September 9, 2021

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Robert NickellRobert Nickell is a second-generation pharmacist and the CEO of Pharmco Inc., founded in 2006, as a national mail order pharmacy for telehealth physician platforms and contract PBM needs. Pharmco is a fully licensed 503A pharmacy specializing in compounding cosmeceuticals, dental and dermatological products, as well as hormone replacement, immunotherapy, and pain management. Robert is also CEO of Enovachem Pharmaceuticals, which he founded in 2012 as a national pharmaceutical manufacturer specializing in contract manufacturing, Single Use Injection Kits, following CDC guidelines for patient safety and medical office compliance, as well as Single Source Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Compound Kits for physicians and pharmacies. Finally, Robert is CEO of his third company, which completes the Trifecta of Drug Distribution, which is known as Nubratori RX, founded in 2015 – an FDA-registered 503B Outsourcing Facility, one of the most difficult licenses to obtain and maintain in pharmaceutical manufacturing today. Additionally, since 2004, Robert has served as the Chairman of Nickell Professional Pharmaceutical Services, a national resource and consulting firm for mail-order pharmacy, FDA manufacturing and outsourcing, including healthcare staffing, medical and pharmaceutical billing and collections needs. Robert has joined the ABL-Health OC Round Table.


    • 9/01 – Orange County ZOOM Table – Discussion Topic: “COVID’s Shadow Pandemic” – Featured Member Presenter: Mark Heinemeyer, CEO of PRODEO
    • 9/08 – San Francisco ZOOM Table – Discussion Topic: “COVID’s Shadow Pandemic” – Featured Guest Member Presenter: Mark Heinemeyer, CEO of PRODEO
    • 9/14 – Silicon Valley ZOOM Table – Discussion Topic: “New Technology for Serving Multi-Lingual Frail Seniors At Home” – Featured Member Presenter: Grace Chen, CEO of LucidAct Health
    • 9/16 – Oakland ZOOM Table – Discussion Topic: “Investing in the Future of America – One Baby At A Time” – Featured Guest Member Presenter: Melissa Hanna, JD, CEO of Mahmee
    • 9/17 – Los Angeles ZOOM Table – Discussion Topic: “‘Google Health is Dead’ – Long Live Google Health” – Featured Member Presenter: Mike Epstein, Founder of The Tay Group
    • 9/23 – ABL ZOOM Focused Workshop – “Are You Headed for an Exit?” – Ever wonder what the “next steps” are in evaluating several types of “exits” – bringing in venture capital, merging with a “Strategic,” going public, or being acquired by a Private Equity group. This is where you’ll hear firsthand from those who’ve “been there and done that.” Featured Member Presenters: Dave Berkus Randy Heyler Thomas Leffler Adam Miller

Blog by Mimi Grant

Since to Err is Still Human – Healthcare Could Use a Little Help

Medical Errors Cause ~250,000 Deaths a Year in the U.S.

When the seminal Institute of Medicine’s report “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System” was released over 20 years ago, the nation was shocked to learn that 98,000 patients die in the hospital at the hands of “the system” each year. Since then, Johns Hopkins has picked-up the mantle of being healthcare’s conscience by releasing a steady stream of reports, like “preventable medical error cause an estimated 250,000 deaths a year in the U.S.,” ranking as “the third-leading cause of death – after heart disease and cancer,” and “10 percent of all U.S. deaths are now due to medical error.” Meanwhile, other reports have claimed the number of deaths could be as high as 440,000, because “physicians, funeral directors, coroners and medical examiners rarely note on death certificates the human errors and system failures involved” in patients’ deaths.

Do we need a National Patient Safety Board?

So significant, and frequent, are these reports that there’s now a proposal for a National Patient Safety Board modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board. Like the NTSB, the NPSB would be an independent federal agency, and would “conduct centralized studies into medical mishaps and systemic breakdowns to prevent future catastrophes.” Now that EMRs are virtually ubiquitous in hospitals, the idea would be to use de-identified data from these health records, artificial intelligence, and reporting from other agencies, to identify cause-and-effect relationships and issue timely recommendations to improve patient safety – for everyone.


Mimi Grant’s Vlog:

Is It Time for a COVID-Era Marshall Plan?

The U.S. won the post-WW2 peace largely by providing aid to countries reeling from the devastation of war, through the Marshall Plan. Today the lethal enemy is a virus. And, once again, we can help.

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Is It Time for a Covid-Era Marshall Plan?

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