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Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:

Spotlight on Addiction and Recovery

In light of all the press about the “Opioid Trial of the Century,” scheduled for October 21st, it’s easy to forget that 21 million Americans struggle with all substance addictions – more than all the people with cancer combined. What’s worse is that only 10% of them will receive treatment for their addictions.

While the spotlight is currently on the opioid crisis, when the total cost of addiction to society and the economy is considered – including treatment, loss of productivity, and criminal justice, it exceeds $1 trillion, according to Psychology Today.

During our Group Discussion, we’ll hear how you, as an employer, family member, and friend, have been impacted by the growing addiction crisis. And, particularly in your workplace, how you and your organization “deal with” employees you suspect may be battling addiction.

Then, Dan Manson, President of Elevate Addiction Services, will share his unique approach, developed over 23 years in the addiction treatment industry, to not just address patients’ need to “stay sober,” but to empower them to pursue a more meaningful and positive life – where they can be fulfilled without the need for substances.

Elevate Addiction Services is a Joint Commission accredited drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that operates three residential and two outpatient facilities in Northern California, using a copyrighted curriculum and a multi-phased approach to recovery. Elevate blends therapy with a daily routine of exercise, nutritious diet, mindfulness meditation sessions, and other options, to bring health, clarity and reinvigoration of one’s purpose.

As a, you’re encouraged to bring issues to the Group for their insights.

RSVP to learn more about this crisis – and effective solutions to it.


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