“The draw for me is the ability to connect with people who are grappling with the challenges that we face in healthcare and an opportunity to bring your problems to a group of people and get good advice and counsel.”
-Bob Funari, Chairman of the Board, NxStage | Patient Care America

Healthcare Videos

Importance of ABL and why he makes time to attend the San Francisco Healthcare Executives monthly Round Table.

-by Dave Brown

Being able to talk with other top-level executives who are in different segments of healthcare brings me a different perspective
-by Chris Selecky

Opportunities for Partnering in her CEO Round Table

-by Barbara Burgess

Benefits of accessing his fellow Member’s expertise and candid feedback on strategic issues.

-by Bob Funari

Technology Videos

What’s the best thing about ABL?

-by Randy Heyler

The education ABL has given him in applying his large organization skills to a entrepreneurial start-up.

-by Jim Meyers

Caliber of his fellow Technology Members.

-by Chris Dyer

“What’s the best thing about ABL?”

-by Frank Yeager

Why ABL is a “must have” for every Healthcare or Technology CEO — its diversity, candidness, experiences, and strategies shared.

-by Kim Shepherd

How feedback received at his Technology Table has been beneficial to him.

-by Bob Richardson