March 3, 2020

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Russell ZukinRussell Zukin is Founder and CEO of Alphascript Specialty Pharmacy and Positive Outcomes Rx, which serve patients with complex disease states needing specialty medications. URAC-accredited Alphascript has 20+ years of experience serving patients and providers throughout California. Patient services include personalized care management, medication therapy management, coordination of benefits, outreach calls, mail and courier service, and prescription compounding. Services for providers include prior authorization support, proactive communication, clinical support, and streamlined prescription ordering. In addition, Alphascript partners with payers to improve outcomes, including providing comprehensive and customizable reporting so that payers are able to understand utilization and outcomes to inform cost-saving and business strategies. Positive Outcomes Rx’s services include compounding customized medications, medication therapy management, immunizations, third party billing, and a range of home healthcare products. Russell is also an Advisor to FreshMynd, which has developed the first science-backed, kid-friendly, and parent-friendly combination supplement for ADHD. He began his career as a pharmacist. Russell has joined the Silicon Valley Round Table.


          • 3/04 – Orange County Round Table
          • 3/10 – Silicon Valley Round Table
          • 3/11 – San Francisco Round Table
          • 3/19 – East Bay/Oakland Round Table
          • 3/20 – Los Angeles Round Table

Mimi Grant’s Blog:

PREVENTION: How Several ABL Members Are Responding to COVID-19

Since the majority of the (currently) 45 confirmed COVID-19 cases in California are in the Bay Area (26), yesterday I reached out to several of ABL’s Northern California Members to see how they’re responding to the troubling news. Particularly in light of the highly infectious nature of the virus, I first spoke with ABL/East Bay Member Mike Stacey, MD, the former Director of Solano County’s Medical Services Division, where he played a key role in managing the response to communicable disease outbreaks. Given Travis Air Force Base is in Solano County — ground zero for the returning Diamond Princess passengers (22 of whom are now confirmed to have the virus), we first discussed the state of testing for COVID-19

CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF BLOG, which also includes remarks from Arup Roy-Burman, MD, CEO of Elemeno Health; Grace Li, CEO of On Lok; Debbie Toth, CEO of Choice in Aging; Cecile Currier, El Camino Hospital’s VP of Corporate & Community Health Service and CEO of Concern (EAP); and Marshall Toplansky, a professor at Chapman University.

Mimi Grant’s Vlog:

EMERGENCY: China’s Incredible Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus has infected 20,000+ people in over 20 countries in record time. WATCH THE 3:41-minute VIDEO, in which Mimi overviews China’s amazing response, including building a 25,000-square-meter hospital, in 10 days – and reflects on the loss in her own family, to the Spanish Flu, in 1918!

China’s Incredible Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Click Here to Read All of These News Items & More or Click on Specific Headlines Above to Read Specific Articles

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