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Upcoming ZOOM Meeting

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Opening Discussion Topic:

What Will Be Your Organization’s New Normal?

Within just a couple of months, “Covidians” appear to have fully adjusted to WFH and “care from home,” be it through telehealth, Zoom, Facetime, or apps.  Yet, shutting down “elective surgeries,” coupled with some patients risking fatal consequences by avoiding the ED, has cost hospitals $50 billion a month, resulting in cuts of 1.4 million healthcare jobs.

During our Opening Discussion we’ll look to hear:

  • how you and your organization have coped with COVID over the past three months
  • what you anticipate the “new normal” will look like, and
  • your plans for adjusting to it

Featured Member Presenter: Eliott Jones, Co-Founder & CEO of Biospectal SA
Eliott will present Biospectal SA’s early-stage technology that allows a user to accurately monitor and measure their blood pressure by simply placing a finger on their smartphone’s camera, instantly turning their phone into a device capable of medical-grade blood pressure measurement anytime, anywhere – without peripherals or accessories.

Biospectal SA is leading a breakthrough startup in diagnostic biosensing, using optical technologies in IoT and edge computing. Starting with blood pressure and hypertension management, Biospectal is on a mission to make medical-grade biosensing accessible, actionable, and meaningful through connected smart devices around the world.

Earlier in his career, Eliott was VP of Product Innovation at Rambus, Senior Director of Design at Yahoo Web Channel Marketing, and Web Channel Marketing lead at Intuit.


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