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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Opening Discussion Topic:


Today, thanks to digital health technology, a doctor can be “in” your home, office or on the road, via your computer, phone, or tablet. Yet, without access to reliable clinical data to accurately diagnose your medical concern, the doc-on-the-screen is just delivering “best guess” tele-advice.

Soon, thanks to the MedWand, the clinician on the other end of your phone or screen will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatments, based largely on the medical data supplied by the MedWand. During our Members’ Discussion, we’ll hear how your healthcare sector is being impacted by the ubiquity of medical information, and devices like the MedWand that, in “trained” hands, can start dramatically transferring care from the clinic to … practically anywhere.

As always, we welcome you to bring issues to the Group for their insights.

Our Featured Guest Member, will be Bob Rose, President of MedWand Solutions, and leader of the Cypher Scientific bio-engineering team that designed the MedWand. As a portable device that couples the power of a digital stethoscope, an ECG to detect suspected arrhythmias, sensors to measure temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen level, and a special otoscope-camera to examine a patient’s ears, nose, mouth and throat, the MedWand has the promise to be a game-changer. Bob will be looking for your insights on how to accelerate making that promise a reality!


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