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Skating to Where the Jobs Are Going to Be
by Mimi Grant

Imagine if Wayne Gretzky was paying for his own college education today - he might admonish currently matriculating students to skate where the jobs are going to be. And there's little question as to where that is: TECHNOLOGY. CLICK TO READ FULL BLOG.

WorkDone's Joe Rogers Named Among "10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2019"

Industry Era Magazine has named Joe Rogers, Founder and CEO of WorkDone, to its list of the "10 Best Entrepreneurs of the Year 2019." Industry Era proclaims that "Joe's passion is ideating innovative technology approaches allowing organizations to overcome business challenges that result in reduced operating costs, streamlined operations, and increased competitive advantage." By leveraging WorkDone's patent-pending Expertise Capture technology, organizations can seamlessly train software agents to automate transactions between major SaaS platforms with no client-side training or programming required, thereby solving the age-old problem of knowledge walking out the door when someone retires or changes jobs. And in only a short period of time, Industry Era declares, WorkDone has created a previously non-existent market in the area of institutional knowledge and corporate memory. Read Article. (Joe Rogers)

Sidebench Develops Apps for Children's Hospital LA & for OCD

Sidebench reports that they've been working with Children's Hospital Los Angeles to develop a NICU navigation app for parents of children who have been in the intensive care unit, and also shares a case study on how they revamped an OCD treatment tool - the nOCD app - to be engaging, accessible, and HIPAA compliant. (Kevin Yamazaki)

PCIHIPAA to Present Free HIPAA Compliance Webinar in June

On June 6, PCIHIPAA will present a free webinar - Protect Your Practice from Penalties and Fines, from 10-11 a.m. Pacific. Key takeaways will include a HIPAA compliance checklist, how to navigate the complexities of compliance, how to get a complementary HIPAA risk assessment, and best data backup and restoration practices. (Jeff Broudy)

Mentor Software Chosen to Streamline Next-Gen EV System Design

Leading Japanese electric vehicle (EV) systems provider PUES Corporation has selected Capital electrical design software from Mentor, a Siemens business, to help speed and simplify the development of next-generation automotive electrical/electronic (E/E) systems. Mentor's Capital suite provides PUES with a unified platform delivering design automation and design change management across multiple E/E domains. (Greg Lebsack)

Get Visible Provides Productivity Hacks

Get Visible Inc. has shared a variety of tips, suggestions, and productivity hacks:
> Three ways to format long-content pages to make them more interesting: Infographics; Graphics ideas; Blog page.
> Audit your website with this free SEO tool.
> Get rid of unwanted email subscriptions.
> If you live in Gmail, this is a good tool.
> A Google My Business SEO tip.
> Don't get fooled by search numbers when doing keyword research. (Jason Ciment)

Faye BSG Adds New Features to NetSuite Integration for Sugar

SugarCRM Elite Partner Faye Business Systems Group (Faye BSG) has announced major updates to their Sugar NetSuite Integration, which now allows Sugar users to sync NetSuite Customers, Contacts, Items, Sales History and Quotes in real time directly with Sugar. In addition, compatibility has been added for the latest release of Sugar 9.0. Faye BSG's updated Sugar NetSuite Integration also includes the ability to: Streamline your lead-to-cash process and accelerate cash flow from Sugar to NetSuite financials; Eliminate tedious manual entry and needless errors from the sales order entry process; Ensure timely and accurate sales quotes based on key information sourced directly from NetSuite financials; and Improve customer service by providing sales teams with real-time back-office visibility into orders, fulfillment, billing information and more. (David Faye)

Cornerstone to Showcase Power of People Potential at Upcoming Conference

Cornerstone OnDemand will host its 17th annual industry conference, Cornerstone Convergence, June 3-5, in downtown San Diego, connecting business and HR professionals. Cornerstone Founder and CEO Adam Miller will present the opening keynote on June 4 at 8:30 a.m. PT, where he will discuss how organizations are implementing innovative talent practices to harness the potential of their people and transform the employee experience. He will also speak about Cornerstone's 5 for 20 Challenge - to inspire organizations to enable the potential of their people through continuous learning and development. Adam's keynote will be live-streamed on the Cornerstone Convergence 2019 website here. (Adam Miller)

Catasys Expands Services & Addresses Loneliness

Catasys, Inc. is expanding the use of OnTrak to help identify and address loneliness, as poor social relationships have been associated with a significant increase in risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, along with increased use of accident and emergency services independent of chronic illness. Meanwhile, Catasys has expanded its OnTrak-C solution with a leading health insurance provider serving Medicaid members in Texas, as well as its OnTrak-Ci solution to eligible Medicare Advantage members in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, and has entered into an agreement with Optima Health to provide OnTrak to eligible Commercial members in Virginia. (Rick Anderson)

Tanner Research CEO to Present Nutrition Science Workshops

On the evenings of May 22, and again on June 13, John Tanner, Ph.D., CEO of Tanner Research, will present a Nutrition Science workshop, where he will share his story about how he suffered a near-fatal cardiac arrest in 2009. Since then, he has studied intensely the causes of heart disease, and found that it can be completely avoided through a proper diet - and cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and about 30 other diseases can be reduced, avoided, or reversed by this same diet. The free workshop, to be held at Tanner Research in Monrovia, includes a meal and your choice of one of the top books on nutrition science. Also, on the evening of May 30, Tanner will present Dinner and Movie Night: code blue. (John Tanner, Ph.D.)

PeopleG2 Improves Net Promoter Score to Beyond Excellent

PeopleG2 recently shared its latest Net Promoter Score, something that it's been working on since January when it began sending out a monthly survey, in search of "good, honest feedback as we gauged our customer relationships." PeopleG2 reports that in the world of Net Promoter Scores and Customer Service/Satisfaction, a score of 50 is considered excellent and a 70 is considered world class. In January, PeopleG2's score was 44; in February, 54; and in March, 63. Throughout these months, PeopleG2 put processes in place for improvements, reviewed client feedback, resolved issues, and focused on continuous improvement. "Next stop. . . 70!" PeopleG2 declares. (Chris Dyer)

Parasoft Introduces Radical New Approach to Test Data Management

Parasoft has released the latest versions of Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft Virtualize, with a new web interface for managing and generating test data. With this new simulation technology, users can easily manage, model, mask, and generate data to use in testing. Parasoft's technology automatically generates data models from recorded interactions in the system, and then provides visual diagramming in the web browser to enable non-technical users to get access to test data for use in their testing. Service virtualization users can also manage the most complicated transactions, and successfully undergo state transition testing, without having to write a single line of code by relying on Parasoft's new test data management infrastructure, creating virtual services that update themselves based on usage. (Elizabeth Kolawa)

GF Piping Systems Unveils NSF Lead-Free Valve Family for Commercial Applications

GF Piping Systems has introduced a family of NSF lead-free brass valves designed to handle high loads and strong flow rates in commercial grade and light industrial water distribution applications. The new valves include: 1) compact, direct-acting Pressure Reducing Valves, which feature excellent control characteristics, even at low flow rates; 2) new Type 6320 Thermostatic Balancing Valve, which regulates the flow rate in hot water (up to 158°F) circulating systems by continuously sensing the return water temperature with an integrated thermostat, ensuring consistent system temperature; and 3) Thermostatic Mixing Valves, which accurately deliver tempered water to hot water distribution systems, are mountable in any position, and are ASSE 1017 compliant. (Mike Smith)

Electrosonic Participates in Update of Science History Institute

The Science History Institute in Philadelphia wanted to update their space, and Electrosonic shares what it did in partnership with Potion and kubik maltbie to update the space - in this video. The Institute wanted to update their exhibits with interactive tables and a media column to encourage guests' exploration in an approachable way, and present content that was relevant to visitors' lives. The column entices and delights the visitor with interesting facts and stunning visuals, while the table offers deep dives into fascinating stories behind the objects on display. (Bryan Hinckley)

Eckert & Ziegler to be Admitted to MSCI Germany Small Cap Index

Berlin-based Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG, a specialist in isotope-related applications in medicine, science and industry, will be admitted to the MSCI Germany Small Cap Index as of May 28, 2019. This Index currently is composed of 113 companies of the German equity market. (Frank Yeager)

Envision to Serve on NICSA Alternative Investment Committee

Envision Financial Systems will be represented on the newly-formed NICSA Alternative Investment Committee, which aims to address the lack of standardization in the alternative investment product industry, as well as evaluate document requirements for alternative investment processing. Members will collaborate on best practices in order to increase efficiency and streamline the process for clients, as well as work to provide education and thought leadership on alternative investments. As this area continues to grow, Envision has been expanding its alternative investment solutions to serve a broader range of asset managers and alternative investment administrators. (Satnam Gambhir)

The Development Factory on: Is AI Really Intelligent?

In Is AI really intelligent? 5 things to consider, The Development Factory's Andrew Bodis reports that 41% of executives surveyed in a recent McKinsey study admitted they have not yet adopted artificial intelligence because they're unsure about how it can help their organization, but 100% of those executives are thinking about it. Andrew discusses if AI is actually intelligent, how even "stupid chatbots" can help, and how to take the first step to adopt AI. "First of all, choose one of the two contexts - either usefulness or thought leadership position. This fundamental decision will determine how much money you want to put towards the effort and what kind of team you need to assemble." At this link, Andrew provides several short videos, including What is Machine Learning?; How to adopt AI to your business; Why adopt AI to your business; and What is the first step in AI adoption? (Andrew Bodis, Monrovia)

Dave Berkus on: Creative Thinking & Your Company Mantra

In How much time do you spend "outside the box?", Dave shares that in a recent Round Table of CEOs, they discussed how to create a company culture of thinking outside of one's restrictive box of experience. "We considered adding questions to the interview process that could bring surprising answers from a job candidate, pointing to a creative thinker that might complement the team," Dave continued. "We challenged ourselves as a group to think of answers to problems that a writer of fiction might create, unconstrained by conventional thinking. We worried that we may have hired people in the past that fit our image of the proper addition to our core staffs, people with similar experiences and training, constrained by the same experiential thinking as ourselves. We left that meeting each more willing to search for talent to help us and our enterprise find creative alternatives that would challenge us, expand our product, marketing, sales and process abilities beyond the constraints of our present definition of our company and its core." And, in Everyone needs to manage their mantra or move on, Dave defines "mantra" as a short, quickly understood picture of your business in just a few words, often using the name of a well-known company or process to complete the picture-story. He notes that you have only seconds to make a first impression, and your mantra is the ticket to entrance into a longer conversation.

Other recent blogs from Dave include: Your core competency and why not to stray; The four "P's" to help you build a great business; and Here's how NOT to define your competition. They can all be found here. (Dave Berkus, Monrovia & West Los Angeles)

Kaiser Launches Thrive Local to Address Social Determinants

Kaiser Permanente has teamed up with health IT company Unite Us to launch an initiative that will ultimately link its 12 million members with services that address social needs - like access to housing and food - which influence 80% of health outcomes. Dubbed Thrive Local, the program will kick off this summer and be available to all of Kaiser's members by 2022. This is just Kaiser's latest social determinants of health (SDOH) project, having already invested hundreds of millions in fighting homelessness across the US, for example, Forbes reports. (Walt Meyers, Bay Area Healthcare)

Care3 CEO Discusses 5 Ways to Improve U.S. Healthcare

As part of an extensive series collecting insights from healthcare thought leaders and innovators, Authority Magazine and Thrive Global recently featured Care3 CEO David Williams and his insights on ways to improve the U.S. healthcare system. David discusses the importance of price transparency, physician collaboration, better interoperability between healthcare systems with government entities allocating funds, and consumer-centric programs. He also laments the uncertainties introduced in the market when current laws are threatened, noting that "Uncertainty kills investment, innovation, and meaningful progress." (David Williams, Los Angeles Healthcare)

Alvaka Networks Offering Software Security Patching Webinars

Alvaka Networks will host a live and interactive webinar - Software Security Patching: Why you are struggling with this essential task!, from 10-11 a.m. Pacific, on the following dates: May 23 and 30; June 6, 13, 20, 27; and July 11 and 18. Unpatched vulnerabilities are a leading source of compromise, and yet many organizations struggle to stay current on their patching and leave themselves exposed to security breaches. This webinar will take a deep dive into this complex security dilemma, what the risks are, and how you can start to solve this problem. (Oli Thordarson, Orange County Healthcare)

Cigna & Express Scripts Debut Alexa Voice Skills for Healthcare

Cigna and Express Scripts have collaborated with Amazon Alexa to launch new voice skills that will enable eligible customers to use voice technology to manage pharmacy prescriptions, engage in health improvement programs, and track wellness incentives. For example, Cigna is piloting "Cigna Health Today," a unique voice skill aimed at increasing proactive health engagement with one of Cigna's national clients. Eligible employees can opt-in to track personalized wellness incentives, including redeemable gift dollars, which are used to reward healthy behaviors. They can also receive daily motivational health and well-being tips. Users can simply say, "Alexa, open Cigna Health Today" to use the program. (Chris De Rosa, Orange County Healthcare)

SAVI Group Addresses EMR Management & Medical Billing Outsourcing

In EMR Management: Everything You Need to Know, SAVI Group examines the many challenges in managing healthcare records, and explains why and how you should be switching to EMR management. And, in The New Age of Medical Billing: Outsourcing, SAVI Group predicts that more and more practitioners will choose to skip handling the complex process of revenue cycle management, and instead focus more on their own expertise of helping people improve their health. This approach will lead to an improvement in patient service and care over the long-term, plus medical practices can look forward to an increase in patient volume and revenues thanks to the influx of billing expertise received from their outsourcing partners. (Sumit Mahendru, Orange County Healthcare)

VivaLNK Selected to Plug and Play's Silicon Valley Health Program

VivaLNK was recently selected to participate in Plug & Play's Silicon Valley Health Batch 8 Program, lasting 12 weeks - one of only 20 chosen from 850+ candidates. Plug and Play, a leading Global Innovation Platform, operates industry-specific, stage-agnostic platforms that help startups and growth-stage companies raise funding and pursue business development opportunities in collaboration with corporate partners, thus disrupting the healthcare industry by challenging clinical practices, improving data analytics, and enhancing the patient journey across the care continuum. (Jiang Li, Ph.D., Silicon Valley Healthcare)

Tech Sector Supports 18 Million U.S. Jobs, Represents 12% of GDP

CTA's new economic report reveals the consumer tech sector: directly and indirectly supports 18.2 million American jobs; provides $1.3 trillion in annual wages; contributes $503 billion in annual taxes; and adds $2.3 trillion to the nation's economy each year - representing almost 12% of U.S. GDP. (Read Report: Consumer Technology Association, 5/14/19)

13 Takeaways on the Future of Work

Atlassian CIO Archana Rao and Workforce Innovation Specialist Sophie Wade recently shared a bevy of insights on the future of work, skills, and the intersection of technology and data. They include: technology and data have made work less linear; video is a remote work enabler; money isn't the sole motivation for workers; technology can be used to fulfill worker needs; intangible benefits like flexibility and work-life balance are key to retention; empathy matters; automation will be critical to transformation and growth; decentralization and distributed work is the new normal; and skills matter more than titles. (Read Article: ZDNet, 5/20/19)

USC Marshall Combines MBA & STEM

The University of Southern California Marshall School of Business is hoping to make its MBA students more attractive to the marketplace - and help its international students - by adding a new "STEM specialization" option for its full time MBA students. It will include certification in areas such as statistics, data analytics, operations, and supply chain optimization, finance, forecasting, and digital marketing and modeling. In addition to the training in STEM-related topics, the school also said the addition offers its international graduates a potential extension of employment opportunities in the U.S. for 24 months, because the MBA will meet the requirements for a STEM designated degree program by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. USC said the new option will become available for its 2020 and 2021 MBA classes this fall. (Read Article: socaltech, 5/2/19)

Microsoft & General Assembly Collaborate to Close AI Skills Gap

Microsoft Corp. and global education provider General Assembly have announced a partnership to close skills gaps in the rapidly growing fields of artificial intelligence, cloud and data engineering, machine learning, data science, and more. This initiative will create standards and credentials for AI skills, upskill and reskill 15,000 workers by 2022, and create a pool of AI talent for the global workforce. (Read Microsoft Press Release, 5/17/19)

J.P. Morgan Chase to Acquire Health Tech Firm for $500 Million

J.P. Morgan Chase is buying medical payments technology firm InstaMed for $500+ million to push more deeply into the $3.5 trillion market for U.S. healthcare spending. The bank agreed last Friday to purchase the Philadelphia-based company of about 300 employees that processed $94 billion in transactions last year, according to the two companies. The move shows that the nation's largest bank views the fast-changing world of payments as a battleground worthy of aggressive wagers. (Read: Article: CNBC, 5/17/19)

Toyota, Panasonic to Set Up Company for Connected Homes

Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp said they plan to establish a joint company to develop "connected" services to be used in homes and urban development. The tie-up deepens the partnership between the companies, which in January announced a joint venture to build electric-vehicle (EV) batteries, pooling the R&D and manufacturing strengths of one of the world's largest automakers and battery makers to compete in the fast-growing EV market. The move comes at a time when lower-emissions vehicles and ride-sharing services have opened up the auto industry to new competitors, leaving traditional car makers and their suppliers scrambling to find alternate revenue streams. (Read Article: Reuters, 5/8/19)

Lenovo Shows Off World's First "Foldable PC"

Lenovo has announced what it says is the world's first foldable PC, a prototype ThinkPad that iterates the foldable tech we've already seen from phones on a much bigger scale. Lenovo has been developing this for over three years and has plans to launch a finished device in 2020. The goal is a premium product that will be a laptop-class device, not an accessory or secondary computer like a tablet might be. The 13.3-inch 4:3 2K OLED display can fold up to about the size of a hardcover book, at less than two pounds. (Read Article: The Verge, 5/13/19)

Amazon Surpasses Walmart as World's Largest Retailer

Amazon has surpassed Walmart as the biggest retailer on the planet. The e-commerce juggernaut jumped 25 spots to #28 on Forbes' Global 2000 list of the world's biggest public companies, as measured by a composite score of revenues, profits, assets and market value. That was sufficient enough for it to steal the title of the world's largest retailer away from Walmart, which slipped five spots to #29 on this year's overall list. Amazon has continued to chart a path to retail domination, with the number of Americans who subscribe to Amazon Prime topping 100 million in 2019. In April, Amazon said it would invest $800 million to make free one-day shipping the new normal, up from the standard two-day shipping the company offers now. (Read Article: Forbes, 5/15/19)

Meanwhile, Walmart has just begun offering free next-day shipping on about 200,000 products for shoppers in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Southern California, with more areas to be added later this year. The offer applies only to orders of $35 or more, and orders will be shipped in one box to address common customer complaints about multiple boxes arriving at different times. (Read Article: Wall Street Journal, 5/14/19)

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