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Using the Purple Tier
to Sharpen Your 7 Habits

                     Blog by Mimi Grant

Just when we were looking forward to "graduating" into California's COVID-19 "ORANGE Tier," Governor Newsom pulled an "emergency brake," sending the residents of 41 California counties - and 94% of its population - back into the "PURPLE Tier." And just in case you've forgotten, that means, for starters: "school campuses that have not yet reopened for in-person instruction will have to continue offering distance learning until infection rates improve."

For months we've heard about the challenges parents are having balancing their own Work from Home, while trying to help their children with their school work. Of course, this particular hardship doesn't impact all of ABL's CEO Members, yet chances are strong that it does impact a large number of their employees. So, with a nod to Stephen Covey's business bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, ABL's favorite "stretch," psychiatrist Mark Goulston, MD, provides us with a "silver lining" to the pandemic's "Purple Time": behaviors those WFH can share with their kids who are LFH:

The 7 Habits of Superbly Raised Children

1. Feel frustrated and/or disappointed without getting overly angry
2. Keep trying something hard instead of quitting
3. Stay focused on something important
4. Cheerfully do something you don't want to do
5. Focus on the positive of a situation instead of the negative
6. Smile about something
7. Do something for, thank, congratulate or apologize to someone - thinking, "How will help them to be successful and happy?"

Mark also suggests that kids who display the opposite of these habits - including throwing tantrums when they feel frustrated and/or disappointed, quitting as soon as something becomes too hard, or getting distracted easily instead of staying focused on what is important, are certain to make their parents miserable, if not themselves.

How to Make the 7 Habits Work for Your Entire Family

1. Write down each of the 7 Habits on seven separate pieces of folded paper
2. Each day one family member selects one of the pieces of paper and reads it aloud
3. During that day every member will commit and then do that behavior
4. At the end of the day each person will share what they did to put that behavior into action and how that felt
5. At the end of seven days each family member will share what their favorite action was and why and what it taught them
6. Mix the slips of paper up and repeat every week until these habits become internalized into your children... and you.

As you may have detected, to derive the greatest value from the 7 Habits, everyone in the family needs to participate, and commit to the "behavior of the day," every day. Frankly, you don't need to have a household full of stay-at-home-kids to make this program have value. Whether you use Dr. Mark's "7 Habits of Superbly Raised Children," or Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," or Benjamin Franklin's "13 Virtues" that he used to train his good habits, or a list that's all your own, while we're stuck in the Purple Tier, there could be no better time to ingrain your good habits to last a lifetime.


AfterNow Leads AR/VR Roundtable at International Event

Philippe Lewicki of AfterNow led a discussion at the recent "VRDays Europe - The New Horizons Edition" event. Philippe's group talked about how to communicate using AR/VR, where he shared his company's experience with Spatial, Mozilla Hubs, and AfterNow Prez Remote. (Philippe Lewicki, WLA)

Awarenow Makes Presentation on Health Testing Innovation at Wellness Conference

Alina Trigubenko of awarenow, and Suren Avunjian of LigoLab, made a joint presentation on health testing innovation at the recent Future of Wellness conference. Future of Wellness was created in Belarus to use the power of ideas and collaboration with tech, media, and business communities to shape the future of the wellbeing ecosystem for health, social growth, and sustainability. (Alina Trigubenko, WLA, & Suren Avunjian, ABL-Health LA)

BeSmartee Launches a Scholarship & Mentorship Program for Women

BeSmartee has announced a collaboration with LearningFuze, a development bootcamp and coding school, to encourage and support women pursuing careers in coding. BeSmartee is providing the recipient with a $1,000 scholarship for LearningFuze's 14-week Full Immersion program, as well as weekly mentorship meetings with a BeSmartee Engineer, where they will be offered guidance and support. (Veronica Nguyen, OC)

Coherent Launches Virtual Events for Users of Photonics Technology

Coherent has announced Amplify, a series of virtual conferences which provide educational and networking opportunities to researchers, engineers, and industrial users of photonics technology. Various events will focus on critical developments and trends in materials processing, scientific research, life sciences instrumentation, and microelectronics. The inaugural Amplify conference will be held on December 10. (Randy Heyler, SGV)

Cornerstone Originals Celebrates 1st Birthday with New Content Relevent to Today's Challenges

Cornerstone OnDemand's content creation arm, Cornerstone Studios, is releasing several new content series under its Cornerstone Originals brand, to help organizations and their people prepare for some of the most significant workforce changes impacting the world today, including how to overcome new challenges, how to create a more equitable workplace, and how to ensure people continually put their customers first. (Adam Miller, WLA)

Delphi Display Systems Unveils Next-Gen Drive-Thru Timing System

Delphi Display Systems has released Insight Track 2.0, its next-generation drive-thru timing system, whose key features and enhancements include: enhanced real-time performance dashboards available on any web-enabled device; new enterprise-level performance summary reports available through the Delphi Cloud portal; and additional significant upgrades. Delphi CEO Ken Neeld noted, "With the increased utilization of drive-thru lanes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more critical than ever for our customers to reduce speed of service times, improve profitability, and drive customer satisfaction and loyalty." (Ken Neeld, OC)

Intellect Partners with Granuler to Serve India

Intellect has expanded its market presence in India and the region with a new partnership with India-based Granuler IT Consulting Services. Granuler helps companies achieve digital transformation, with a focus on providing quality management solutions to regulated industries. With this new partnership, customers will have more options to address their specific situation by leveraging Intellect's technology and Granuler's consulting and advisory services. (Romeo Elias, WLA)

Mentor Partners with Arm to Optimize Functional Verification of ICs

Mentor, a Siemens business, has partnered with Arm to help integrated circuit (IC) designers optimize and streamline the functional verification of their Arm-based designs. With this collaboration, the Arm Design Reviews program now offers the expertise of Mentor's top functional verification engineers to help customers optimize their Arm-based System-on-Chip designs. Arm's new RTL Verification Design Review service, in collaboration with Mentor, helps IC design teams find the right balance of quality, advanced capability and cost for their Arm IP at the RTL level. The reviews can help customers enhance key design elements, including signal connectivity, system coherency, correct implementation and system performance. (Greg Lebsack, WLA)

myKaarma Collaborates with Axalta for ProfitNet Management System Integration

myKaarma has integrated with ProfitNet, Axalta's Collision Shop Management System, which streamlines shop operations, improves business performance, and enhances body shops' bottom lines. Via the integration, customer and vehicle information flows from ProfitNet directly to myKaarma, enabling near-instantaneous communication with the customer. (Ujj Nath, WLA)

Nortridge Launches ConsumerFi Podcast

Nortridge Software recently launched its ConsumerFi podcast, for those interested in consumer lending, the macro markets, regulatory changes, innovation, and winning in the marketplace. "Nortridge has served the consumer lending community for more than 38 years, and during this time, we have lived through many market cycles and times of crisis alongside our lender clients," said Greg Hindson, Nortridge CEO. "We see this podcast as a unique opportunity to keep a meaningful dialog going during these times of limited travel and face-to-face interactions." (Greg Hindson, OC)

OEwaves' Webinar Details its Proprietary Photonics Products

OEwaves recently hosted a webinar, now available on-demand - HI-Q Phase Noise Analyzers, Lasers and Whispering Gallery Mode Resonators - featuring Dr. Yu-Hung Lai, Senior Research Engineer at OEwaves, who discusses the technology behind the company's proprietary products. (Lute Maleki, Ph.D., SGV)

Parasoft Teams with Lattix to Accelerate Safety-Critical Testing of Embedded Software

Parasoft and Lattix Inc. have partnered, combining Parasoft C/C++test's automated software testing tool suite and Lattix Architect, which provides a fast, visual representation of an application's architecture for continuous compliance and quality enforcement. Software delivery pipeline automation coupled with Lattix expert services provides embedded safety-critical software development organizations a stable, scalable, and comprehensive DevOps workflow. This collaboration seamlessly enables teams to manage software architecture, software quality, and drive testing to comply with safety-critical standards. Also, Parasoft announced the 2020.2 release of Parasoft C/C++test, the unified C and C++ development testing solution for embedded applications. The new release supports modern development workflows, enabling CI/CD pipelines and DevOps to accelerate productivity. (Elizabeth Kolawa, Ph.D., SGV)

PeopleG2 to Hold Webinar on Leading a Hybrid Team - Remote & Office

On November 18, at 11 a.m., PeopleG2's Chris Dyer will present a free webinar - Leading a Hybrid Team: Mixing Remote and the Office, which will cover the challenges of hybrid teams; creating the right culture to enforce best practices; practical advice on meetings, structures, and leadership; and how to make hybrid teams an advantage. Watch past webinars on-demand here, including: "The Essence of Future Leadership;" "Resiliency, Agility and Grit - Three Critical Skills to Embrace Change and Thrive;" and "Leaders Don't Have to Be Lonely During Covid." And, read Chris's article from Digital Market News, 3 Strategies Chris Dyer Uses to Overhaul Struggling Company Cultures. (Chris Dyer, SGV)

TDF is New Name for The Development Factory

After 11 years, The Development Factory has a new name announces that The Development Factory is now TDF, having evolved from "the people you call when you need development done right" to "trusted technology advisors that lead organizational change and digital transformation with passion and purpose." TDF helps businesses achieve performance excellence by systematically and continuously improving their people, processes, and products. (Andrew Bodis, SGV)

The Joy Factory Launches New Healthcare Mobile Tablet Cart Line

The Joy Factory has debuted AgileGo, a new line of mobile tablet carts in support of the healthcare industry, specifically designed for nurses, doctors, and clinicians to address increasing demands for telehealth, patient engagement, and patient interpretation. The rolling carts act as a solution for healthcare workers to provide transcription services, telepresence, entertainment, social connectivity, remote patient monitoring, and more. (Sampson Yang, OC, & Miranda Su, SGV)

VCP President Spotlighted on Podcast

Bob Richardson, of VCP, was interviewed by Dr. Andy Roark and Stephanie Goss on the Uncharted Veterinary Podcast, where they unpack some common myths, ranging from wellness plans being discount plans, to clients getting a bunch of services and then canceling, to concerns that doctors are doing the same work for less money. (Bob Richardson, OC)

Xsolla Reveals Q4's New Products & Solutions for Developer, Publisher & Platform Partners

Xsolla recently announced a new set of tools and solutions to help its partners reach and connect with players on any platform, at any time through: game sales, virtual goods sales, secondary market, promotions for subscriptions, web games distribution and Xsolla Launcher, and Game Carnival. Meanwhile, VentureBeat pubished an article written by Xsolla's Justin Berenbaum: What it takes to pitch a game. (Shurick Agapitov, WLA)

Dave Berkus on: Making Your Point & Mystery and Margin

Recent vlogs from Dave Berkus include: "Fewer words; greater effect!" in which he suggests we often need just one minute to make the point; and "Where there's mystery, there's margin," a concept that is important during this age of COVID for product differentiation and profitability. Meanwhile, Read recent blogs from Dave here, which include: "Create a great product - the three-step dance method;" "Ready, fire, aim. Really?"; and "Can you build a company, not just a product?" (Dave Berkus, SGV & WLA)

Electrosonic on: Technology's Role in Public Safety

In Improving Public Space Safety Through Integrated Innovative Technology, Electrosonic details how touch-free technology can streamline the security and access control of buildings and stadiums and enhance the digital signage in theatres, lobbies, and libraries around the world. AV solutions and technology have a vital role to play in not only making spaces safer for visitors, but in making them more functional, more memorable and impactful into the future. Read other recent Electrosonic blogs here, including "The Future of Waiting for Your Turn: Crowd Management in the New Normal and Beyond;" and "7 Theme Park Advances You Can Use in Your Corporate Spaces." And, watch the recent video/podcast, The Emerging Role of Technology in the Themed Entertainment Industry, featuring Bryan Hinckley. (Bryan Hinckley, SGV)

GetVisible on: Over-delivering Service & Overcoming Social Anxiety

Jason Ciment of GetVisible was interviewed recently by Karl Pontau of Animated Videos, where they discussed how they over-deliver on their digital marketing services. And, in this short video, Jason shares a "business networking trick" he's learned to overcome his social anxieties. Meanwhile, GetVisible has published 32 Ideas for Running Better Zoom Networking Meetings. Another tip from Jason: "This is a seriously intense article on 10 things to do to increase conversions online." (Jason Ciment, WLA)

LookinLA on: Gap Analysis & its Importance

In What is Gap Analysis and How Important is it?, LookinLA explains that gap analysis is one of the best means to assess where your business could stand to improve by comparing your current state to your desired future state. The process entails scrupulous, detailed research, but the benefits can be substantial. The analysis report is extensive and can result in significant improvements in various business processes. LookinLA breaks down the process and its benefits. (Ali Payani, SGV)

Marshall Toplansky on: "The Emerging Global Battleground in Innovation"

The Epoch Times recently published a viewpoint article - The Emerging Global Battleground in Innovation, written by Marshall Toplansky, Jim Doti, Ken Murphy, and Raymond Sfeir. It includes: "Much has been written about the emerging global battle for dominance of the innovation-based economy between China and the United States. This battleground has been referred to as the "fourth industrial revolution," characterized by a paradigm shift in the way innovation affects technological development. The winner of this battle, it's predicted, will control the keys to the world's economic prosperity for the next several centuries." (Marshall Toplansky, OC)

Welcome New Member: Muthu Krishnan, Kencor Health, Inc.

Muthu is Co-Founder, President and CEO of Kencor Health, which is transforming patient care by enabling healthcare professionals to digitally engage with their patients outside of their traditional care setting using a SaaS-based chronic care management platform. Kencor Health has created an AI-assisted care platform that reduces the costs and complexities of providing effective care to patients by delivering automated and personalized care at scale, thereby reducing hospital readmissions and unnecessary ED visits. Kencor's SAMiConnect integrates with the latest AI technology to keep patients engaged in their treatment plan, while keeping the healthcare-provider team connected to how the patient is doing. SAMi gathers, interprets, and reports critical patient data collected from all connected devices, and then processes and presents the data in a simple dashboard so that the care team can take action. Muthu co-founded Kencor Health in 2016, was named President in 2018, and CEO in late 2019. His career background includes being an Advisor and Senior SME for Healthcare & Life Sciences for The Advanced Technology Group, an investment holding firm where he advised on healthcare projects. He was also SVP/Consultant, Strategic Initiatives/ Business Development/ Operations at HD Medical, Inc.; Senior Program Manager at Providence Health & Services, Northwest Region; held executive roles at TeleVital, Inc.; was President and CEO of masIT; Senior Healthcare Consultant to Kaiser Permanente; and Senior Program Manager/ Acting CIO at InSound Medical. Muthu's leadership skills were developed at Kaiser Permanente, where, for over seven years, he managed multiple complex projects ($2.5+ billion) for a healthcare IT matrix organization while building cross-functional teams and deep client relationships. Muthu has joined the ABL-Health SV Round Table.

Meanwhile, Kencor Health recently debuted Ecosystem Integration and Professional Services to provide implementation, professional services, support, and advisory services, to hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, for system optimization and improved operational performance. The integration and services are focused on complete implementation of EHR/EMR, as well as Kencor's current modular offerings in its Health Ecosystem: Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, and Virtual Clinical Trials (T3). Meanwhile, Kencor CEO Muthu Krishnan recently served as a panelist at the 2nd Annual Patient Experience and Engagement Summit, on the topic of "Craft the New Normal: What Will Never be the Same Again in the Healthcare Experience?" (Muthu Krishnan, ABL-Health SV)

Biospectal's Smartphone Software Achieves Blood Pressure Cuff Accuracy: Study Published in Scientific Reports in Nature

Scientific Reports in Nature has published the breakthrough results of Biospectal's in-depth research conducted at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland's CHUV hospital. Focusing on optical blood pressure sensing using only the fingertip on a smartphone camera, the study demonstrated that Biospectal's OptiBP software has achieved equivalency with traditional blood pressure cuff performance and the ISO 81060-2 standard, representing a revolution in how we measure and manage high blood pressure. Biospectal's OptiBP smartphone app and connected data platform enable clinical grade blood pressure management at the point of patient without any bulky extra device. (Eliott Jones, ABL-Health SV)

Elemeno Health CEO Declared "Entrepreneur of the Month"

The Angels + Entrepreneurs Network named Arup Roy-Burman, MD, CEO of Elemeno Health, as its October Entrepreneur of the Month, noting his background as the former Medical Director of the Pediatric ICU at UCSF, where he designed the Elemeno prototype. Elemeno's team-based platform is a virtual coach, delivering custom bite-sized training and communications to the fingertips of healthcare workers - driving practice and consistency at the front lines, reducing costs, increasing safety, and improving outcomes. (Arup Roy-Burman, MD, ABL-Health OAK)

Irvine Health Foundation Sells IrisOC Tech Platform to Aging Well Solutions

Aging Well Solutions has acquired Iris Digital Communities from Irvine Health Foundation, and will establish a presence in Orange County, branded as IrisOC. The technology platform is an outgrowth of IHF's work in supporting innovations and collaborative initiatives that improve the well-being and lives of older adults and veterans in OC. IHF President Ed Kacic said, "We aim to work with others in order to help Orange County residents optimize their health status, and using various forms of technology is an effective approach to reaching target populations. Building and deploying the Iris platform for OC was a core part of our strategy. The technology enables older adults, their caregivers and the organizations that serve them to engage with and manage Social Determinants of Health at the local level." (Ed Kacic, ABL-Health OC)

KMD Architects Use Virtual Reality to Monitor Projects

To assist with COVID-19 measures and work-from-home schedules, KMD Architects has instituted virtual site tours, implemented by Skanska. Through VR and 3D cameras mounted on hard hats as construction staff walk through KMD's CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center project, architects can keep a careful eye on all components of its construction from their home offices. (Rob Matthew, ABL-Health SF)

LigoLab's Platform Supports Pooled Testing & TestDirectly Eliminates Paper Requisitions

In LigoLab's LIS & RCM Operating Platform Supports Pooled Testing, LigoLab reports that there are clear advantages for labs that have a laboratory information system (LIS) that can support a COVID-19 PCR pooled testing strategy for the screening of asymptomatic individuals. Pooled testing, which involves the mixing of multiple specimens together into a batch sample, enables labs to boost testing capacity, improve turnaround times, conserve testing kits and other supplies, and reduce the cost per test. The LigoLab Platform has pooled testing technology built into its clinical module, and supports the tracking of multiple specimens in one well and the retesting of a pooled sample if it comes back positive for the coronavirus. And, in TestDirectly Eliminates the Paper Requisitions That Cause Accessioning Headaches, LigoLab explains that its TestDirectly Direct-to-Consumer Portal is the latest addition to its fully integrated LigoLab LIS & RCM Operating Platform. (Suren Avunjian, ABL-Health LA)

Savi Group Reports on How to Optimize Your Denial Management Process

In How to Optimize Your Denial Management Process, Savi Group examine ways you can help streamline the claims submission process to reduce denials and make denial management in healthcare more efficient. Click here to read other recent blog posts from Savi, including: "Essential Steps in EHR Implementation;" "Your Ultimate Guide to Claims & Payment Processing;" and "Hard vs Soft Denial in Medical Billing: What's the Difference?" (Sumit Mahendru, ABL-Health OC)

Biden's New Transition Team: Tech Execs Who've Signed Up

As Silicon Valley giants face scrutiny from US regulators, executives from the tech industry have lined up to join president-elect Joe Biden's agency review teams. The list of volunteers includes execs from Airbnb, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Dell, DropBox, Microsoft's LinkedIn, Lyft, Stripe and Uber. The Biden administration will need to oversee multiple high-profile legal cases, such as the Justice Department's antitrust case against Google, and the FTC's inquiries into Amazon's business practices. (ZDNet.com, 11/11/20)

Apple Announces Its First New Computers with Own Chip Instead of Intel's

Apple recently held a product launch event, where it announced its first homemade chip for the Mac, the M1, and introduced three new Macs powered by the chip. Earlier this year, Apple announced its plans to use "Apple Silicon" in its laptops and desktop computers running the MacOS operating system. Apple has used Intel chips in its Mac computers since 2005. The transition means Apple will start using chips based on the same technology as the chips in iPhones and iPads. It also means Macs will be able to run apps originally developed for iPhones. (CNBC.com, 11/10/20)

Apple's chips are based on ARM technology, as opposed to the x86 architecture that Intel's chips use. ARM was originally designed for mobile devices, and chips built with ARM designs are consistently more efficient, leading to longer battery life. On a laptop, that could mean several extra hours away from the plug. However, Apple did not stop selling Intel laptops upon the announcement, and its highest-end laptops are still Intel-based, suggesting that there are still performance advantages to some Intel chips. (CNBC.com, 11/10/20)

WFH & Burnout: How to Be a Better Boss to Remote Workers

Analysts suggest that top struggles for remote workers - many of whom are tied to computer screen and video calls - include loneliness, difficulty in unplugging from work, and distractions at home. The key task for all business leaders now is to re-engage with their staff and to keep workers connected as the WFH experiment stretches onwards. (ZDNet.com, 10/26/20)
Suggestions include:
>> Encourage employees to take time off. Some companies offer bonus "self care" days or end work a few hours early. >>Expand access to counseling and mental-health services. Employers have rolled out digital counseling apps or brought on coordinators to help employees access care.
>> Ask managers to check in on individuals' well-being. Even simple gestures, like a phone call instead of an email, can go a long way.
>> Offer training for managers on supervising with empathy. Overseeing employees in a pandemic is a new skill, so guidance on supporting colleagues' mental well-being can help.
>> Foster dialogues where workers share genuine emotions. Asking "How are you?" isn't enough; probe to get a sense for people's real situation. (Wall Street Journal, 11/8/20)

Meanwhile, a recent Silicon Valley Business Journal article shared: "Tech startups are providing an array of perks to their employees who are working from home but HR heads say they get the most positive feedback about basic offerings that help them decompress, like time off and stipends for child care. (Silicon Valley Business Journal, 11/13/20)

Honda Says It'll Be First to Mass Produce Level 3 Autonomous Cars

Japan's Honda Motor Co recently said it will be the world's first automaker to mass produce sensor-packed level 3 autonomous cars that will allow drivers to let their vehicles navigate congested expressway traffic. Honda said it's planning to launch sales of a Honda Legend (luxury sedan) equipped with the newly approved automated driving equipment before the end of March 2021. (Reuters, 11/10/20)

GM Plans to Hire 3,000 Tech Workers

General Motors announced plans to fill 3,000 design, engineering and IT positions through Q1 2021 to meet the demands of its product development and software as a service strategies, and will offer "more remote opportunities than ever before" amid the talent-seeking push. Among the positions the company will seek to fill are electrical system engineers, infotainment software engineers and developers for Java, Android and iOS. (CIODive.com, 11/9/20)

Jupyter Trojan: Newly Discovered Malware Stealthily Steals Usernames and Passwords

A newly uncovered trojan malware campaign - Jupyter infostealer - is targeting businesses and higher education in what appears to be an effort to steal usernames, passwords and other private information as well as creating a persistent backdoor onto compromised systems. (ZDNet.com, 11/16/20)

Microsoft Urges Us to Stop Using Phone-Based Multi-Factor Authentication; Use App-Based & Security Keys Instead

Microsoft is urging users to abandon telephone-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions like one-time codes sent via SMS and voice calls and instead replace them with newer MFA technologies, like app-based authenticators and security keys. A Microsoft exec cites several known security issues with the state of the telephone networks today, including: SMS and voice calls are transmitted in cleartext and can be easily intercepted by determined attackers; and SMS-based one-time codes are also phishable via open source and readily-available phishing tools. (ZDNet.com, 11/12/20)

Apple Will Require Apps to Add Privacy 'Nutrition Labels' Starting December 8th

Apple soon will require app developers to provide information about the data their apps collect from users and present it as a list - much like a nutrition label on food packaging - that can be viewed before the app is downloaded. The requirement starts Dec. 8, though developers can begin submitting the information now. (TheVerge.com, 11/5/20)

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