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2nd Tuesday of the month from | 8:30 – 11:30 am  | Mountain View, CA

Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Opening Discussion Topic:

Lessons Learned from Leading Multiple Businesses

It’s not only Elon Musk who heads multiple business lines. It’s probably even more common in the healthcare industry, where a dialysis company and health system can run wholly owned subsidiaries; an ambulance firm can drive several different product lines; a medical device firm can create an app for that; a hospice grounded in one area can expand into another, and partner in a third. And others, among our Valley Members, carry multiple portfolios – or cards!

Most ABL Members have expanded their business beyond its foundation, sometimes by acquisition, frequently by developing new products or services in their original field, and often by successfully exploring market adjacencies. During our Opening Discussion we’ll look to hear which approach you’ve found to be most successful, and what lessons you’ve learned from those that weren’t.

Our Featured (LA) Member, Nick Focil, is CEO of FOMAT Medical Research, an Integrated Research Organization, operating in both the US and Latin America, where it conducts phase 1-4 inpatient and outpatient clinical trials. Recently, FOMAT has been heavily involved with COVID-19 vaccine and drug development. Nick is also the Chairman/Co-Founder of Febo, a chronic condition management platform and 5-star rated app that helps users track their meds, nutrition, and get current on the latest information about any diseases they may have, plus connect with patients like them.

Nicholas Focil grew up with a love of medicine, and during his formal education in biochemistry, at UCR, and subsequently at Medtronic, worked with renown researchers and drug developers. During his career at FOMAT, he began as Managing Director 10 years ago, and became CEO nearly four years ago. He is also an Executive Board Member of hyperCORE, the second-largest clinical research site network in the world, and for over four years, a Member of the Forbes LA Business Council.


Upcoming Meeting Dates

Aug 9…Sept 13…Oct 11…Nov 8…Dec 14

Our Silicon Valley Healthcare Round Table meets on the 2nd  Tuesday of each month – via Zoom and sometimes with an In-Person option.

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