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>>> Cynthia Nelson is Founder and President of NexGen Search Solutions. She founded the company on one simple principle - to deliver the same high-quality retained executive search product, but to only charge clients for time actually spent working on the project, which means they'll meet the exact same candidates at a fraction of the fee. Each of NexGen's recruiters are functional experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience. They work in a team of four - Research, Recruiter, Scheduler, and Client Manager. Each team member is a seasoned professional with a proven track record. Prior to founding NexGen Search, in 2007, Cynthia spent 11 years building the West Coast HR search practice for three national search firms, where she recruited effective teams across multiple industries, including technology, financial services, manufacturing, consumer products, life sciences, professional services, and not-for-profit. Cynthia has joined the ABL-Tech OC Round Table.

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The 4 Top Accelerators of Healthcare's Digital Transformation

                     Blog by Mimi Grant

Last Friday, Becker's Health IT Report published the responses from 20 of the nation's top healthcare chief information and innovation officers on their "bold predictions for health IT in the next 5 years." It was an illuminating report, capped by Mayo Clinic Platform President John Halamka, MD's insight that, "We were talking about healthcare in 2030. But what we are seeing now is that 2030 is going to arrive in 2021 because COVID-19 has reshaped the culture and the policy around the use of technology, and anything we thought would take a decade to do is going to be an expectation for next year."

OVER THE NEXT SEVERAL DAYS, IN 5 "MINI-BLOGS," I'll be highlighting some of the forecasters' most salient points in four key areas:

- Remote first; Care everywhere
- Greater Patient Engagement on their Healthcare journey
- Implementing Medtech Solutions Beyond AI
- Aligning Healthcare's Economic Buyers

Resoundingly, the dominant theme of most of the predictions as to where health care will be going - if not already arrived - was...

Remote First Solutions - Part 1 

"Over the next five years, we will see IT departments start to develop 'remote first' solutions that will be focused on enabling clinical care from just about anywhere. Remote care that is agile enough to adapt to the next pandemic, social uprising or whatever else the future has in store for us," according to Adam Gold, CTO of Children's Hospital of Orange County. We'll be focused not on thinking outside the box, but on ignoring the box all together."

Joel Klein, MD, SVP/CIO of University of Maryland Medical School adds: "Half of all healthcare will be virtual." On overcoming the two big barriers to adoption: "Payers: they may pay less, but if they pay enough, it will be enough." And, "I want to see my doctor" will be trumped by the "convenience factor - once you really start doing it, it overwhelms most of the physical presence upsides."

Watch Your Email This Week for Parts 2, 3, 4 & 5 of This Blog Series! You'll Also Find the Posts on Mimi's LinkedIn Profile Each Day.

AfterNow Spotlighted in Article on Frictionless Augmented Reality

A recent article from the American Alliance of Museums - Towards Frictionless Augmented Reality - features AfterNow's collaboration with Perceptoscope inventor Ben Sax to create a simulation of Ice Age animals walking around the current-day La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. The team had already developed scientifically accurate animated models of many Tar Pits animals and then used drones to photogrammetry scan the entire Tar Pits campus, creating an accurate 3D model of every sidewalk and tree to ensure that the animals looked like they were walking on real ground instead of floating mysteriously in the air. (Phillippe Lewicki, WLA)

Appulate Digitizes Workers' Comp Policies with AmTrust

Appulate has teamed with AmTrust Financial Services to allow retail insurance agents and brokers to rate, quote, and bind workers' compensation policies in real-time. The process begins in the agent or broker's management system where ACORD data, the industry standard associated with property and casualty insurance, can be uploaded directly from their management system using Appulate's bridging technology. Through the relationship, the data can now interact with AmTrust's Application Programming Interface to create an instant quote for policies, and can also bind online to complete the transaction. (Dimitri Nikouline, WLA)

Dave Berkus Judging National Venture Plan Competition

Dave Berkus is taking part in Pismo Ventures' National Venture Plan Competition, which is open to applicants and spectators. The competition offers businesses, pre- and post-revenue, the opportunity to present their business, obtain honest and expert feedback from experienced judges and investors, have exposure to angels and other investors nationwide, and win invaluable prizes along the way. (Dave Berkus, SGV & WLA)

BeSmartee Wins a Stevie at 2020 American Business Awards

BeSmartee won a Bronze Stevie Award in the Digital Process Automation Solution category in the recent 18th Annual American Business Awards. 3,600+ nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories. Meanwhile, visit BeSmartee's virtual booth in the Innovation Hub at the Digital Mortgage Conference, September 14-17. (Veronica Nguyen, OC)

Cornerstone & Adam Miller Named Among Top Software Companies & CEOs

Adam Miller, Founder and Co-Chair of Cornerstone, is #4 on The Software Report's "Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2020." Nominees were reviewed on company performance, workplace culture, product strength, strategic decision-making, and qualitative and substantive commentary provided in the nomination submissions. Also, Cornerstone is #15 on The Software Report's "Top 100 Software Companies of 2020." Awardees were judged on product strength, management team caliber, organizational composition, and company growth. (Adam Miller, WLA)

Eckert & Ziegler Receives Approval for Gallium-68 Generator for Canada

Eckert & Ziegler Radiopharma GmbH has received approval for its pharmaceutical 68Ge/68Ga generator GalliaPharm from the Canadian regulatory authority Health Canada. About the size of a thermos flask, the generator significantly reduces costs and increases flexibility in nuclear medical clinics and practices. GalliaPharm is already successfully used for the diagnosis of neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer. (Frank Yeager, SGV)

Electrosonic Promotes Bryan Hinckley to Global Role & Wins Awards

Electrosonic Group recently announced Bryan Hinckley as Global VP for Immersive Experiences, tasked with the growth of large projects that make use of immersive technologies and storytelling on a global scale. Meanwhile, an Electrosonic project at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum won a Communication Arts Award for environmental design, while in AV Magazine's 2020 AV Awards, Electrosonic is a Finalist for its work on the NHL Seattle Preview Center, the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, and Snorri Touren Dark Ride at Europa Park. (Bryan Hinckley, SGV)

Greenlight Ranks on the 2020 Inc. 5000 List

Greenlight Information Services is #3743 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US. Inc cites Greenlight's three-year growth rate of 97%. (Jason Makevich, OC)

myKaarma Teams with Worldpay & Uber for Business + Named a Best Tech Startup

myKaarma is now a Worldpay Integrated Partner, which enables myKaarma clients to offer several options for their auto service customers to pay their bills. Worldpay is from FIS, which processes $40+ billion annual transactions for more than a million merchants worldwide. Also, myKaarma has expanded its partnership with Uber for Business to include Uber Vouchers, a web-based tool that allows client auto dealerships to sponsor rides with Uber. Vouchers can either fully or partially cover the cost of the ride and can be used not just for alternative transportation while customer cars are being serviced, but also as incentives for test drives, trade-ins, appraisals, and more.

Meanwhile, myKaarma is #2 on the Tech Tribune's list of the "2021 Best Tech Startups in Long Beach," judged on such factors as revenue potential, leadership team, brand/product traction, and competitive landscape. (Ujj Nath, WLA)

Nortridge Updates & Enhances Loan System Software

Nortridge Software has added "dozens of enhancements and small updates" to its Nortridge Loan System (NLS) 5.21 software, including: two-way texting - lenders can now have conversations via text with their borrowers; improvements to the way the NLS processes payments; improved borrower employment history tracking; new set of dedicated fields to track employment information; improved process for adding a contact relationship; same-as-cash based payment distribution for commitment loans; payment reversal into global suspense; suspend ACH/AFT for excessive returns; and many more improvements to credit reporting, global search, and stability. (Greg Hindson, OC)

Parasoft Webinar to Address AI-Powered API Testing

Parasoft will present a webinar - Improve Software Quality With AI-Powered API Testing, to be held both September 16 and 17, noting that software quality is more important than ever as people shift to digital experiences for shopping, medical appointments, and social activities through online applications. Typically, the frontend application interacts with a whole series of backend services that make up your critical business value. API testing is the practice of validating interfaces in your application at the service or component level. You can get started quickly with a codeless API testing solution and use AI-powered technology to optimize your testing practice. This enables resource-constrained and remote teams to easily collaborate on API test creation and execution to improve quality at speed. (Elizabeth Kolawa, Ph.D., SGV)

PeopleG2 Provides Webinar on What Employees Want & Tips for Remote Job Interviews

On September 23, Chris Dyer, CEO of PeopleG2, will present a webinar - What your employees really want, but won't tell you - from 11 a.m. to noon Pacific. Based on years of research and countless interviews with top leaders, Chris knows the secrets of what really drives satisfaction and engagement. It isn't ping-pong tables or a Friday afternoon beer cart, and luckily it isn't more money either. Also, PeopleG2's recent post, 7 Ways to Make Remote Job Interviews More Effective, points out that when you can successfully conduct remote job interviews, you can broaden your candidate pool. So how do you make sure your remote job interviews are as informative as "the real thing?" PeopleG2 offers seven simple tips. (Chris Dyer, SGV)

Tanner Research CEO to Present Virtual Nutrition Science Workshops

On the evenings of September 30 (click here) and October 20 (click here), John Tanner, Ph.D., CEO of Tanner Research, will present free Nutrition Science Virtual Workshops, via Zoom, where he will share his story about how he suffered a near-fatal cardiac arrest in 2009. Since then, he has studied intensely the causes of heart disease, the leading killer in this country, and found that it can be completely avoided through a proper diet - and cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and about 30 other diseases can be reduced, avoided, or reversed by this same diet. John will relay to participants the scientific information they need to avoid heart disease and other leading killers. The group will discuss strategies for change and John will field questions. (John Tanner, Ph.D., Monrovia)

Xsolla Spotlighted in VentureBeat Feature Article

VentureBeat recently published How Xsolla provides developers with a game business engine, spotlighting Xsolla, which handles 700+ different payment systems around the world, working with 1,500+ game companies. While other payment companies focus on larger industries, Xsolla has thrived by focusing mainly on games, Venture Beat details, which has helped it figure out what developers need to run their businesses and provide the payment and backend services that can make the difference. To date, Xsolla has helped its game partners generate more than $3 billion in revenue across 3,400 games. (Shurick Agapitov, WLA)

awarenow on: Making Your Company a Candidate for VC Investment

In You need one of four things to make your startup a candidate for VC investment, awarenow shares what a company needs to achieve to qualify for consideration by venture investors. The four key items are: a world-class team; unique intellectual property; customer growth; and/or revenue growth. awarenow continues: "If you can only show you own one of these four assets, the higher-reward/ higher-risk assets are the world-class team and unique intellectual property (because teams can always fall apart, and IP can usually be copied and out-competed). The lower-risk (and possibly lower-reward) assets are the customer growth and revenue growth (they're easier for spreadsheet jockeys to value, but most markets and most business models have a limit to scale, and history teaches us that the limit is usually invisible until you hit it)." (Alina Trigubenko, WLA)

Dave Berkus on: Contract Worker Regulations & Deal/Data Rooms

Dave's recent vlog - Warning! Contractors Must Really Be Independent! - discusses 10 tests the IRS uses as well as California's ABC test for gig employees. Meanwhile, in What's a "data room" and how do you use it?, Dave elaborates on "deal rooms," which are cloud-based or physical spaces dedicated to storing the massive amounts of data to be used in due diligence by a buyer, lender, or investor.

Read other recent posts by Dave here, which include: "What use is an investment banker?;" "Shareholders and founders: The muted thrill of the deal closing;" "A million things can kill the deal;" and "Decoding and learning from a business failure." (Dave Berkus, SGV & WLA)

GetVisible on: Focusing on Service + Tips to Improve Your Website

In episode 3 of the Covid Conversations Podcast from Jason Ciment, CEO of GetVisible, Jason talks with Richard Kaye of CEO Space on how any business person can grow their business by focusing on service not sales. And, Jason provides the following tips to improve your website:
> Is your website secure and encrypted properly? Check it here and here.
> Page speed factors: 800KB page file size; 2.4 seconds page load speed. Test your site.
> Add People Also Ask: Add this type of keyword-rich content to a page and include links in the content to boost those pages in the rankings. Try this tool to find questions people ask about a topic.
> Have your web developer use a keyword when defining the class ID of a DIV. e.g div class="top-ten-ecommerce-platforms".
> See GetVisible's recent website redesign projects for www.Nvisnx.com and www.QuincyCass.com. (Jason Ciment, WLA)

Half Past Nine on: Building a Digital Marketing Operation

In Marketing Process: How to Build a Digital Marketing Operation, Half Past Nine provides a guide to "walk you through the components of designing a marketing operation," designed to work across industries. Subjects covered include: Driving Traffic: An Overview of Organic, Paid, and Earned Traffic; Organic Traffic: Understanding Social, SEO, and Email; Paid Advertising: Selecting Your Channels; Ad Budgeting: Ad Learning and Advertising Algorithms; and more. (Ken Shen, WLA)

Intellect on: Building vs. Buying a QMS Solution

In Build or Buy? How to Buy QMS Software that Meets All of Your Needs, Intellect points out that simply not finding a quality management system solution that does everything you want it to right out-of-the-box doesn't mean having to build one from the ground up. A viable alternative is to buy one and configure it to meet your unique needs and SOPs. For example, Intellect's QMS solution comes with a no-code platform. Intellect goes on to compare and contrast the processes of building vs. buying and configuring such a solution. (Romeo Elias, WLA)

Pegasus One on: Top 5 Problems (+ Fixes) with Persistent Data Storage

In Moving to cloud-native: Top 5 problems with persistent data storage (and how to fix them!), Pegasus One reports: "The most drama-free way to move data from legacy systems to a cloud-native storage environment is by including the migration process as part of your overall cloud strategy and building issue resolution around data into the process from Day One." To help troubleshoot the process, Pegasus One looks at five of the most common persistent data/cloud-native challenges, along with strategies for overcoming them. (Tushar Puri, OC)

ProProfs on: A Business Mindset Shift to Survive the COVID Crisis

In a recent article on Inc.com - This Simple Mindset Shift Could Make or Break Your Company During Crisis; How to engender the strategic flexibility necessary to survive the Covid-19 crisis - Sameer Bhatia of ProProfs summarizes the key points of a webinar by Mike Merchant, of the Arbinger Institute, an expert on leadership development and change management. "Want your business to make it through COVID-19? Use S.A.M.," Sameer writes, which stands for See others; Adjust efforts; and Measure impact. Sameer describes how to implement S.A.M., its business benefits, and more. (Sameer Bhatia, WLA)

Alvaka Networks Describes Cyber-Defense Strategies to Protect Your Backups from Ransomware

In Ransomware Attacks Can Target Your System Backups, Alvaka Networks reports that ransomware can now prevent your ability to recover from backups: "It does not matter whether the backups are in the cloud, on tape, or on spinning media; the hackers have gotten quite adept at targeting and destroying backups wherever they reside." Alvaka then shares options to stay safe, including "Air Gap" backups. Alvaka goes deeper into this cyber-defense strategy in Air Gapped Backups: What is it and how does DRworx solution fit the criteria? and Important Questions and Answers about DRworx. (Oli Thordarson, ABL-Health OC)

Bayer & Informed Data Systems Team to Develop DigiHealth Products

Bayer and Informed Data Systems Inc. (One Drop), a US-based digital health company, have entered into an agreement to jointly develop digital health products for multiple therapeutic areas. In 2019, Bayer invested $20 million in a Series B financing in One Drop and entered into a licensing agreement for Bayer to independently develop and commercialize digital health products based on the One Drop platform. Moving forward, the partners will shift their collaboration to jointly evolve One Drop's platform to allow for a faster and modular development of solutions to manage conditions in, for example, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, and women's health. (Rama Penta, ABL-Health SV)

King & Spalding Explains How to Launch a Femtech/Telehealth Start-Up

Marcia Augsburger, a Partner in King & Spalding, co-wrote a recent article in Bloomberg Law - How to Launch a Femtech/Telehealth Start Up. Femtech applies to a category of software, diagnostics, and other products and services that use technology to focus on women's health. Women drive the vast majority of healthcare decisions in the U.S., and are increasingly demanding products that give them agency over their own biological functions. The growth in Femtech also corresponds with growth in at-home testing, investment in digital health products, an enormous demand for telehealth solutions, and increasing pressure on private and government insurers to pay for it. The article provides a checklist of legal issues to help Femtech and telehealth companies plan, prior to launch. (Marcia Augsburger, JD, ABL-Health SF; & Travis Jackson, JD)

MedWand Featured in Article on Promise of Telehealth on Cruise & Freight Ships

Medwand is spotlighted in a recent article - Telehealth on Cruise Ships: A Safer Way to Handle Sick Passengers?, which cites a 2013 study that showed one in five seagoing ships is forced to diverge because of medical emergencies, at a cost of $180,000 per diversion; 25% of these diversions could be avoided if operators had telehealth systems in place. "If you have ten cruise ships, you can have one doctor examine patients on all ships equipped with MedWands, instead of having a doctor on each ship," says MedWand's CEO, who also said, "Freight ships don't have to go off course if a doctor can literally examine the patient from shore." Meanwhile, MedWand has produced a video in which it monitors and compares oxygen levels while exercising while wearing a medical mask vs a cloth mask. (Bob Rose, ABL-Health OC)

SAVI's On-Demand Webinar Explores How Data is Helping Modernize Healthcare

SAVI Group's Sumit Mahendru is a speaker in the current on-demand webinar - How Data is Helping to Modernize Healthcare: Driving Revenue from Existing Data Assets, which examines how data is helping to shape a better future within the healthcare industry; how analytic apps are helping to transform businesses; and how a company can create new revenue streams from existing assets. (Sumit Mahendru, ABL-Health OC)

Wipfli & Rework America Alliance Helps Workers Learn Digital Job Skills

As the workforce continues to cope with and adapt to COVID-19's impact, many Americans will find that, going forward, they'll require new digital skills. To meet this accelerated demand, Wipfli and fellow Rework America Alliance members are collaborating with companies, organizations, and public interest groups to help millions of workers gain these new capabilities. Alliance members are providing coaching and training, identifying high-demand jobs, helping to create more, and determining ways to connect workers with jobs. (Jeff Johnson, ABL-Health OAK, & Steve Rousso)

Nvidia's Arm Deal Would Make It Center of the Chip World

In recent years, Nvidia has ridden one of the biggest waves in technology, selling chips needed to build increasingly clever artificial intelligence algorithms. Now, the company plans to catch another big swell - mobile computing - with a $40 billion acquisition of Arm, which designs the chips found in virtually all smartphones. The deal would reshape the chip industry overnight, putting Nvidia at the center of much of the action. But it will face regulatory scrutiny in the US, UK, Europe, and China, because it would give Nvidia control over the chip blueprints used by multiple tech companies, including its competitors. (Read Article: Wired, 9/14/20)

TikTok Will Partner with Oracle in the U.S.

TikTok is making Oracle its business partner in the U.S. in a deal that would tick a lot of boxes for the beleaguered short-form video app, including what is potentially its biggest hurdle of all: getting President Trump on its side. A source familiar with the matter told CNN Business that the partnership was meant to satisfy the Trump administration's national security concerns about TikTok - Trump has demanded the app be sold or else shut down in the U.S. The deal on the table does not appear to involve TikTok's coveted artificial intelligence algorithm, according to Chinese state-run media CGTN, who cited anonymous sources saying that ByteDance will not give the app's "source code" to any US buyers. Reporting suggests that Oracle won't be able to buy TikTok outright, but given its expertise in data and cloud security, it could become the US host of TikTok data. (Read Article: CNN, 9/14/20)

How the Government is Keeping Hackers from Disrupting Coronavirus Vaccine Research

Soon after WHO declared a pandemic, the Pentagon's Defense Digital Service and the National Security Agency got to work on a behind-the-scenes protection mission for Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the U.S. government program responsible for producing 300 million coronavirus vaccine doses by January 2021. Known as the Security and Assurance portion of OWS, the mission consists of people from DDS, NSA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and HHS. It has been running behind the scenes for months, and is now being detailed for the first time. The effort's main goal is to provide cybersecurity advice, guidance, and services to pharmaceutical giants developing a vaccine or working on manufacturing and distribution, as well as government agencies participating in OWS. The task is one of the most sweeping, high-profile cybersecurity supply chain issues the U.S. government has ever attempted to solve. The damage that could be wrought from a cybersecurity incident goes beyond a massive loss of intelligence or money: It could cost lives. (Read Article: CyberScoop, 9/8/20)

Is Software Now Everybody's Job? Implications of Low-Code & No-Code for Developers

What are the implications of the growing low-code/no-code movement to professional developers and their business counterparts? Some industry experts argue that the time has come for business users to be able to steer their own destinies when it comes to application development. (Read Article: ZDNet, 9/12/20)

Amazon Debuts 'Halo' Wellness Tracker That "Can Sense Moods"

Amazon.com Inc. has rolled out Amazon Halo, a health and wellness tracker that the company said also tracks its users' emotions, in its latest foray into wearable products. The wristband and app track body-fat percentage, heart rate and its users' activity and sleep, among other features. The e-commerce giant said the Halo app could monitor its users' social and emotional well-being under the "Tone" feature by analyzing voice, offering insights into their "energy and positivity." Users would also be able to consult the app for workouts and healthy habits. (Read Article: Wall Street Journal, 8/27/20)

Amazon Fresh Opens High-Tech Grocery Store in Woodland Hills

Amazon has opened a new, high-tech grocery store, Amazon Fresh, in Woodland Hills, California, the first in what the e-commerce giant hopes will be a new segment of the grocery industry. The store, roughly the same size as Whole Foods, will feature "Dash Carts," which will allow shoppers to check out without waiting in line, and also will include Echo Show smart displays, kiosks with Amazon's Alexa activated, and an entire area for picking up Amazon.com orders. (Read Article: CNBC, 8/27/20)

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