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Upcoming ZOOM Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Opening Discussion Topic:

Your WFH Best Practices & COVID-19 Experience with Employees, Clinicians, Patients, and Yourself

Just a month ago, few could have dreamed that there’d be runs on toilet paper, paper towels – and guns. That clinicians in hospitals would be running out of face masks and gloves. And that “sheltering at home” would become the new normal. But that was before schools and all “non-essential” services closed, over 65,000 Americans were COVID-19 infected, and over 900 died. And the rest of us were watching Bill Gates’ TED Talk, too late.

During our Opening Discussion we’ll look to hear how you and your organization are coping with COVID-19 on the front lines – or as you shelter at home, with your patients, staff, and family.

  • What best practices have you developed to ensure both productivity and sanity for those on your team WFH?
  • For providers, are you running into PPE shortages already? What else?
  • How are you dealing with those who may be infected?
  • What other concerns are truly keeping you up nights?

Then, our Featured New Member Arpit Khemka, CEO of SimpleTherapy, will present their digital healthcare platform that combines PT with AI to create a “hyper-personalized” MSK pain recovery program that can be used at home for a fraction of the cost of going to a PT. With 20,000+ users, employer partners that include Costco and Walmart, and national insurers, validated studies have shown an 18% decrease in MSK spend, and a 39% decrease in opioid-dependent patients, in their first year on the program.

Arpit co-founded the company with orthopedic surgeon Tae Won Kim, MD, 11 years ago. Together they created a platform with over 12,000 head-to-toe exercises that target the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that can cause pain. Prior to creating SimpleTherapy’s first algorithm prototype, he was the Lead Developer at CGI, which solved the technical issues impeding the Massachusetts Health Exchange, digitized NYC’s Jail Management System, and designed systems for the Indian navy.

RSVP today to hear how your peers are navigating this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, and how you can treat the pain in the neck (and 17 other body parts) COVID-19 is causing you.


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