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Friday, June 18, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:


As we learned from Scott Frost nearly four years ago, “Negotiation is a process of discussion designed to identify and resolve differences in position between interested parties.” Of course, that was in a time without masks, social distancing, Zoom, and fear of The Unseen Enemy.

That said, even in the depths of COVID, deals were transacted. Chances are, you were involved in at least one of them!

While we’ve discussed “Negotiation” in the past, undoubtedly “deals negotiated from afar” over the past 15 months required new skills, and those are the ones we’re looking forward to your sharing. (After all, even though ZOOM jumped from $73 in June, 2020, to a high of $559 in October, it’s still up 457% YOY, as of June 1, 2021.) Thanks to Scott’s earlier presentation, we’ve incorporated some highlights from his excellent deck on “Effective Negotiation” (particularly in a Healthcare environment) as a backgrounder – or refresher – for our Members’ Discussion.

Then, Melissa Hanna, Co-Founder and CEO of Mahmee, will present how far she’s taken the “comprehensive prenatal and postpartum care coordination platform that increases positive health outcomes for moms and babies” in its first seven years, and her plans (and anticipated negotiations) for taking it to the next level as she prepares to raise their Series A.

Of course, we’ll also look to hear “What’s Up?” with you and your organization, especially since California will have reopened earlier in the week.

Before co-founding Mahmee, with her mother, a nationally respected nurse educator and a leading voice for breast-feeding support, Melissa Hanna, worked in operations and strategy at startups in healthcare, digital media, education, and consumer goods. She also served as Assistant Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School. Scholastically, she earned an MBA from the Drucker School at Claremont, and her JD from Southwestern. Among many other honors, she was named to Inc’s “2019 Female Founders 100” list.


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