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WEDNESDAY, December 8, 2021 – Combined Session for Bay Area Healthcare Round Tables

ABL’s 24th Innovations in Healthcare – Bay Area Edition

In the midst of surviving our second year of COVID, healthcare innovation continued – frequently by building on foundations years in development. This year’s “Innovators in Healthcare” also saw opportunities where others saw – and experienced – only the problems of clogged operating rooms, opioid overdoses, overworked and under-resourced staffs caring for the non-elderly population most likely to succumb to COVID, and the lack of “vital” connections on telehealth calls. COME hear and discuss these solutions to some of healthcare’s most vexing problems – and share what else needs an innovative solution!

ABL’s 2021 “Innovators in Healthcare” awardee/presenters are:

  • Brett Dines, CEO of OYE Therapeutics, knew the stats: “delayed emergence” from the coma-like state anesthesia creates contributes to over 32,000 deaths, 2.4 million extra days of post-surgical hospitalization, and $9.3 billion in added OR expenses each year. He also knew that while naloxone could ultimately keep an overdose victim from dying, they’d still need to spend hours in the ED while opioid respiratory depression continued. The good news is that Brett’s team is working on the solution to both problems: formulation enhancements to an existing FDA-approved drug.
  • Harry Soza, Founder and CEO of CAREMINDr, has developed a platform which enables providers in federally qualified health clinics to effortlessly “check-in” on their patients. The efficacy of their technology has already been proven with hypertensive patients. Their goal now is to monitor ALL of a clinic’s patients, with asynchronous check-ins that can identify which patients are in need today, enabling the clinic to focus their resources on those with the most urgent medical needs, and provide remedies to their social determinants of health deficits.
  • Bob Rose, President and COO of MedWand Solutions, has spent 7 years developing an easy-to-use device that can enable patients to have their “vitals” incorporated into their telehealth visits. Thanks to COVID, according to McKinsey, the number of telehealth visits has stabilized at 38x its pre-pandemic utilization, more important 64% of providers are comfortable using it, as are 76% of consumers. Now, after years of awards, MedWand is currently showcased in the Smithsonian’s “Futures” exhibit in Washington, DC, and at Dubai’s “Expo 2020” (world’s fair). Best of all, it’s currently at the FDA awaiting full approval.

In addition to having the opportunity to engage our Awardees during Q&A’s that will follow each presentation, some past “Innovators” will bring us up to date on how their organizations fared – and continued to innovate – during COVID.

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