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Healthcare Leaders CEO Group

2nd Tuesday of the month from | 8:30 – 11:30 am  | Mountain View, CA

Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:

Keeping Your Employees Healthy, Focused & Engaged

Most employers agree their company’s most valuable asset is their people. Employees who are mentally fit (and physically fit) are:

  • More productive
  • Have higher morale &
  • Less absenteeism

During our Group Discussion, we’ll look to exchange tips on approaches, rewards, and environments that help motivate your employees to perform at their best.

But sometimes life’s clouds can block out high performance with work-related stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, even substance abuse. And when these “issues” get serious enough they can start impacting a work group’s dynamic, not just personal productivity.

Fortunately, Concern has provided a refuge for Silicon Valley employers’ employees to help them build resilience to navigate life’s transitions for 37 years. During her Featured Member Presentation, Cecile Currier, CEO of Concern, will share how the EAP has grown with the Valley and adapted their response to providing counseling and support services when and where needed 24/7/365, both in person and virtually.

Go-Round Discussion of Member Issues: During this time, each Member is given an opportunity to share an “issue” with the Group in order to receive knowledgeable and confidential feedback on how best to tackle that issue. Issues often center around: management/planning concerns, how to best respond to new industry trends, fleshing out a new strategy, what were the best practices used (or hazards) from fellow Members who have dealt with a similar issue. In order to get the most value from each session, we encourage our Members to bring an issue for discussion to each meeting.

Cecile Currier is CEO of Concern

Concern is a Knox-Keene licensed employee assistance program dedicated to the promotion of a healthy and productive workforce. A wholly owned subsidiary of El Camino Hospital, Concern serves more than 600,000 employees and their families through more than 280 organizations in the Bay Area and nationwide. Cecile, who launched her career with El Camino Hospital in 1985, wears two hats: running Concern and being VP of ECH’s Corporate & Community Health Services. She has a Masters in Social Work and is an LCSW.


Upcoming Meeting Dates

Feb. 12,   Mar. 12,   Apr. 9

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