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Friday, May 21, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:


One of the prime objectives of President Obama’s HITECH Act was the interoperability of medical records. The first step was ensuring that every provider had electronic medical records; over $36 billion later, by 2020, over 89% of US hospitals and physicians used EMR technology. So that mission was accomplished.

Yet, item #14 of Meaningful Use Stage 2, “Capability to exchange key clinical information electronically among providers and patient authorized entities,” has been a tougher objective, as “walled gardens” grew around the major EMR players’ systems – frequently even within different “instances” of the same system (e.g., EPIC).

So, to “improve the flow of Electronic Health Information between patients, health care providers, and health information networks,” in March 2020, the Office of the National Coordinator released the “Interoperability rule,” primarily focusing on interoperability and patient information blocking. This “Final Rule” is largely focused on patient empowerment in managed and FFS government plans, which typically become the baseline for commercial plans as well.

During our Members’ Discussion we’ll look to hear what the implications of the Interoperability “Final Rule” have been for your organization and the providers, plans, and patients with whom you interact. Of course, we’ll also look to hear “What’s Up?,” as normalcy inches closer.

Following our Discussion, Gabe Stein, EVP of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions and its Payer Solutions Division, will give us an overview of how EMRs – coupled with Revenue Cycle Management Solutions – have enabled providers to present bills to their payers that are both timely and compliant, enhancing patient experience in the process. He’ll also share how GeBBS works with their payer, as well as provider, clients to help them meet the government’s latest regulatory demands. For Payers, Gabe has developed solutions that “rightshore” their Business Process Outsourcing model (leveraging GeBBS’ 9,000+ employees based in the U.S., Philippines, and India) for population health, risk adjustment, revenue management, and clinical review.

As the EVP of GeBBS, Gabe oversees the Payer Solutions division’s sales, operations, marketing, and strategic vision, focusing on driving growth in revenues and profitability. His contributions to the firm have enabled it to rank in Modern Healthcare’s Top 15 Largest RCM Firms and be included among the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. – 12 years in a row. Prior to joining GeBBS in 2017, Gabe served as co-founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Peak Health Solutions for 13 years, growing the company’s product and business development, and marketing enterprises. Earlier, he was President of AlzBetter, which provided a program that blended technology and care coordination for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Before joining Maxim Healthcare, in 1997, as a National Sales Manager, he served in the U.S. Army and Coast Guard.


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