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AI Wave Event Speakers

ALI PAYANI, founder of Payani Group, on using AI for growth marketing;
GREG LEBSACK, on Using AI for Exponential Business Growth;
THOMAS LEFFLER, President of Project Insight, on sharing his "AI-in-Healthtech" Project Management perspective;
SATNAM GAMBHIR, CEO of Envision Financial Systems, on AI for Initial Issues Management;
MARISA BRUTOCO, Sheppard Mullin Partner (formerly in-house counsel at Google, Amazon and Apple) and Member of SM's Technology Transactions Team, on how AI is transforming Content, Technology, and Related Legal Issues;
and ABL's BOB KELLEY making the Positioning Presentation and Panel Moderator.

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Alvaka (Oli Thordarson) on: Data Leaks Which Show ChatGPT Security & Privacy Fall Short

In Data leaks show ChatGPT Security and Privacy fall short, Alvaka reports that computer science researchers from Cornell University recently collaborated with Google DeepMind, UC Berkeley, and other institutions to release a case study unpacking extractable memorization and the dangers associated with computation and language, machine learning, as well as cryptography and security. The paper describes how researchers were able to extract training data from various language models through repetition of certain words. ChatGPT was tested and the results revealed how it is prone to leak sensitive data when induced in a specific manner. Read Alvaka's full blog at the link above. (LA)

Dave Berkus on: Are Remote Workers Productive & More

Dave has announced that a new AI chatbot has been released containing all of his extensive writing from his books, articles, blogs, LinkedIn, Medium, X posts, and more. It's free to use and available on the side panel of the front page of Berkonomics.com. MEANWHILE, in his recent article - What's your answer? Are remote workers productive?, Dave ponders if home-based employees work with the same dedication and productivity as those in office cubicles next to each other? He concludes that it depends upon the management as much as the employee and goes on to elaborate.
Click here to read other recent blogs from Dave, including: 'How to make a small problem into a big one;' 'Would you commit to an office lease today?' and 'If you must lease an office, make it a short one!' (LA)

CuraeSoft (Mark Parinas) on: Navigating Wage & Hour Disputes + Importance of Lunch Breaks

CuraeSoft CEO Mark Parinas recently spoke with Sean Kim from Inc. Magazine about how coAmplifi is revolutionizing the wage and hour compliance sector, in an article entitled, How Technology is Shaping How Business Owners Navigate Wage and Hour Disputes.
AND, in a recent post, Mark suggests that while the idea of powering through lunch may give the illusion of heightened productivity, it comes at a cost to your well-being. Studies reveal that eating alone at your desk while working can foster social isolation and may lead to burnout, he says. He also polled readers on 'Do you take a lunch break away from your desk?' Results are at the link above. (LA)

Envision Financial Systems (Satnam Gambhir) on: Navigating the Challenges of Diverse Investments

In Navigating the Challenges of Diverse Investments, Envision Financial Systems notes that as alternative investment products gain popularity among a growing retail audience, firms in the industry face the challenge of adapting their back-office infrastructure, originally designed for retail mutual funds. This adjustment blurs the lines between operational and technical support for retail/40 act and alternative investments, putting strain on back-office workers and managers.
ALSO, read Setting Envision Apart: What Makes Us Unique. (OC)

Get Visible (Jason Ciment) Provides Business Tools & Resources
Instil (Adam Miller, JD) Named a Best Place to Work & Shares Fundraising Trends for 2024

A recent article from Instil, a company which is included in Built In's 2024 Best Places To Work list, discusses 8 Nonprofit Fundraising Trends to Watch in 2024. From new technology development to demographic shifts, to political unrest, fundraising outcomes are heavily impacted by what is going on in the world, Instil says. (LA)

myKaarma (Ujj Nath) on: Tech Video Winners, Customer Service, Trust Points & More

myKaarma's Fixed Ops News, which delivers video content on how auto dealers nationwide are adapting to evolving service industry demands and solutions, has added recent videos on: 'Tech Video Shootout' winners and customer service interaction - not a fixed journey.
ALSO, read recent articles from myKaarma: Turning Trust Points into Touch Points and Understanding Payments Integration in Dealer Management Systems: myKaarma's Surcharge Advantage. (OC)

Payani Group (Ali Payani) on: Future of Augmented Reality Marketing

In Discovering the Future of Augmented Reality Marketing, Payani Group reports that the integration of augmented reality (AR) is orchestrating a revolution in marketing. AR unlocks previously deemed futuristic marketing strategies by merging the digital and physical realms. It has evolved into a versatile and impactful tool for businesses to engage with their audience and enhance marketing strategies. Payani Group discusses 2024 trends, impact of AI, future trajectories, and more. (LA)

The Primas Group (Mike Mastro) on: Trending Business Software Solutions

In Best 2024 Trending Software Solutions for Businesses, The Primas Group examines AI chatbot for customer service; AI-based HR management system; big data analysis for marketing strategy; multi-dimensional CRM system and social media integration; accounting and finance software incorporating blockchain; and more.
AND, in Simple Reasons Why Your Business Needs Computer Telephony Integration?, Primas Group discusses what CTI is and its many benefits. (OC)

Project Insight (Thomas Leffler) on: Understanding CapEx & OpEx in Project Management

In Understanding CapEx and OpEx in Project Management: A Guide for PMPs, Project Insight says that two key components of financial management are Capital Expenditures (CapEx) and Operational Expenditures (OpEx). How these are handled can significantly impact a project's outcome, and a new feature in Project Insight, named "CapEx OpEx," offers a streamlined way to manage these expenditures effectively. This feature not only simplifies financial tracking but also provides critical insights that aid in making informed, strategic decisions. (OC)

The Joy Factory (Sampson Yang & Miranda Su) on: How Cases Protect Your Device

In How Do Cases Protect Your Device?, The Joy Factory explains impact resistance, the importance of materials, MIL-STD-810 - a US military standard, IP rating, and more. (LA & OC)

Marshall Toplansky on: California's Fiscal/Financial Decision Point & More

City Journal has published an article written by Marshall Toplansky and Joel Kotkin - How to Shrink a Fortune; Endowed with every advantage, California is in free fall, despite its governor's boasts to the contrary, in which they analyze California's 'serious fiscal and financial decision point,' declaring that the state's deficit 'can only be overcome if we restructure the state's regulatory and tax regime.'
ALSO, recent episodes of Marshall's and Joel's Feudal Future Podcast include: Shaping the Future: Challenges and Innovations in California's Education System and The Rise of Populism in Europe: Immigration, Nationalism, and the Quest for Sovereignty. (OC)

California Lightworks (George Mekhtarian) Serves Illinois Facility with MegaDrive

California LightWorks (CL) has published Case Study: Buckbee Weed Company, which describes how this Illinois-based company is leveraging CL for advanced cultivation, utilizing innovative lighting and energy-efficient practices. (LA)

Eckert & Ziegler (Frank Yeager) & ARTBIO Announce Manufacturing & Supply Partnership

Eckert & Ziegler (EZ) and ARTBIO, Inc., a clinical-stage biotech company specializing in the development of a new class of alpha radioligand therapies (ARTs), have entered into a strategic manufacturing and supply agreement. As such, EZ will support ARTBIO to establish manufacturing and delivery of its pipeline therapies using its proprietary AlphaDirect Lead-212 isolation technology. The collaboration aims to expedite the development of Lead-212 based alpha radioligand therapies, starting with the clinical development of ARTBIO's lead asset of AB001 in prostate cancer. (LA)

John Tanner's NuSci Presenting In-Person Event on Feb. 15

On the evening of February 15, NuSci Nutrition Science Foundation will present a Nutrition Science Workshop, in which John Tanner will share his nutrition journey after suffering a near-fatal cardiac arrest in 2009. The evening, to be held at Tanner Research in Duarte, will include dinner and a gift book. (LA)

Optimum Info (Arvind Verma) Details Success with AGCO

In AGCO Boosts Dealer Financials and Performance with AMOS, Optimum Info (OI) shares its success in working with AGCO, a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of agricultural machinery. The company was looking for a new business management solution to consolidate the three different platforms they were using, and found it in OI's AMOS. (OC)

Toast (Ken Neeld) Named One of the Best Places to Work in 2024 by Glassdoor

Toast has been named a winner of Glassdoor's 16th annual Employees' Choice Awards, honoring the Best Places to Work 2024. These awards are based on the input of employees who voluntarily provide anonymous feedback on Glassdoor by completing a company review about their job, work environment and employer over the past year. AND Toast was also named one of Built In's Best Places to Work in the U.S., Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. (OC)

Eitan Medical's (Roger Massengale) Infusion Pump Used in Leading-Edge Treatment for Alzheimer's

Eitan Medical announced that a cutting-edge treatment that inhibits Alzheimer's has been administered for the first time in Israel at Tel Aviv Medical Center's Ichilov Hospital using Eitan's Sapphire Infusion Pump. The pioneering hospital has initiated treatment with the FDA-approved drug, Lekambi, to delay Alzheimer's disease. The hospital is the only medical center outside the US authorized for this treatment. (OC)

Pangea Laboratory (Yap Chew, PhD) Receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for Bladder CARE Assay

Pangea Laboratory has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA for its non-invasive Bladder CARE Assay, intended for the quantitative urine-based diagnosis of bladder cancer and upper tract urothelial carcinoma in patients presenting with hematuria and suspected of having either cancer. Pangea Lab is poised to commence multicenter clinical trials as the next step toward obtaining premarket approval for the device. (OC)

Sheppard Mullin (Linda Igarashi) Provides Healthcare IT-Focused Articles & Podcasts

Recent resources from Sheppard Mullin (SM) include an Healthcare IT Today article featuring quotes from SM Partners: What's Special About AI Risks and Remedies in Health Care?, and a Health-e Law Podcast Episode: In Tech We Trust? The Case for Transparency: A Discussion with Dr. Laura Tully. (OC)

Wipfli (JJ Johnson) Delivers Article & Ebook on HealthTech Topics
7 Business Technology Trends to Watch in 2024

CIO Dive recently published seven technology trends they will track in 2024; in summary they are:
- Generative AI will empower more non-technical talent;
- CIO - the 'total technology leader;'
- Distributed cloud finds its on-prem footing;
- Generative AI hype dwindles as quest for ROI intensifies;
- FinOps practices mature;
- Regulatory scrutiny pushes transparency from AI vendors; and
- SaaS drives cloud spending increases.
CIO Dive also says, 'Tech leaders are expected to make headway on generative AI implementations, all the while keeping the cloud bill in check. CEOs will also want to know when investments in AI will deliver value, and expect their CIOs to keep close watch over a fast-moving regulatory environment.' (https://www.ciodive.com/news/business-technology-trends-CIO/703985/)

Will Startup Valuations Start to Recover in 2024? Investors Aren't So Sure

A survey of more than three dozen investors predicts that startup valuations are not heading for a banner year in 2024. Instead, valuation trends will break down according to sector and stage, VCs predict. But new founders should take heart: Seed valuations are expected to be the most durable. The further along your startup is, the less sunny the forecast is for your next fundraise. (https://techcrunch.com/2024/01/15/startup-valuations-predictions-2024/)

Most Cars Will Be AI-Connected by 2030 - Report

Connected cars are forecast to make up 95% of all vehicles on the road by 2030, with each one generating an estimated 25 gigabytes of data per hour, which is the same amount of data as it would take someone to stream 578 hours of music. Meanwhile, a survey of 2,000+ car owners and lessors in the U.S. revealed that only a few drivers understand what a 'connected car' is and what data is actually being collected, according to Salesforce research. However, once the definition of the connected car was understood by the consumer, drivers ranked connected features - Apple CarPay or Android Auto integration, gaming or video streaming, driver assist features, Wi-Fi/in-car data, smartphone app functionality like remote lock and remote start, emergency assisted services like OnStar, touchscreen console, and over-the-air software updates, and more - as almost as important as a car's brand. (https://www.zdnet.com/article/connected-cars-powered-by-ai-will-make-up-95-of-all-vehicles-on-the-road-by-2030/)

Wi-Fi Alliance Has Started Certifying Wi-Fi 7 Devices

The Wi-Fi Alliance is now officially certifying devices that support Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of wireless home internet. With certification, Wi-Fi 7 devices are guaranteed to interoperate, and in 2024, we will see new tech products like phones, laptops, and routers endowed with the standard, which could represent huge speed and efficiency gains compared to even Wi-Fi 6E. The alliance says in its announcement that Wi-Fi 7 will be better than existing standards for things like high-bandwidth streaming and low-latency wireless gaming, and that's crucial as virtual reality gains popularity and people continue commuting to their kitchen tables or home offices to commune with co-workers over Zoom. (https://www.theverge.com/2024/1/8/24024838/wi-fi-certified-7-announced-ar-vr-streaming-4k-8k)


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