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ABL’s 25th Innovations in Healthcare Awards

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THURSDAY, Dec. 15 via ZOOM 9 AM to Noon (Set up 8:45)

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Featuring 2 Keynoters & 3 “Innovator in Healthcare” Awardees

For 25 years, the Adaptive Business Leaders Organization (ABL) has celebrated Healthcare Industry Leaders and Innovators focused on reducing the cost of providing quality care with their innovative approaches and technologies. This year, we’re proud to honor five individuals whose healthcare careers truly reflect the intelligence and bold, risk-taking commitment that it takes to succeed in making a difference in this field that touches everyone.

This Year’s Keynoters

Both of our Keynote Speakers are remarkable. Dennis Boyle – through his innovative healthcare product designs, and Robin Farmanfarmaian through her inspirational life of medical marvels, and her words – both written and spoken.

Dennis BoyleDennis Boyle, Partner, Founding Member and Leader of IDEO’s Health and Wellness Practice, has spent his entire 42-year IDEO career working with global clients in medical and consumer healthcare industries, developing innovative products and strategies for promoting healthful living and behavior change. Over the years, he’s contributed to 50+ patents and helped shape IDEO’s renowned “Design Thinking” methodology, putting “patients first” in his designs. He also created the TechBox at IDEO, a collection of tools used for creative problem-solving, research, and better communication. In his “Design for Better Health” course, taught in Stanford’s d. school, his student-teams work directly with individual patients to promote healthy behaviors and to avoid long-term chronic illness.


Robin FarmanfarmaianRobin Farmanfarmaian – Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, author, investor and professional speaker, contributes to cutting-edge tech poised to impact 100 million people or more. Robin has been involved with over 20 early-stage biotech and healthcare startups, from curing cancer to medical devices and digital health. With over 180 speaking engagements in 15 countries, Robin educates audiences on the intersection of technology with healthcare, including artificial intelligence and the shift in healthcare delivery to the patient’s home. She has written four books, including The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer (2015) and, this year, How AI Can Democratize Healthcare: The Rise in Digital Care (with Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur Michael Ferro).


ABL’s “Innovator in Healthcare” Awardees

Our three “Innovator in Healthcare” awardees will share inspiring stories about the PROBLEMS they identified, the SOLUTIONS they developed, their SUCCESS to date, the Big Picture OPPORTUNITY their invention/s can create, and invite you to PROVIDE THEM WITH INSIGHTS as they take their NEXT STEPS into a healthier future.

Dean HoveyDean Hovey is CEO of 8B Medical, the 12th design-engineering firm he’s founded since his days as the founding partner of Hovey/Kelley Design (now known as IDEO), where his team designed and commercialized Apple’s first computer mouse. Fast forward to the early days of COVID, when $50,000 ventilators were in short supply. With a mission to build more affordable Smart ICU vents, the 8B Medical team was assembled and built the first prototype within five months – for $1,000. Believing that all 8 billion people on the planet deserve affordable medical care, 8B’s suite of four novel Respiratory Assist Devices make breathing effortless and safe for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions, essential workers, and consumers.

Eliott JonesEliott Jones is Co-Founder and CEO of Biospectal SA, a diagnostic biosensing company which can allow anyone to turn their smartphone into an optical device capable of medical-grade blood pressure measurement – anytime, anywhere – without peripherals or accessories. With Biospectal’s cuffless optical blood pressure solution, the company expects to make a global impact on hypertension monitoring, improving the lives of over 1.3 billion people worldwide (and nearly half the adults in the U.S.) with hypertension. A clinal study that validated Biospectal’s OptiBP cuff-level accuracy was reported in Nature’s Scientific Reports, plus the device is already being used in six countries on four continents.

Ed BuckleyEd Buckley is President and CEO of Select Data Inc.
, which reflects his 30+ years’ in the home healthcare industry, particularly in the areas of coding and compliance. Given that home health nurses are expected to know everything in their patient’s discharge records before their visit; and coders must reflect exactly what happened during the visit, reducing the time to decipher medical records has long been Ed’s quest. In 2022, Select introduced SmartCareTM, which leverages AI to “read and covert” hundreds of pages of records into accurate two-page summaries in seconds, enabling clinicians and coders to quickly zero-in on the most relevant data to improve patient care – and bill appropriately for it.


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