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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:


Way back in 2014, an NIH-funded study on The effects of health coaching on adult patients with chronic diseases: a systematic review found that “statistically significant results revealed better weight management, increased physical activity and improved physical and mental health status.”

Little wonder “health coaches” are increasingly a covered benefit. And a $6+ billion service market.

During our Group Discussion, we’ll hear if and how health coaching has impacted the lives of anyone with whom you work or live. Then segue to hearing about any other hot issues you’re seeing or would like to get feedback on from the Group. Then our Featured Member Eric Neuner, CEO of Health Coach Institute will introduce us to HCI, and how it’s become the fastest-growing online learning platform that’s taught 30,000 individuals in 30 countries how to turn their passion for healthy living into a career as a certified health coach.

Eric Neuner, CEO of Health Coach Institute and Empowered Education, is committed to changing the way we approach healthcare and education, to a system that prioritizes and incentivizes wellness. Prior to becoming CEO of Empowered Education, in 2015, and Health Coach Institute, in 2017, Eric spent the previous decade as an entrepreneur and founding partner for several industry-leading companies. Among them Trilogy Education Services, Vital Digital Group, and Zeta Global. He began his career developing winning digital marketing campaigns for CDNOW and WebMD.

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