Dave Sayen

Senior VP, Client Relations
Gorman Health Group, LLC
Bay Area Healthcare
Member Since: 2005

ABL is like being in an Executive MBA class at Wharton, except it’s better, because it’s really just all the professors talking about the problem.



  • Monthly CEO Round Tables  to glean strategic insights, hear how significant changes are creating new market opportunities – and pitfalls, rethink perspectives and approaches, and explore and forge new business relationships
  • Frequent Events, Workshops, and Conferences, where you exchange ideas and connect with other chief executives
  • Stay current with Member News, Healthcare Industry & Government Trends in the bi-weekly ABL Healthcare Online
  • Meet one-on-one, serving as one another’s Trusted Advisors leveraging each other’s skills, expertise, and connections
  • Round Table’s professional Facilitators serve as “Connectors,” and knowledgeable business advisors, making leveraged introductions, sharing industry and executive insights, and co-developing the Members’ Strategic Advisory Board Presentations with them
  • Read Dave Berkus’ Post:  Be an Adaptive Business Leader

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