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Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:

Caring for The Valley’s Underserved

In April, The Guardian headlined, “If Silicon Valley were a country, it would be among the richest on Earth.” In fact, with half the world’s tech billionaires, and a total output of $275 billion* in annual GDP, Valley residents out-produce nearly every other nation.

Yet, even in The Valley, dishes need to be washed, beds made, cars parked, and burgers flipped. For many in these low wage jobs – that don’t provide health insurance, it’s projected that a family living in the Valley must earn $107,000 annually to afford health insurance. But, for those who don’t have it, there’s MayView Community Health Center, where no one is denied service.

During our Group Discussion, we’ll hear if and how each of us has become familiar with the nation’s network of 1,400 Federally Qualified Health Centers – and look-alikes, like MayView, that collectively serve the poor in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country. Then Ken Graham, CEO of MayView Community Health Center, will pictorially “walk us through” MayView’s Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Palo Alto clinics, share their 47-year history, expansive adult, pediatric, prenatal, and behavioral health programs, and fill us in on the Community Needs Assessment of one of the richest areas on earth.

As always, you’re encouraged to bring issues to the Group for their insights.

Featured Member Presenter

Ken Graham stepped in as CEO of MayView Community Health Center in January 2018. Previously, Ken was the System Integration Advisor to Queen’s Health System and later served as the President of North Hawaii Community Hospital as it affiliated with Queens. As the CEO of El Camino Hospital (2006-11), he was responsible for more than doubling its medical staff to 1413 practioners, taking its assets from $550M to $1.2B – with 13% profitability, opening a second hospital location, and replacing the main hospital.

* Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis


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