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    ABL will be well represented in the Smithsonian's Arts & Industries Building on the National Mall, on Saturday, June 25, at a special event: Living Longer Festival: Health + Wellness 2050. ABL-HEALTH Member Bob Rose, CEO of MedWand Solutions, Inc., an award-winning telehealth device company, will host a one-day pop-up interactive, "The Doctor is in (Space)!" in which attendees will visit a healthcare provider in the year 2050 with a futuristic distanced healthcare visit. Also, ABL Member Marcia Augsburger will be featured on a panel of experts discussing "Living Longer in the Future," moderated by Mimi Grant, with Bob Kelley interacting with the live and telecast audience, as they "Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Panel."

    These upcoming ABL-Tech ZOOM Tables - below - will discuss "In Recruiting, What Is Your Company's 'Why'?" and will be held IN PERSON. Locations will be listed in your Round Table Invitation, emailed separately.

  • 6/30 - ABL-Tech SGV IN PERSON Table - featuring George Mekhtarian, CEO of California Lightworks
  • 7/07 - ABL-Tech OC IN PERSON Table - featuring Jeff Erle, CEO, Wave Strategy Consulting (Tentative - Depending on parental caregiver tasks supporting adequate preparation)
  • 7/08 - ABL-Tech WLA IN PERSON Table - featuring Philippe Lewicki, Captain at AfterNow
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7thSense Announces Bryan Hinckley's New Role & New Major Product Releases

InPark Magazine has published a feature article - 7thSense doubles down on development - Bryan Hinckley joins the company's growing technology team - which details Bryan's new role as Managing Director at 7thSense, an international market leader in state-of-the-art tools and technologies for the kind of storytelling and media delivery at the heart of today's immersive, interactive guest experiences. According to 7thSense, Bryan is taking the reins of the business with a focus on customers and strategic growth.
ALSO, 7thSense recently announced three new major product updates; its Delta Media Server, Juggler pixel processor, and Medialon Manager Pro product lines each have new releases, with extensive functionality added to meet the needs of the company's global user base. (Bryan Hinckley, SGV)

Adam Miller-Affiliated Companies Gain Accolades, Provide Guidance

Clovers, where Adam Miller is Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, has been named among the "Top Nashville Startups to Watch in 2022" by Startup Hustle.
AND, Groundswell, where Adam is also a Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, recently published Determining Your Corporate Donation Budget: How Much Should You Donate To Charity? and Modernizing Philanthropy in the Workplace: Why Investing in HR Technology Is Critical. (Adam Miller, WLA)

California Lightworks Points to Benefits of California's $150M Market Access Program + Unveils New Product

California Lightworks shares that, to ease the strain on California's energy grid, the state has authorized the Market Access Program as a strategy to reduce peak demand and mitigate rolling blackouts. The program authorized $150 million to incentivize projects that contribute to energy savings during the summers of 2022 and 2023. There are no cost caps and no product restrictions, but the program funds are first come, first serve. California Lightworks emphasizes that these funds can be used to upgrade outdated lighting systems, like HPS, to advanced LED lighting systems, like its MegaDrive, for zero cost.
MEANWHILE, California Lightworks announced its new MegaDrive Linear 400, specifically designed for supplemental lighting in greenhouses. (George Mekhtarian, SGV)

Delphi Display Chosen by Utah-Based Wellness Cafe

Delphi Display Systems has been selected as the exclusive provider of an outdoor digital menu solution for the Soulfull Cafe, based in Richmond, Utah, which includes Delphi's dual screen Endura 55X outdoor menu board hardware, their Engage cloud-based content management system, content creative design, and installation services. (Ken Neeld, OC)

Eckert & Ziegler Unveils ProKase Flood Source Storage Case

Eckert & Ziegler has introduced its ProKase Flood Source Storage Case, a highly portable flood source storage and handling device designed to be more mobile, more stable, and easier to use than other cases. Its unique flared base and swivel wheels makes the lead-lined case less likely to tip as you maneuver through tight spaces. The ProKase is designed to accommodate C-Thru and Featherlite Flood Sources. (Frank Yeager, SGV)

GIDEON Informatics Provides Video Overview of Services + Offers eBook on Monkeypox at No Charge

Watch an on-demand video from GIDEON Informatics - 10 Things You Can Do With GIDEON That May Surprise You, to learn what the company can do, plus "some sweet tips, and maybe a chuckle or two."
MEANWHILE, GIDEON is offering its comprehensive eBook, Monkeypox: Global Status, available at no cost - use coupon code: mpox22 at checkout. It's one in a series of GIDEON ebooks which explore all individual infectious diseases, drugs, vaccines, outbreaks, surveys and pathogens in every country of the world. (Uri Blackman, WLA)

Intellect CEO Named to UCLA Bruin Business 100

Romeo Elias, CEO of Intellect, has been named to the inaugural class of the UCLA Bruin Business 100, which honors 100 alumni founders, owners, and visionaries in businesses that have made an impact in their industries and communities.
MEANWHILE, read recent posts from Intellect here, including "QMS Needs for ISO and FDA Regulations;" "Top 5 Benefits of ISO 13485;" "QMS Needs for ISO and FDA Regulations;" and more. (Romeo Elias, WLA)

LookinLA Signs New Partners + Spotlighted in Industry Journal

LookinLA has announced recent new partners - Gig Talent, Globe Trader, Just Fabulous, KPC Products, and Molly Mutt.
AND, the company is the subject of a feature article from Tip Sale Tips - The LA-Based Marketing Agency Expanding Into The Metaverse, which reports on LookinLA's recently announced platform, LookinMeta.
PLUS, in this short video on LinkedIn, Chris Dyer, the founder of PeopleG2, shares his testimonial and experience working with LookinLA. (Ali Payani & Chris Dyer, SGV)

Parasoft Provides Standards-Native SAST Support to Ease ASD STIG Compliance

Parasoft announced standards-native SAST support for DISA ASD STIG with enhanced test configurations available in its 2022.1 versions of C/C++test, dotTEST, and Jtest automated software testing solutions. The new native configuration makes it easier for customers to detect weaknesses identified by the ASD STIG and to satisfy requirements for securing software for deployment on DoD networks.
MEANWHILE, Parasoft's Software Testing & Compliance Summit is now available to view on demand, including the entire summit or individual sessions.
AND, information on upcoming Parasoft webinars can be found here, such as "How to Tackle Software Regulatory Compliance for Medical Devices;" and "Save Time & Improve Quality on the Fast Path for Junit Testing." (Elizabeth Kolawa, Ph.D., SGV)

Profi CEO Featured in Print & Podcast + Launches Fireside Chat Webinar Series

Alina Trigubenko, CEO of Profi, is spotlighted in a feature article from Thrive Global - Don't forget your humanity and your place in the whole of life.
AND, Alina is interviewed on an episode of Marketing the Invisible podcast - How to Leverage Technology to Grow Your Business - In Just 7 Minutes.
MEANWHILE, Profi announced the launch of its Pro Beyond Fireside Chat webinar series featuring acclaimed authors and industry thought-leaders in coaching, training and consulting. On June 30, it will kick off with Chester Elton, one of the most acknowledged pros in the coaching industry. (Alina Trigubenko & Adam Miller, WLA)

The Joy Factory Adds New Product Line for Mobile Workforce

The Joy Factory's new product line - aXtion Volt - will complement its existing inventory of commercial-grade, ruggedized protective cases under the aXtion brand. These products are designed for the mobile workforce and now come with wireless charging capabilities - the VOLT, the first-ever charging product line for the aXtion brand. There will be a total of eight new products offered this year. The first two are available now: DCA505: aXtion Volt Case for iPad Air 5th/4th Gen/Pro 11-inch/3rd/2nd Gen; and DDU111: aXtion Volt Single Bay Charging Dock. (Sampson Yang, OC & Miranda Su, SGV)

VCP's Parent Covetrus to Be Acquired by Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and TPG

Covetrus (NASDAQ: CVET), parent company of VCP, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which funds affiliated with Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, a global private investment firm, and TPG Capital, the private equity platform of global alternative asset management firm TPG, will acquire all outstanding shares of Covetrus common stock not already owned by affiliates of CD&R for $21.00 per share in cash, representing an enterprise value of approximately $4 billion. Upon completion of the transaction, expected to close in the second half of 2022, Covetrus will become a private company and will no longer be publicly listed or traded on NASDAQ. (Bob Richardson, OC)

Vincit Announces Upcoming In-Person Dev Talk

Vincit Dev Talks is back in-person - on June 30, 6-8 p.m., a night of discussion, food and drinks at the We Work Irvine Spectrum. (Rachel Valentine, OC)

Xsolla Expands Mobile & Digital Distribution Solutions for Game Developers, Adds NFT Checkout

Xsolla announced that it has expanded its mobile and digital distribution solutions in its bid to ensure more opportunities for developers to launch and grow their games around the world. In addition to a bouquet of new features designed especially for mobile gaming, Xsolla has added a new checkout feature to help developers scale their business with sale and distribution of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Also, the company has unveiled Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub, which connects games to a global network of apps, ISPs, banks, and other channels to help developers reach players and gain revenue from every transaction.
ALSO, Xsolla has opened an office in Berlin, Germany AND published a guide for indie developers - How to Work with Investors: A Video Game Funding Guide. (Shurick Agapitov, WLA)

Dave Berkus on: Judging Leadership, Types of Advice, Gatekeepers & Trade Show Booths

In How good a leader are you?, Dave suggests that if you find yourself unable to answer this question, it is time to regroup with your senior leaders, board members and investors - and look for consensus upon a goal. With that in hand, short- or long-term, you should then be able to plot a course of strategies and tactics for you, each of your direct reports, and the entity as a whole to focus resources upon and to progress through the steps to achieve that goal.
AND, in Are there only three types of advice?, Dave discusses "what you can do, what you should do, and what you want to do."
Other recent posts from Dave include How to reach beyond the prospect's gatekeeper and How to "reel them in" to a trade show booth. (Dave Berkus, SGV & WLA)

Chris Dyer on: Leadership, Boundaryless Organizations & Employee Wellness

In 7 Leadership Speaking Skills You Need to Be a Great Leader, Chris discusses active listening, open body language, vulnerability, adaptive communication style, speaking with genuine kindness, promoting engagement and feedback, and being an effective motivator. Another recent article from Chris is How to Leverage a Boundaryless Organization.
PLUS, Chris contributed to an article - 13 Ways To Support Employees Mental and Social Wellness, published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
MEANWHILE, watch Chris's new, WOW-worthy, 1:31-minute promotional video, produced by Ali Payani's LookinLA - Leadership Speaker: Chris Dyer - The World of Work is Changing. (Chris Dyer, SGV)

Envision Financial Systems on: 4 Tech Innovations for a Better Shareholder Experience

In 4 Technology Innovations for a Better Shareholder Experience, a transfer agent using Envision Financial Systems' online technologies shares how Envision's shareholder and intermediary internet portal is helping their clients stand out. The article covers security, self-service and ease of use; customizable branding and marketing campaigns; asset allocation modeling; and intuitive user interface. (Satnam Gambhir, OC)

GetVisible on: Ecommerce Marketing Tips + Business Hacks

GetVisible CEO Jason Ciment is featured in a recent article from Apteo - 7 Top Ecom Marketers And Their Best Tips - which offers "nuggets of gold" from top ecommerce marketing experts that will help you drive more sales and up your marketing game.
AND, in his own newsletter, Jason continues to offer a variety of business hacks, including:
>> Clear your cache with this plugin.
>> Edit anything on a web page to see how it looks in real-time.
>> Free subject line rating tool - over 15 million tested.
>> See some good emailing templates from big advertisers.
>> Remove your identity from Google's index. (Jason Ciment, WLA)

Half Past Nine on: Cash Conversion Cycle & Measuring Brand Awareness

In Why The Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) Means Growth Or Death For Your Ecommerce Business, Half Past Nine explains how prioritizing your operating cash flow is just as important as your bottom line, especially in the competitive and mercurial landscape of eCommerce and consumer goods. If optimized correctly, it's a golden goose that unlocks free cash for growth. The article discusses the CCC formula, four tactics to improve your CCC, and more.
AND, in How To Measure Brand Awareness: 5 Approaches For Quantifying The 'Unquantifiable', Half Past Nine covers main components of brand awareness; problems that arise without clear KPIs; 5 simple approaches for measuring brand awareness; metrics to avoid; and more. (Kenneth Shen, WLA)

Optimum Info on: Success Stories with Kia Motors & Case New Holland + Branding Strategy

Optimum Info (OI) has recently published the details of a couple of success stories: Kia Motors America and OI teamed to implement a one-stop integrated system that resulted in a sharp increase in productivity; and Case and New Holland (CNH) Industrial Group implemented OI's APEX Dealer Package Management Solution
MEANWHILE, OI's Global Marketing Manager was recently featured on Pathmonk's podcast to discuss OI's branding strategy, web content and SEO. (Arvind Verma, OC)

ProProfs on: Project Management & Delivery

In 15 Essential Project Management Tips for a Successful Project, ProProfs covers identifying key requirements; maximizing team collaboration; making goals manageable; managing risks; defining standardized processes; adopting automation; and more.
AND, in 14 Best Product Roadmap Software to Streamline Project Management, ProProfs discusses must-have features and tips on how to choose.
ALSO, ProProfs suggests 11 goal-tracking apps that can help enable successful project delivery. (Sameer Bhatia, WLA)

Marshall Toplansky on: Hybrid Model of Work & California's Future

A recent episode of Marshall Toplansky and Joel Kotkin's Feudal Future Podcast addresses if people are really going back to the office to work, featuring urban analyst Wendell Cox and news analyst Jerry Sullivan. This episode dives deep into the new hybrid model of work and its impact on cities.
ALSO, Marshall shares that the Los Angeles Times published his and Joel's op-ed piece, outlining the challenges we are likely to face in California as a recession, and a drop in state revenues looms large. "We are at a place of unmatched creativity and innovation. Let's put our brains together to re-ignite the California dream." (Marshall Toplansky, OC)

Change Healthcare Teams with Luma Health + Provides e-Book & Webinar

Luma Health, a digital health company, has announced a strategic partnership with Change Healthcare, in which the two companies will develop solutions to meet health systems' demand for streamlined and unified clinical, operational, and financial journeys.
MEANWHILE, Change Healthcare has published its 2022 Medicare Advantage e-Book, to help payers learn how to take advantage of the growth opportunities as Medicare Advantage enrollment increases.
AND, watch this on-demand webinar from Change Healthcare: Improve Health Equity with Streamlined Risk, Quality, and Value-Based Care Data. (Marcia Augsburger, JD, ABL-Health Bay Area)

Elemeno Health Closes $7 Million Equity Financing

Elemeno Health announced the closing of a Series A financing. The $7 million round was led by SJF Ventures and joined by new investor SustainVC and several existing investors. Designed by former nurses for nurses, Elemeno provides clinicians with a unique "playbook in your pocket" for enhancing patient care and executing day-to-day tasks efficiently. The microlearning solutions powered by Elemeno feature content that is accessible, digestible, and customized to each hospital department's preferences. (Arup Roy-Burman, MD, ABL-Health Bay Area)

FOMAT / Febo's Nick Focil Named to UCR's "40 Under 40" Honorees

Nick Focil, CEO of FOMAT Medical Research and Co-Founder and Chair of Febo, has been named to the University of California, Riverside's "40 Under 40 - Celebrating UCR's Young Alumni Making a Splash Across Industries and Around The World." As part of this honor, Nick is featured in an article in UC Riverside News: Jumpstart to Health - Healthcare CEO Nicholas Focil wants patients to have more knowledge of and agency over their health.
MEANWHILE, Nick shared on LinkedIn that Febo's Health Toolbox app recently hit 20,000 downloads. (Nick Focil, ABL-Health LA)

LigoLab Reports on Billing & Coding Automation & Direct-to-Consumer Lab Testing

In How Billing and Coding Automation Increases Laboratory Revenue, LigoLab discusses costly lab billing denials, how they're triggered, and how to harness the power of rules and automation - the key to quality and scalability.
ALSO, LigoLab and CEO Suren Avunjian are spotlighted in a recent Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry article - Why You Should Embrace Direct-to-Consumer Lab Testing, which shares that one of the many advantages for patients in opting for direct-to-consumer lab testing is that it typically costs less in terms of time and money spent than when going through a health insurance company. Also, these types of tests enable patients to access their test results directly, enabling individuals to take a more active role in the management of their healthcare. (Suren Avunjian, ABL-Health LA)

MedWand Featured in "Living Longer Festival" at The Smithsonian Futures Exhibition

At The Smithsonian "Futures" Exhibition in Washington DC on June 25, MedWand will be taking part in the Living Longer Festival: Health + Wellness 2050. The full day of activities will include "The Doctor is In (Space)!" to show you how you and your medical professionals could monitor your key health data from anywhere, anytime, allowing for distanced diagnoses and immediate care. MedWand is also supporting an audience-guided panel experience - "We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Panel," during which attendees will select the panelists' discussion content in real-time while learning about the latest innovations of our futures. (Bob Rose, ABL-Health OC)

PSYCHeANALYTICS CEO Interviewed at ViVE Health

Dave Haddick, CEO of PSYCHeANALYTICS, is interviewed in this 7-minute video from ViVE Health 2022. (Dave Haddick, ABL-Health Bay Area)

Savi Group Shares Ways to Boost Healthcare Profitability + Medical Practice Challenges

In Ways to Boost Healthcare Revenues & Profitability, Savi Group discusses working with revenue cycle management experts to help shed light on areas for improvement within the organization. Data analytics in particular can be quite helpful in identifying changes and trends in healthcare metrics important to the practice. Also, ensuring that patients are enjoying their experience with your medical practice by offering them easy ways to communicate, make payments, and receive care as needed.
AND, in Common Challenges Medical Practices Face Today, Savi explores administrative concerns, low patient engagement, employee turnover, burnout, and more. (Sumit Mahendru, ABL-Health OC)

Tech Talent Still in Demand, But Outsized Salaries May Be Disappearing

Many tech companies grew headcount rapidly during the pandemic, but are now halting or cutting back the size of their workforce as surging inflation and economic uncertainty threaten growth. And even though overall demand for tech talent remains strong - during the first quarter, U.S. employers posted 1.1 million tech jobs, an increase of 43% from a year earlier, according to information technology trade group CompTIA - the way compensation packages are structured is likely to change. For start-ups and smaller companies, expect to see more in the way of equity and less cash in job offers as these firms look to conserve money in a difficult time. (https://www.cnbc.com/2022/06/19/tech-talent-still-in-demand-but-outsized-salaries-are-disappearing.html)

CIOs Stress Supply Chains, Efficiency as Recession Risks Rise

Amid threats of recession, chief information officers say they are prioritizing technology that drives efficiency, mitigates ongoing supply-chain struggles and contributes quickly to the bottom line. Those solutions can run the gamut from simply planning further ahead to the use of automation and artificial intelligence to minimize supply-chain bottlenecks that drag on profits, CIOs said. Across the tech sector, from startup founders to public- and private-market investors and corporate executives, a new mentality is emerging in which productivity and profitability play a bigger role. (https://www.wsj.com/articles/cios-stress-supply-chains-efficiency-as-recession-risks-rise-11653300001)

High-Tech Fulfillment Centers Are Next Key Area of Investment for Big-Box Retailers; Meanwhile, Amazon to Make Some High-Demand Goods Available by Invitation Only

Walmart recently announced plans to open four new automated fulfillment warehouses that make it easier for workers to put together customer orders; the retailer is hiring 4,000 workers to run these centers. The investment is part of Walmart's ongoing efforts to compete with Amazon, as it uses a combination of stores, as well as these high-tech fulfillment centers to support more e-commerce sales.
The announcement is part of a growing trend among big retail chains. Walmart, along with Target, Kroger, and Lowe's are all testing robotics-based fulfillment and logistics centers. In March, Target announced it's investing $5 billion in its operations, including new high-tech warehouses. In May, Home Depot announced a $150 million fund to invest in fulfillment innovation, while it's also made building high-tech distribution centers a growing priority. (https://www.modernretail.co/retailers/high-tech-fulfillment-centers-are-the-next-key-area-of-investment-for-big-box-retailers/)

MEANWHILE, Amazon plans to make some high-demand goods available by invitation only: Amazon has created an invitation-only offer program for items that are in high demand, to ensure the goods are purchased by genuine buyers and not by bots that fuel shortages and drive up prices, the company said. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles sold and fulfilled by Amazon are the first two products that will be offered in the US, where Amazon customers will be able to request invitations. (https://techcrunch.com/2022/06/02/amazon-invite-only-ordering-option-ps5-xbox-series-x/)

New Android Malware Bypasses Multi-Factor Authentication to Steal Your Passwords

A newly discovered form of Android malware steals passwords, bank details and cryptocurrency wallets from users - and it does so by bypassing multi-factor authentication protections. The malware has been detailed by cybersecurity researchers at F5 Labs, who've dubbed it MaliBot. It's the latest in a string of powerful malware targeting Android users. Like many Android malware threats, MaliBot is distributed by sending phishing messages to users' phones via SMS text messages (smishing) or attracting victims to fraudulent websites. In both cases, victims are encouraged to clink on a link, which downloads malware to their phone. (https://www.zdnet.com/article/this-new-android-malware-bypasses-multi-factor-authentication-to-steal-your-passwords/)

AT&T Tests Delivering 5G Via Drones

AT&T announced that they've successfully tested the delivery of a 5G signal in a remote rural area in Missouri. The April 2022 test, which AT&T is billing as an industry first, could have important implications for first responders and emergency services workers, providing them with better communications in areas where mobile signals are not currently available. The test used AT&T's Flying COW (Cell on Wings) drone to provide the 5G signal. (https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/atandt-tests-delivering-5g-via-drones)

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator Launches Cleantech Loan Fund

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator has launched a new, $6M clean technology loan fund, designed to fund early-stage startups in the climate area. According to the incubator, the LACI Cleantech Debt Fund will offer up loans of between $25,000 to $250,000 to an estimated 100 early-stage startups over five years. The incubator said it is particularly looking to provide non-dilutive funding to startups needing to support their first customer orders or working capital to scale their businesses. The fund also is specifically interested in underrepresented founders - in particular female, Black, and Brown founders, who traditionally have had a hard time getting traditional bank loans. (https://www.socaltech.com/fullstory/0082581.html)

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