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December 6, 2023

via ZOOM: 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM

ABL’s 26th Innovations in Healthcare Awards

Featuring Keynoter Robert Ross, MD, CEO of The California Endowment and 4 “Innovator in Healthcare” Awardees

This year’s Innovations in Healthcare awards event marks the 26th year ABL has celebrated Healthcare Industry Leaders and Innovators focused on reducing the cost of providing access to quality care. This year, we also recognize the importance of reducing the inequity inherent in Social Determinants of Health – and what’s being done about it by the State’s largest Foundation, The California Endowment, and startups committed to leveraging technology to make Healthcare Better for All, including the underserved.

ABL’s 2023 “Leadership in Innovation” Awardee & Keynoter

Robert Ross, MD, President & CEO of The California Endowment, began his medical career as a pediatrician, serving children raised on the mean streets of Camden, NJ. Soon after, he embarked on a leadership career in the public sector, with Departments of Public Health in Philadelphia and San Diego. A great background for taking on the leadership – for over 23 years – of The California Endowment. Since its founding, in 1996, The Endowment has awarded over 22,000 grants totaling over $2.9 billion in community-based organizations, to help eradicate the root causes of economic and social inequity inherent in the Social Determinants of Health. Clearly, Bob has advanced the Endowment’s goal of making California a healthier place to live, free from social inequality and racial injustice; and one that can become a model for the rest of the nation. His story is one you’ll never forget.

ABL’s 2023 “Innovator in Healthcare” Awardees

Our four “Innovator in Healthcare” awardees will share inspiring stories about the healthcare PROBLEMS they’ve identified, the SOLUTIONS they’ve developed, and the metrics that already prove their SUCCESS. Plus, following each presentation, you can interact with the presenters to better understand the OPPORTUNITY to improve care they envision their innovation can bring to the marketplace – be it in addressing Social Determinants of Health, earning higher Star ratings, bridging care gaps and disparities, or enabling easy communication with the patient’s entire care team.

Neil Batlivala is Co-Founder & CEO of Pair Team, which connects underserved communities to high-quality care by partnering with local health centers and community-based organizations to address the many social barriers to achieving quality of life such as access to housing, food and transportation. Their community health platform leverages AI to implement clinical best practices for the nation’s most vulnerable Medicaid patients, starting in California.

Dave Bell, PhD, CEO of Io Health Tech, leads the development of its in-home OASIS documentation and workflow optimization platform, Intuition. The platform enables real-time chart validation in the field, streamlines performance management, and uncovers revenue opportunities. By making coding, QA and billing faster, it expedites the revenue cycle and serves as a clinical guide to enforce CMS requirement compliance for improved patient outcomes and higher Star ratings for providers.

Joy Bhosai, MD MPH, Founder & CEO of Pluto Health, has built a smart coordination platform that unifies health information from diverse, but siloed sources. To evaluate health gaps and create personalized plans, Pluto, alongside its enterprise partners, works to close health gaps, with a focus on patient privacy and data ownership. Whether it’s preventive healthcare or access to lifesaving clinical trials, Pluto’s mission is to expand and equalize patients’ healthcare access to the right resources at the right time.

Kendall Lockhart is the Founder of Me+U, which provides a multimedia, multidirectional communications platform that helps consumers easily access affordable, tech-enabled healthcare on their phones – 1 to 1, 1 to millions, and bidirectionally chat with real-time language translation. Formerly the worldwide product head for interactive media at Disney, Kendall is passionate about empowering enterprises (including payers) to create consumer engagement that includes the patient, their family members, providers, and pharmacists on the health team.


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