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Friday, September 16, 2022

Opening Discussion Topic:

The Employer’s Role in Developing Workers’ “Brain Skills”

Unquestionably, COVID created a tough environment for healthcare workers and their employers. Healthcare workers’ brain health suffered as rates of depression and anxiety soared. After many workers were christened “heroes,” many quit or made new demands, including much higher wages.

Meanwhile, some innovative employers are creating environments where their employees learn diverse skills, gather and use new information and technologies, and engage in new activities requiring advanced brain skills.

Key brain skills include resilience, adaptability to change, and curiosity – all of which are essential for mastering new and disruptive technologies. Studies have shown that when employers start taking advantage of their employees’ brains ability to grow to be “neuroplastic,” by providing new experiences, opportunities to constantly learn, and encouraging greater physical activity, employees become more engaged in their work.

Our Featured ABL Member, Mark Heinemeyer, CEO, and Harris Eyre, MD, PhD, CMO of PRODEO have been actively studying the brain’s neuroplasticity. They will share examples of how employers are advancing their employees’ “brain skills,” and “brain health,” to create a more attractive, rewarding, and productive workplace.

After we’ve heard “What’s new?” in your healthcare world, Mark and Harris will share insights from their published research, and we’ll look to hear your own examples of how employees who learned a new skill or started working with different teams within your organization became more engaged (and happier).

Mark Heinemeyer’s PRODEO organization is engaged by companies and their investors to advance emerging technologies and therapeutics in various areas of brain health. Mark previously held C-suite roles with HCA, CorVel, CIGNA, Wanda Health, Global Care Quest, CNSdose, and Fiserv. PRODEO has created the PRODEO Institute, which Harris Eyre, MD PhD, co-founded with Mark. Harris is also Co-Lead of the OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Institute, Lead of the Brain Capital Alliance, and an Instructor with the Global Brain Health Institute (at UCSF). Through the PRODEO Institute, Mark and Harris collaborate with J&J, PwC, Gates Ventures, and the Milken Institute.


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