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>>> Lute Maleki, Ph.D., is a Founder, President and CEO of OEwaves, Inc., which is focused on the development of advanced sensors and communication components and systems based on microwave photonics technologies for Department of Defense and other government and commercial customers. Before re-joining OEwaves last month, Lute had been GM/Cruise Automation, since 2017, responsible for the development of LiDAR for autonomous navigation. In 2014, he co-founded and served as CTO of Strobe, a LiDAR company spun out of OEwaves and acquired by GM/Cruise in 2017. Prior to founding OEwaves, Lute was a Senior Research Scientist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he created and led the Quantum Sciences and Technologies Group. He is an inventor of 65+ U.S. patents and applications, and has authored and co-authored 130+ refereed publications and 200+ conference proceedings. Lute has re-joined the ABL-Tech LA Round Table.

The Four Cornerstones of the
Latest "New Normal"

                     by Mimi Grant

Just when we were getting used to WFH, vaccine-developer Moderna announces positive early trials, the Fed hints at more stimulus funding, and stay-at-home orders are increasingly being lifted. All of which combined to catapult Wall Street to its best day in six weeks.

Yet there are four main reasons why what Covidians are currently experiencing is most likely to become: Normal. In summary, they are: Casual's In; Productivity's Up; Agility Matters; and We're Homeward Bound.

CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF BLOG, where Mimi elaborates on these four cornerstones.

[Photo Credit: https://www.ringcentral.com/small-business/blog/wfh-fashion/]

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Cornerstone's Adam Miller to Transition to Co-Chair

After 20 years as founder and CEO of Cornerstone, Adam Miller will become co-chair of the Cornerstone Board of Directors, effective June 15, 2020. Phil Saunders, the former CEO of Cornerstone's recently acquired Saba Software, will then serve as Cornerstone's new CEO. "I founded Cornerstone with a mission to help educate the world, and we have never wavered from that goal," said Adam. "Cornerstone has brought learning to millions of people around the globe and has become one of the world's largest cloud computing companies in the process. I am proud of all that we have accomplished, and after two decades, I am excited to commit more fully to my passion for social entrepreneurship and public service. I'm confident that Phil is the right leader to continue building on our mission and to help our clients prepare for the new world of work. As co-chair with Elisa Steele, I will continue to help with Cornerstone's innovation into the future as we work to empower nearly 100 million people around the world."

Also, Cornerstone announced a multi-year strategic vision to help companies adapt to a new world of work that requires continuous people development and rapid organizational agility. Initiatives will focus on: Learning is the adaptability accelerator; AI-based personalized coaching; and holistic people data for better people decisions. Read Adam's recent post about it: Business Unbound: A Vision and New Strategies for the New World of Work. (Adam Miller, West LA)

DarioHealth Adds Behavioral Health Coaching + Self-Test Blood Glucose Meters Can Now Be Used in Hospitals

DarioHealth Corp. has expanded its offering on its chronic care platform application to include behavioral health coaching for stress, anxiety and loneliness, conditions which have recently escalated due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. Also, DarioHealth reported that the FDA has recognized that home-use blood glucose meters may be used by hospital patients to self-test using their Dario blood glucose testing strips and smartphone-connected device, or the hospital can issue patients a Dario device upon admission. (Rick Anderson, West LA)

GF Piping Systems to Hold Webinar on Automation Technology for Plumbing Systems

On May 21, at 9:30 a.m. Pacific, GF Piping Systems will present a webinar - Automation Technology for Improving Building Water Safety & Efficiency - which will discuss how automation technology by GF is tackling the two most common issues in building water and making effective water management easier, safer, and smarter. Plumbing systems have a tremendous impact on public health and safety, yet historically they have been "dumb" systems. (Mike Smith, LA)

Intellect Named a "Rising Star" in Quality Management Software

FeaturedCustomers has recognized Intellect as a Rising Star in the Quality Management Software category of its Spring 2020 Quality Management Software Customer Success Report. The ranking is based on data from FeaturedCustomers' customer reference platform, market, web and social presence, as well as additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties. (Romeo Elias, West LA)

MyKaarma CEO to Be a Presenter at Upcoming Virtual Event

On June 18, from 8:05-8:20 a.m. Pacific, Ujj Nath, CEO of MyKaarma, will deliver "How Video Eases the Path for Pick-up & Delivery" at the Fixed Ops Roundtable - Back to the Future Virtual Event, presented by Ted Ings, Center for Performance Improvement. MyKaarma says to use Promo Code FIXEDOPS for a complimentary ticket. (Ujj Nath, West LA)

Parasoft Releases Updated Solutions & Wins Award

Parasoft has announced the 2020.1 release of Parasoft C/C++test, which advances the evolution of software testing and test automation for safety- and security-critical embedded applications. Parasoft has introduced AI and machine learning in its reporting and analytics dashboard, extending its capabilities to learn from both historical interactions with the code base and prior static analysis findings to predict relevance and prioritize the new findings. Also, Parasoft has launched the 2020.1 release of its enterprise solutions: SOAtest, Virtualize, and Continuous Testing Platform. New features in the product suite strengthen DevOps team collaboration, and add key capabilities to enable remote work teams to plan, collaborate, and execute their test automation. Meanwhile, Parasoft C/C++test won the VDC Research Embedded Award for 2020, in recognition of its innovative, new approach that expedites the adoption of software code analysis, increasing developer productivity and simplifying compliance with industry standards. (Elizabeth Kolawa, Ph.D., LA)

PeopleG2 CEO Named a Top Virtual Keynote Speaker

Chris Dyer, CEO of PeopleG2, was just named one of the Top 23 Virtual Keynote Speakers by ReadWrite, specifically noted as the "best virtual speaker with their own podcast," for Chris' TalentTalk program, which has 3.65+ million downloads. Meanwhile, on June 12, at 10 a.m. Pacific, Chris will lead a webinar - Hindsight is 20/20: How past lessons guide tomorrow's workplaces. And, read numerous recent articles written by Chris or featuring his quotes at his website. (Chris Dyer, LA)

Dave Berkus on: Regaining Enthusiasm for Your Job

In Have you lost (some) enthusiasm for the job?, Dave says it's human nature for every entrepreneur to fall into a routine of taking care of day-to-day issues, meetings, communicating with customers and shareholders. But you remember the thrilling days when everything was newer, each decision an event, each milestone something to be celebrated. You also remember that you spent much more of your time on strategic issues and thinking about the business and its growth, as opposed to thinking within the business about its process issues. Your value as a CEO or executive is inherent in creating the vision, providing the drive, and forcing focus upon successful implementation of the vision that you bring to the enterprise. Dave shares several things you can and should do, soon, to regain that enthusiasm for what is best for you and the company. Dave's other recent blog posts - available here - include: "Which is more important? Workplace safety or profits?"; "Have you experienced your disaster recovery event yet?" and "Especially now: Play nice!" (Dave Berkus, LA & West LA)

BeSmartee on: Implementing a Mortgage POS Solution

In How Fast Can a Lender Implement a Mortgage Point-of-Sale Solution?, BeSmartee launches a blog series on mortgage POS implementation best practices, acknowledging that bringing new technology into a mortgage business can be "overwhelming, time consuming, and sometimes downright frustrating." This post covers selecting an implementation team, setting a budget, managing third party vendors, and tracking implementation. Part 2 of the series is: Go-Live Planning for Every Type of Lender. (Veronica Nguyen, OC)

Electrosonic on: AV's Significant Role in the New Normal

In Entering the New Normal: A Reshaped Technological Landscape, Electrosonic ponders how audiovisual solutions can help facilitate a safe return to the workplace and have a hand in reshaping the way we live, work, and play. Robust virtual and augmented reality, as well as cloud solutions and command centers will all play significant roles. Effective videoconferencing tools and meeting spaces, in particular, will be critical. Electrosonic delves further into this topic in How Can Augmented Reality and AI Better Help us Adapt to the New Normal and The Role of Security, Access Control and More in the New Normal. (Bryan Hinckley, LA )

Get Visible Provides Useful Resources

Jason Ciment, CEO of Get Visible, suggests the following useful resources:
> The SBA has published SBA and Treasury Release Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Application, with detailed instructions which inform borrowers how to apply for forgiveness of their PPP loans.
> Jason is directly sourcing face masks and sanitizers from factories in Mexico and China, and marketing a lab supplies website with direct access to manufacturers in the USA. If you are interested, email jason@getvisible.com.
> A webinar on fundraising from "one of the smartest and most caring people I know," Lisa Perrine, Ed.D., CEO of Cibola Systems: Three Ways Philanthropy Thrives with Design Thinking.
> Download krisp.ai in order to reduce background noise during your Zoom meetings.
> Great resource of Facebook ads you can copy.
> SEO tip: Test your website page loading speed with this new FastorSlow.com tool. Consider that page speed might be one of the top 10 factors affecting your Google rankings.
> "Tool of the Week": Auto Follow Up for Gmail by cloudHQ.
> Jason was featured in a recent podcast interview with attorney Aaron Shechet, about ADA website compliance issues and lawyer marketing online. (Jason Ciment, West LA)

Welcome New Member: Rama Penta, West Coast Sr. Executive for Technology Prospecting at Bayer

Rama has been in his current position since July 2019, and with Bayer since 2014, including as Digital Health (G4A) Business Development Senior Manager, in San Francisco, and as Consumer Health - Global Technology Product Innovation Senior Manager, in Whippany, NJ. Rama is a proven R&D and product innovation technologist with 20 years of pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare experience. He is driven to find novel ways to make lives better - specifically to make wellness more accessible, resulting in the addition of years to life (increasing lifespans), and adding life to years (increasing healthspans). Rama does this, first, by identifying novel lifesaving and life-enhancing digital health solutions and digital therapeutics (products + services + business models), fulfilling unmet health and wellness needs. Secondly, by getting these products into people's hands better, faster, cheaper - by optimizing underlying business processes (from ideation to commercialization), which serendipitously improves the bottom line. Prior to Bayer, Rama worked for Merck in Consumer Care - R&D Technology & Strategy Realization, and in Corporate IT and Research Labs IT. Rama has joined the ABL-Health Silicon Valley Round Table (SV).

COVID Emergency Response Hospital, Mazzetti & VivaLnk Implement Game-Changing Technology

The Mazzetti article, "Game-Changing" COVID Technology in a Convention Center & Beyond, describes how Mazzetti CEO Walt Vernon and his staff, along with Andy Leeka, Chief Executive Director of the COVID Emergency Response Hospital, located in the L.A. Convention Center (aka LACC Relief Hospital), and Jiang Li, Ph.D., CEO of VivaLnk, have teamed to implement VivaLnk's reusable wireless monitoring patch in the emergency hospital. The patch continuously monitors patient body temperature, sending data via Bluetooth to the respective hospital nurse station for monitoring and responding accordingly. The multi-patient monitoring application alerts staff based on trends and thresholds, identifying the patient and bed. VivaLnk's technology was deployed for COVID-19 patient monitoring in China at 18 different hospitals, impacting over 2,000 patients. "It's a game changer, especially during this pandemic," said Stacey Gerlich, Captain of the L.A. Fire Department. "Constant monitoring, no cross-contamination because you don't have to touch the patient, no wasting of PPE supplies, and no disturbing the patient at 2:00 in the morning to take their temperature." (Andy Leeka, ABL-Health LA, & Walt Vernon, JD, ABL-Health San Francisco [SF])

Alvaka Networks' Essential Steps for a Ransomware Recovery

In What to Expect During a Ransomware Recovery, Alvaka Networks describes what should be your essential steps to follow in a ransomware recovery situation. The steps include: engage a lawyer; determine what your insurance covers; determine if it's necessary to gather forensic information; consider hiring a ransomware negotiator; decide whether or not you will pay the ransom - based on the extent of the damage, value of the lost data, likelihood of a recovery without paying, and other variables; execute the plan with great vigor, speed and tenacity; and create and implement a new cybersecurity plan. (Oli Thordarson, ABL-Health OC)

Elemeno Health's App Implemented by Emergency Physicians, Multiple Hospitals & Public Health Dept

Elemeno Health is joining forces with the American College of Emergency Physicians to deploy Elemeno's free best-practices content-sharing app to help emergency department physicians and nurses throughout the U.S. to manage COVID-19. The app provides critical information and continuously updated COVID-19 practices essential to patient care and infection control. Each ED can add their own local workflows to give frontline teams department-specific support. Also, in the past few weeks, Elemeno has launched enterprise-wide for COVID team communication and point-of-care training at El Camino Hospital (both campuses), Marin General, and Sonoma Valley Hospital, as well as with Alameda County Public Health. (Arup Roy-Burman, MD, ABL-Health East Bay, & Cecile Currier, ABL-Health SV)

SAVI Group Identifies Promising Technologies Changing Healthcare

In 5 Promising Technologies Changing Healthcare Today, SAVI Group highlights some promising areas to pay attention to as we move further into 2020 and beyond. In summary, they are: telehealth's tremendous growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic; outsourcing of revenue management operations; 3D printing making it possible for low-income or war-torn areas to gain access to low-cost, customized prosthetics and medical equipment, as well as doctors-in-training practicing on 3D-printed human parts; robots' tremendous help in making minimally invasive surgeries safer and faster; and healthcare systems and networks using Internet of Things to lower project delivery times and costs. (Sumit Mahendru, ABL-Health OC)

SimpleTherapy Offers Free, Unlimited Access to Digital Musculoskeletal Program

As social distancing has become the current norm, people with a musculoskeletal (MSK) disorder may find that access to in-person physical therapy is challenging and, in many cases, not possible. As such, SimpleTherapy has taken action to ensure that everyone has access to quality, evidence-based exercise therapy regimens to manage their MSK condition from the comfort of home. Through July 1, 2020, SimpleTherapy is providing unlimited access to their digital musculoskeletal program for you and your employees at no cost and without any obligation. For more information and a free access code, please contact arpit@simpletherapy.com. (Arpit Khemka, ABL-Health SV)

Work-From-Home Era Drives Demand for PCs

These days, PCs are pretty important. Office work, education, medicine, and our social lives have all been forced to adapt to the changes brought about by COVID-19. And much of that has seen us fall back to the PC to earn a living, learn, and connect with our friends. Revenue and demand are up for companies such as AMD, Intel, and Samsung. This trajectory runs against the now-dated belief that mobile devices would permanently dominate PCs in the home tech market. (Read Article: Engadget, 5/11/20)

Meanwhile, Home Office Tech Will Need to Evolve in the New Work Normal The new normal for work will be more remote, spur a home office innovation wave, make edge computing more mainstream, and require more automation, immersive experiences, and robotics. Those are just some of the takeaways from a conversation with Dell Technologies CTO John Roese. The conversation revolves around what we've learned so far from the great work-from-home experiment and where we're going next. (Read Article: ZDNet, 5/17/20)

Coronavirus & 5G: New Devices are Coming, but Will Networks Be Ready?

Like COVID-19 itself, the pandemic's impact on 5G isn't easy to summarize. Pushed by major brands, smartphone and component factories generally resumed production quickly enough to guarantee 5G device supplies, but some testing and R&D initiatives were set back by months. On the network rollout front, some carriers and countries have suggested that nothing has changed, while others have at least modestly delayed individual or national rollouts. As the U.S. workforce becomes increasingly mobile, with work from home as a viable option for more users, 5G is going to be a key enabler of both high-speed portable communications and wireless home broadband. Here's what businesses and consumers can generally expect from 5G device and network rollouts over the next six months (in summary): Devices: Expect modest delays; and Networks: Carriers try to move forward, with or without governments. (Read Article: VentureBeat, 5/13/20)

Voice Assistants May Play Big Role in How People Shop After Pandemic

Voice assistants may play a big role in how people shop after the coronavirus pandemic, retail consultant Jan Kniffen said recently. Retailers will need to solve the problem of people not wanting to stand in line outside a store, which has happened in some instances due to capacity limits and the need to maintain social distancing. Voice assistants could be a solution - shoppers could wait in their cars in the store parking lot and a voice assistant could tell them their place in line, and also ask what the person hoped to buy so it could check on product availability. (Read Article: CNBC, 5/12/20)

Perfecting Driverless Tech Taking Longer than Expected; Pandemic Making It Even Harder

A decade after Google unveiled an autonomous car prototype with global fanfare, the technology is still far from ready, and many investors are wary of dumping more money into it - just when the world could benefit from cars that ferry people and deliver packages without a human driver. The companies that made these promises are now in a jam: To perfect their technology, they need to test it on roads. But they need at least two people in the cars to avoid accidents. Because of social distancing rules meant to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic, that is often not possible. The timeout caused by the pandemic has hastened an industry shakeout that was already starting to happen. (Read Article: New York Times, 5/12/20)

Senators Petition Congress for Additional $2 Billion Toward Broadband, Telehealth

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators recently wrote to the leaders of both lawmaking chambers advocating that greater broadband funding for healthcare providers be included in upcoming coronavirus relief packages. The letter, dated May 8, specifically calls for $2 billion to be added to the existing Rural Health Care Program to offset telehealth demand driven by the health emergency, and to expand the reach of the program to healthcare providers at non-rural and mobile care facilities. (Read Article: MobiHealthNews, 5/13/20)

U.S. "Will File Antitrust Charges Against Google;" Case May Be Joined by State AGs

The Justice Department is planning to file antitrust charges against Google as early as this summer, said two people with knowledge of the situation, in what would be one of the biggest antitrust actions by the U.S. since the late 1990s. The regulators are focused on Google's dominance in the online advertising industry, and the case will also involve allegations that the company abused its dominant position in online search to harm competitors. State attorneys general are likely to file their own antitrust lawsuit against Google or join the Justice Department case sometime this year, said a person with knowledge of the state investigation. (Read Article: New York Times, 5/15/20)

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