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September 15, 2023

Against All Odds: How to Fan the Flame of Innovation

After working with Pierre to discover radiation, Marie won her first Nobel Prize, in physics, in 1903. Just eight years later Madame Curie was awarded her second Nobel, in chemistry, for her discovery of radium and polonium. Marie not only lived for her work, when she was re-buried in the Pantheon, in Paris, her coffin was lined with nearly an inch of lead, as her body was still radioactive.

While not necessarily Nobel Prize-worthy, most of us attained some achievement that others doubted was possible. During our Members’ Discussion, we’ll hear what KSFs carried you through to your goal.

After responding to any healthcare business issues you’re wrestling with, our Featured Member, Naresh Menon, CEO of ChromoLogic, will share the approach he’s learned over 15 years of business innovation that’s sustained ChromoLogic‘s mission and an innovation runway – in spite of the risk of failure, repeatedly, being highly likely. Naresh thinks BIG: developing disruptive solutions for complex societal problems. Currently the team at ChromoLogic is seeking diagnostics for malaria and radiation injury. (Marie could have used this!) Clearly, finding disruptive solutions requires sustaining a long runway – matched with faith, courage, and genius.

Hear about each other’s “Impossible dreams” – and how Naresh has created an approach that, while not guaranteeing success, seriously beats the odds against it.

Naresh Menon, Ph.D. (in physics), is the Founder, President and CEO of ChromoLogic LLC, where he leads a team of world-class technologists in developing innovative solutions that save lives and make the world secure. Since 2007, Naresh and his team of scientists have engaged in multiple cutting-edge applied research and development programs in the medical, aerospace, and security markets.


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