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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Opening Discussion Topic:

New Technology for Serving Multi-Lingual Frail Seniors At Home

After 50 years caring for San Francisco’s medically underserved, low-income population (many with very limited English proficiency), North East Medical Services (NEMS) has become one of the largest nonprofit community health centers serving Asians in the nation. And, as many of NEMS’ patients “aged in place,” timing and technology created the perfect opportunity for NEMS to open its PACE program, earlier this year, since many of their fragile patients are PACE-qualified. But how to monitor their medical needs, and communicate between patients who frequently speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Toishan, Burmese, Vietnamese, and Hindi – and their staff whose native tongues are more often Tagalog, Spanish, or English?

Enter ABL-Silicon Valley Member Grace Chen’s LucidAct Health, which specializes in designing multi-lingual virtual care and remote monitoring solutions for Medicaid patients. Integrating with NEMS’ EMR system, LucidAct’s AI-technology brings NEMS providers real-time intelligent data about their patients, identifying vital trends and highlighting the impact of social determinants of health faster than other RPM solutions – in both the patients’ and the caregivers’ native tongues. Given LucidAct’s focus on multi-lingual PACE and FQHC Centers, Grace would love to hear your recommendation for other communities they could serve.

After Grace’s presentation, we’ll look to hear What’s Up? in your organization, especially with the wild fires closing in on Lake Tahoe, the Delta variant closing in on the rest of the country, and now that Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine is fully-FDA approved.

Grace Chen co-founded and became CEO of LucidAct Health, in 2016, after serving as a senior data architect at Sutter Health and Stanford Health Care, where she successfully led multiple high-profile care transformation projects at Stanford Cancer Center, and jump-started the survivorship program for 10,000 patients by targeting the specific needs of cancer survivors. With a Master’s of Information Technology degree, she’s also the mother of two teens, and serves as an officer on the Mountain View High School PTA.


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