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May 19, 2023

“2 Out of 3 Are Impacted By Cybercrime.
How Not to Be Next.”

When 5,600 IT professionals, were asked in a recent* survey, “Have you been hit by ransomware in the last year?,” 66% said YES. In fact, the number of attacks on healthcare delivery organizations in 2022, compared to the prior five years, more than doubled, in the process exposing the personal health information of nearly 42 million patients. And, while we read about hospitals being attacked, clinics were the prime targets in 58% of attacks, followed by hospitals in 22%, and surgi-centers in 15%

Remediating each healthcare breach now averages $10.1 million, with the actual “ransom” being a small percent of the total cost – to say nothing of disruption.

To help us Understand the Threat Ransomware Poses to Your Healthcare Organization – and How to Mitigate It, Oli Thordarson, Founder & CEO of Alvaka, will share an eye-opening presentation on all things ransomware related, including “double extortion” and “triple extortion.” And share real-world examples of recent attacks (with names you’ll recognize). He’ll also present valuable Strategies for Ransomware Prevention and Mitigation, including Cyber Breach Policies – and their Loopholes; plus, walk us through the steps and people involved in an Incident Response and Recovery. Oli will also leave you with Key Questions to Ask Your IT Team re your organization’s level of cybersecurity.

Oli first joined ABL-Tech in 1995, 13 years after he founded Alvaka Networks as an IT service provider. Over the years he’s built several brands (e.g., NetSecure and DRworx) to help his clients protect their networks from bad actors. By 2016, Oli realized that a growing number of his clients were in healthcare, so he transitioned into our ABL-Health OC Round Table to better understand the concerns of this increasingly cyber-risky market. Today, with the mushrooming of healthcare cyber-attacks, Alvaka is renowned for its team of “first responders” to increasingly costly and complex malware attacks.

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*Survey conducted by Vanson Bourne, an international tech market research firm.


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