and its potential impact on the future of laboratory science. Watch a recording of the webinar here, and read a recap of the session here.
AND, read Suren's recent article - How to Turn Your Mid-Sized Medical Laboratory into a Thriving Large-Scale Operation.
PLUS, read more LigoLab articles - ECPC's Success Story: Tripling Productivity & Boosting Net Collections by 35% with LigoLab Informatics Platform and How to Turn an Economic Downturn into an Opportunity for Your Clinical and Pathology Laboratory. (LA)

MedWand CEO Bob Rose Co-Leads Panel on Connecting Devices with Services

At the recent Connected Health Summit, Bob Rose, CEO of MedWand, joined several other healthcare executives to present a panel entitled "Connecting Devices with Services," which addressed the role of connected health and medical-grade devices along with the services that enable data sharing and integration with care providers. Some industry insights from the panelists are here, including this from Bob: "I used to be a pilot, and while flying I would use the autopilot tool (which is essentially AI), but there was still the need of placing my professional hands-on expertise - same in healthcare, the human touch is essential, so in this space, we need to look at AI as an Anomaly Indication tool." (OC)

Nelson Hardiman (Harry Nelson, JD) Reports on Telehealth News

Nelson Hardiman recently published an article - Telehealth Gets 11th Hour Federal Reprieve as the Public Health Emergency Ends. (LA)

Providence Digital Innovation Group (Marcee Chmait) Hails the Power of Digital to Fuel Evidence-Based Care

Providence DIG has published an article - The Power of Digital in Proactively Fueling Evidence-Based Care Journeys, which makes the case that digital has the power to fight inertia. Digital offers the opportunity to deliver the necessary personalized recommendations at scale, in ways that are meaningful for people and helpful in aligning limited resources. (LA)

Select Data (Ed Buckley) Discusses Using AI to Streamline Patient Referral Intake

In Using AI to streamline patient referral intake, Select Data describes how AI-powered systems rapidly analyze referral medical records and identify information like patient history, symptoms, diagnoses, medications and social determinants of health. (OC)

Wipfli (Jeff Johnson, Steve Rousso & John Dao) Examines Revenue Cycle Management & EHR Implementation
GPT-4-Generated Pitches are 3x More Likely to Secure Funding than Human Ones

Clarify Capital, a small business lender, asked 250 investors and 250 business owners to rate a set of human-created and GPT-4-generated pitch decks without letting the participants know that AI was involved. To make matters more interesting, the human-generated pitches were successful ones that had secured funding in the past. The results showed that GPT-4 pitches were overall more effective than those made by humans. The AI-generated pitches beat out human ones in quality, key element description, and problem description. According to the survey, the investors and business owners were three times more likely to invest after reading the GPT-4 deck than the human one, and they found the AI-generated decks twice as convincing. Furthermore, one in five of those professionals said that they would invest $10,000 more in the AI-generated pitches. (https://www.zdnet.com/article/gpt-4-generated-pitches-are-3x-more-likely-to-secure-funding-than-human-ones/)

92% of Programmers are Using AI Tools, Says GitHub Survey

According to a new GitHub programmer survey, "92% of US-based developers are already using AI coding tools both in and outside of work." GitHub partnered with Wakefield Research to survey 500 US-based enterprise developers. They found that 70% of programmers believe AI is providing significant benefits to their code. Why has this happened so quickly? It's all about the programmers' bottom line. Developers say AI coding tools help them meet existing performance standards with improved code quality, faster outputs, and fewer production-level incidents. It's also all about simply producing more lines of code. (https://www.zdnet.com/article/github-developer-survey-finds-92-of-programmers-using-ai-tools/)

Bing Image Creator vs DALL-E 2: Which Generates the Best AI Images?

There are a lot of generative AI tools available to create text and art, but they're not equal in quality. You can typically spot AI-generated images from the lack of realistic details or an abundance of misshapen features. So, how do you pick a good AI art generator that does its job reliably? Read here: https://www.zdnet.com/article/bing-image-creator-vs-dall-e-2-which-generates-the-best-ai-images/

The Awkward Partnership Leading the AI Boom: Microsoft & OpenAI

Microsoft and OpenAI's partnership is one of the hottest tie-ups in tech right now. The relationship has also produced conflict and confusion behind the scenes, according to people familiar with the matter. Microsoft invested billions to get early access to the generative artificial intelligence technology of much smaller OpenAI, a forerunner in the field. But it specifically invested only 49%, a setup that helps the arrangement avoid antitrust scrutiny. The result is a kind of open relationship - together, but not exclusive. OpenAI has been arming some of Microsoft's biggest rivals, while Microsoft has effectively limited the potential search-engine customers for OpenAI. (https://www.wsj.com/articles/microsoft-and-openai-forge-awkward-partnership-as-techs-new-power-couple-3092de51)

How a Chatbot Went Rogue

A mental-health chatbot that veered off script - giving diet advice to people seeking help from an eating-disorder group - was programmed with generative AI without the group's knowledge. The bot, named Tessa, was recently the focus of social-media attention when users of the National Eating Disorder Association's website reported the rogue advice. The bot incident illustrates how AI-enabled assistants can deliver unexpected and potentially dangerous results as they become a bigger part of daily life. Tessa was tested in a clinical trial, and considered effective once researchers checked in with users six months later. In February 2022, NEDA decided to offer it as a resource for at-risk visitors to its website (though not to people deemed to have eating disorders). Cass administered the software for NEDA from Tessa's start, but the AI component was added later in the year. (https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-a-chatbot-went-rogue-431ff9f9?mod=hp_lead_pos6)

Elon Musk's Neuralink "Brain Chips" Cleared by FDA for 1st In-Human Trials

Elon Musk's brain-implant company Neuralink has been given clearance from the FDA to carry out its first trials in humans, according to news reports. Neuralink aims to use its brain-computer interface technology to restore movement in people with quadriplegia, meaning complete or partial paralysis of the arms, legs and trunk. Musk has also said that the brain implants could be used to restore sight in blind people. (https://www.livescience.com/health/neuroscience/elon-musks-neuralink-brain-chips-cleared-for-1st-in-human-trials)

Samsung Watches to Gain Arrhythmia Detection Feature

Samsung Electronics is adding irregular heart rhythm notifications to its Galaxy Watch in the U.S. and 12 other markets. The news comes weeks after the FDA granted 510(k) clearance for the feature, allowing Samsung to add a capability already offered by rivals such as Apple. Samsung plans to bring the arrhythmia capabilities to both its upcoming, health-focused One UI 5 Watch and the older, cheaper Galaxy Watch4. (https://www.medtechdive.com/news/samsung-heart-rhythm-notifications-galaxy-watch-apple-/652916/)
AND, Google says its Lens image search can now help identify skin conditions: In a recent blog post, Google outlined how the Lens image search feature built into its apps on iOS and Android can "search for skin conditions" like an "odd mole or rash." It will also work on other parts of your body if you want more information about a bump on your lip, line on a nail, or hair loss from your scalp. However, Google specifically warns that results are "informational only and not a diagnosis" and says users should "consult your medical authority for advice." The feature is available to everyone in the US, across all languages. (https://www.theverge.com/2023/6/15/23761905/google-lens-skin-conditions-rash-identification)

GM, Ford & Rivian are Embracing Tesla's EV Charging Technology

Starting next year, owners of electric vehicles made by General Motors and Ford will be able to charge their EVs at many of Tesla's charging stations, the largest such network in the country. As part of their move, both Detroit-area automakers have decided to adopt Tesla's EV charging connector, the plug that links an electric vehicle to a charging station. With GM and Ford joining Tesla's charging system, the rest of the auto industry may be forced to follow suit. If so, it would provide a major victory to Tesla, which would be assured a new and guaranteed revenue stream for years to come. At present, two main types of EV charging plugs exist: Tesla's North American Charging Standard and the Combined Charging System, or CCS, used by nearly all other automakers. Also, Rivian just announced their vehicles will be able to use Tesla's 12,000 charging station starting next spring. (https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2023-06-10/with-gm-and-ford-embracing-teslas-ev-charging-technology-heres-what-it-means-for-consumers)

Eve Air & United Airlines Bringing Electric-Powered Commuter Flights to California

Eve Air Mobility and United Airlines said they plan to launch electric-powered commuter flights, using electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, in San Francisco, in the next few years. The companies called the announcement a "first step" in a process that includes coordination with energy and technology providers as well as state and local officials to ensure adequate infrastructure is in place to support eVTOL aircraft operations. Eve and United also are working together to develop a network of routes. (https://www.flyingmag.com/eve-air-mobility-united-airlines-plan-evtol-network-in-san-francisco/)

Virgin Galactic Sets Prices for First Space Tourist Flight; Plans Monthly Flights Starting This Summer

Billionaire Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic space tourism company has set inflight space tour dates, with two products - scientific research and private astronaut space missions. Seats have been assigned for the Virgin Space Ship Unity and for the inaugural Galactic 01, a scientific research mission scheduled between June 27 and 30. That first mission will consist of three crew members from the Italian Air Force and three members of the National Research Council of Italy that will conduct microgravity research, according to Virgin Galactic. The initial tickets that were pre-sold were priced at $200,000 each, but now the going rate for a single ticket is $450,000. At the new higher price roughly 100 tickets have already been sold, according to Business Insider. The next flight, Galactic 02, will take off in August with the first group of space ticket holders. The flights will take passengers approximately 60 miles above earth for a flight of about 90 minutes. (https://www.thestreet.com/travel/virgin-galactic-richard-branson-space-trip-tourist-travel-price)

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