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  CES: How far Digital Health has come
by Mimi Grant

This year's Consumer Electronics Show featured more innovative solutions for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating illnesses and advancing healthcare delivery than ever before. Here, Mimi focuses on five areas of particular interest for those looking to get - or stay - well, electronically! CLICK HERE TO READ REST OF BLOG

  • 2/1 - San Gabriel Valley/Monrovia Round Table
  • 2/7 - Orange County Round Table
  • 2/8 - West Los Angeles/Santa Monica Round Table
Cibola Systems CEO Named to SCN Hall of Fame

Lisa Perrine, Ed.D., CEO of Cibola Systems Corporation, has been inducted into Systems Contractor News (SCN)'s Hall of Fame, recognizing her ongoing role in pushing the AV industry forward. In SCN's write-up about Lisa and Cibola, Lisa shares that Cibola has always used a human-centered design approach - unique in an industry that has traditionally been very hardware-centric. Lisa has preached the message of design-thinking beyond the walls of Cibola - she wrote the curriculum for and taught a three-day workshop at the InfoComm show, which led to a connection with the team from AVIXA, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association. As a result, Lisa has been working with AVIXA on a standard for user experience design for the AV industry for the last eight months. (Lisa Perrine, West Los Angeles)

Cornerstone a Leader in Talent Management Tech Value Matrix

Cornerstone OnDemand has been recognized as a Leader in the 2018 Nucleus Research Talent Management Technology Value Matrix, following the evaluation of its product usability and functionality, and the overall value it brings to its clients. In this year's Value Matrix, more than 20 talent management vendors were assessed, and Cornerstone was placed definitively in the Leader quadrant and recognized highest on the matrix for its product usability. Also, Cornerstone was named one of the "Top 50 Best Companies for Diversity" by Comparably, coming in #9 on a list that includes Google, Costco, and Netflix. Meanwhile, Cornerstone has provided a link to 10 Can't-Miss Stories of 2018 that were published in ReWork, the company's guide for executives and HR leaders. (Adam Miller, West Los Angeles)

Easy Breathe Offers First-Ever Colored CPAP Tubing

Easy Breathe has announced the availability of one-of-a-kind colored Ultra CPAP Tubing, which are manufactured in the U.S., and universally compatible with all CPAP and BiLevel machines. Also, Easy Breathe has published an article - Study: CPAP Reduces Migraine Intensity and Burden - which reports on a study that showed a decrease in the frequency of migraines among sleep apnea patients who underwent CPAP treatment, as well as a reduction in duration and intensity, and a decline in reliance on medication to treat their migraines. (Nick Weiss, West Los Angeles)

Envision Financial Systems a Finalist for Fund Technology Awards

Envision Financial Systems is a Finalist for Fund Technology and WSL Awards, in the categories of "Best Overall Trading Platform - Innovation" and "Best Trading Platform Overall." This awards program recognizes providers who cater to asset managers and institutional traders, and who demonstrate exceptional customer service and innovative product development. Winners will be announced on February 6. Envision's other recent awards include: NICSA NOVA Awards 2018 - Innovation in Distribution; and #1 Mutual Fund Service Guide for shareholder system sales or lease providers, 2011-2018. (Satnam Gambhir, Orange County)

Optimum Info Featured in CIO Applications as Top Solution Provider

Optimum Info CEO Arvind Verma was recently interviewed in CIO Applications magazine regarding the company's network development solutions that serve automotive companies, differentiators, and future steps. Regarding the future, Arvind shared that his company is already expanding into Canada and Mexico, with plans for Europe and China. Also, Optimum Info wants to move beyond the auto industry and serve similar industries such as powersports, transportation, and equipment, sectors where they can sell their products through a subscription model. (Arvind Verma, Orange County)

PCIHIPAA Chosen by SmartPractice & MedPro

PCIHIPAA has announced two recent partnerships - with SmartPractice, a provider of quality support, tools and products to optimize dental quality of care, patient production and revenue; and with MedPro, a leader in waste management disposal services - in order to protect these companies' clients from the onslaught of HIPAA violations, which include ransomware attacks and data breaches, that are impacting medical and dental practices throughout the U.S. Meanwhile, PCIHIPAA announced a $10,000 Shutdown Fund to help employees that have not, and will not get paid because of the federal government shutdown. To learn more, visit www.pcihipaa.com/shutdownhelp. (Jeff Broudy, West Los Angeles)

PeopleG2 Announces Webinar on Improving Listening Skills

PeopleG2 will present a free webinar - Listening is Sexy - on February 13, from 11 a.m to noon Pacific. PeopleG2 CEO and organizational communication expert Chris Dyer will help participants do an honest assessment of their own listening habits, and provide actionable ways to improve. Chris will demonstrate how easy it is to go from listening to reply, to listening to understand. This transformation is linked to higher employee engagement, trust, organizational effectiveness, and profits. Meanwhile, Chris provides input in a recent article - What Businesses Can Learn from the Events of 2018: 5 Experts Share Their Insights. (Chris Dyer, Monrovia)

Sidebench Honored by Entrepreneur, Clutch & The Manifest

Sidebench has been named one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America on Entrepreneur magazine's 2018 Entrepreneur360 list, marking Sidebench's second year on the list, having moved up from #295 to #82. For the list, Entrepreneur identifies 360 small businesses each year that are mastering the art and science of growing a business. Also, Sidebench has been recognized by Clutch as a global leader in both mobile app development and UX design, and featured on Clutch's sister site, The Manifest, another B2B services research platform. Sidebench is ranked #50 on the Clutch 1000 list of top global B2B companies, and named one of the Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies by The Manifest. (Kevin Yamazaki, West Los Angeles)

Tanner Research CEO to Present "Dinner and Movie Night"

On the evening of February 7, John Tanner, CEO of Tanner Research, Tanner Care Health and Wellness Center, and NuSci, will present a Dinner and Movie Night, featuring the film, "Forks Over Knives," which examines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. Attendees will view and discuss the movie, and enjoy a healthy, plant-based meal in an informal setting, with convenient free parking. More information. (John Tanner, Monrovia)

WorkDone Among 20 Most-Promising AI Solution Providers in CIO Review

CIO Review magazine has selected WorkDone as one of the 20 Most Promising AI Solution Providers of 2018. The magazine explains that when an employee leaves an organization, they take their unique work techniques - termed work heuristics - with them, which were likely effective in performing repetitive and rules-based tasks. WorkDone's patent-pending utility, Expertise Capture, retains the heuristics and then utilizes them to facilitate knowledge transfer to the current and new workforce. These heuristics can be switched on and off according to the business needs, which saves the workforce from spending too much time on training and focusing more on their core business areas. Meanwhile, in When AI Imitates Life, WorkDone CEO Joe Rogers writes about his own recent amusing experience of being the CEO of an AI-based software company and being mistaken for someone else by an artificial intelligence algorithm. (Joe Rogers, West Los Angeles)

Alvaka Networks to Host Software Patching Webinars

Alvaka Networks will present a live webinar - Software Patching: The First and Most Important Step in Securing Your System - on January 25, as well as several dates in February, from 10-11 a.m. each time. Says Alvaka: "The majority of security threats you face today - viruses, worms, spyware and other malware - utilize some unchecked vulnerability in your software to compromise your system. Patches fix the 'holes' in the code. A recent study found 98.8% of breaches can be stopped by good patching practices." (Oli Thordarson, Orange County Healthcare)

CareMindr CEO Reports on Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

In Four Ways Mobile Remote Patient Monitoring Can Improve Star Ratings, recently published in Managed Healthcare Executive, Harry Soza, CEO of CareMindr, discusses how healthcare organizations that administer Medicare Advantage plans can now directly address patient behavioral change by partnering with their providers to implement mobile-enabled remote patient monitoring. And, in How to Surf the Tidal Wave of Patient-Reported Data from Gizmos and Gadgets, Harry explains how physicians and health systems will be able to transform the data deluge from patient gizmos into a stream of meaningful and actionable insights - by capturing condition-specific data on a disciplined, clinically relevant schedule integrated into a prescribed care plan. (Harry Soza, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

GeBBS Healthcare Sells Majority Stake to ChrysCapital

ChrysCapital, a marquee Indian private equity fund with a global technology services footprint, has acquired a majority stake in GeBBS Healthcare Solutions. GeBBS will continue to be led by Nitin Thakor and Milind Godbole who, together with the existing management team, have been instrumental in driving the company's growth. Meanwhile, GeBBS has been named for the fifth year in a row to Black Book Market Research's list of leading outsourced revenue cycle management companies - ranked #1 for RCM outsourcing for hospitals between 101 to 200 beds, and #3 for RCM outsourcing for hospital chains, systems and integrated delivery networks. (Nitin Thakor, Los Angeles Healthcare)

Kindred & Netsmart Partner on Next-Gen Post-Acute Platform

Kindred Healthcare and Netsmart have partnered to create a technology-driven clinical platform that surpasses the traditional boundaries of electronic medical records and aligns with the needs of the evolving value-based care environment. The Netsmart portfolio of enterprise solutions combined with Kindred's longstanding experience in long-term acute care hospitals, rehabilitation, and care management, will create a clinical platform that meets the distinct requirements of aging services and post-acute care. (Adam Darvish, Los Angeles Healthcare)

SAVI Group on Payment Processing Systems & Building Profitability

In How to Choose the Right Payment Processing System for Your Healthcare Business, SAVI Group shares key features almost any processor should provide with a solution, plus a deeper discussion on data and security, integration, value over price, scalability, flexibility, and payment options. And, in Taking Steps to Build a Profitable Medical Practice, SAVI offers tips for: creating a plan to ensure your patients have the best possible experience when they come in for a visit; focusing on specific areas of medicine to leverage your expertise; and outsourcing more complicated areas of business to specialists. (Sumit Mahendru, Orange County Healthcare)

Select Data Reports on OASIS-D Guidance Manual & Data Security

In CMS finalizes OASIS-D guidance manual ahead of January 2019 implementation date, Select Data reports that, according to a recent questionnaire conducted by DecisionHealth, about 75% of the 270 respondents believe OASIS-D will take more time overall to complete than OASIS-C2. And 70% of respondents expect it to take clinicians 70+ minutes to complete OASIS-D at start of care. And, in Report: 30 Percent of Healthcare Databases Exposed Online, Select Data declares that it's crucial that hospital systems and home health agencies take steps to ensure their networks are secure. And this is why SelectData has partnered with Sidepath, a Microsoft EMS Gold Partner specializing in network security. (Ed Buckley, Orange County Healthcare, & Ted Schulte, Los Angeles Healthcare)

VivaLNK Chosen by Case Western Reserve for Student Athlete Study

VivaLNK has agreed to loan its Vital Scout devices to the Case Western Reserve University Crew Team for a stress study. The devices will be used to examine the relationship between stress levels and metrics pertinent to physical exertion in participants, including heart rate, respiration rate, sweat rate, and acute-to-chronic workload ratio, as they affect student athletes. VivaLNK CEO Jiang Li said: "This study, using our wearable monitoring device, is particularly impactful as it will examine and accurately measure student athletes' stress to paint a clear picture of the effects of good and bad stress related to training for sport. Not only will this determine how a student athlete reacts and recovers from stressful events or periods, but also can provide insight about how physical activity plays a role in its management." (Jiang Li, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

Dave Berkus on: Investors' Strategy & Acquirers' Expectations

In Investors, your board, and you: Who controls strategy?, Dave notes that very few early business plans survive in a form completely recognizable when looking back a few years. But even with massive changes, the vision and passion usually don't diminish in the process of morphing a business plan into a profitable business. A good entrepreneur-turned-CEO listens to all, takes it all in, responds with reason, and stands up for what s/he believes for the parts that matter most. And, in Missed Expectations and The Eighty Percent Acquisition Rule, Dave notes the adage that "80% of all businesses purchased by another company or by a new investor-operator fail to meet the stated expectations of the buyer after one year," and urges anyone contemplating such a move to study the literature about companies that have succeeded in their acquisitions, finding how and why such successes rose to the top 20% of all acquisitions when measured by the acquiring company's CEO satisfaction ratings after a year. Emulate those actions that are appropriate. Plan for surprises by keeping enough capital available to restart or re-align the acquired company after an initial problem period. (Dave Berkus, Monrovia & West Los Angeles)

Intellect on: CAPA & FDA Form 483 Letters

In How to Achieve Operational Excellence with CAPA, Intellect details how Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA) is a critical quality application that is instrumental for achieving operational excellence. CAPA improves product quality and safety, increases customer success, and yet decreases the risks such as product recalls. And, in 6 Tips to Avoid 483 Letters, Intellect explains that the FDA is authorized to perform random inspections and audits, and these inspections can lead to FDA warning letters and FDA Form 483 observations. Quality managers must take several proactive steps to reduce the risk of warning letters, but what exactly should be done, besides the obvious, which is to be in compliance with defined regulations? (Romeo Elias, West Los Angeles)

CEOs Most Concerned about Cybersecurity in 2019

Cybersecurity is the No. 1 external concern for U.S. CEOs for 2019, according to a Conference Board survey of more than 800 international CEOs and 600 C-suite members. CEOs in the financial industry rank cybersecurity above a recession as a top issue. The U.S. government found that cyberactivity cost the economy up to $109 billion in 2016, according to The Conference Board. Creating new business is the second largest concern for global CEOs because of disruptive technologies, according to the survey. It's indicative of CEOs' awareness of the long-term impacts disruptive technologies will have in their future market plans. (Read Article: CIO Dive, 1/17/19)

The Top 10 Tech Issues for 2019

Two Microsoft senior executives discuss top-ten tech challenges, which include cyberattacks, AI, trade wars, and social-media regulation. (Read Articles: LinkedIn, 1/8/19; ZDNet, 1/15/19)

Trends in Business Tech that Will Define Next 20 Years

Advanced networking, serverless computing, and intelligent interfaces will reshape business processes in the coming years, according to Deloitte's 10th annual tech trends report, which examines how new technologies are currently disrupting industries, but will gradually reshape them in the coming years. (Read Article: Tech Republic, 1/15/19)

Top 2019 Trends for IT Decision Makers

CIO Dive compiled a series of trends and predictions breaking down key markets, from cloud and software to security and data, as well as reflecting on the future of CIO leadership, technology workforces and the evolving tech landscape. (Read Article: CIO Dive, 1/11/19)

SoCal Gets $2.96 Billion in VC in Q4

Southern California raised $2.96 billion in venture capital in Q4 of 2018, according to data from Dow Jones VentureSource. Los Angeles garnered $1.77B in deals, followed by $0.77B in San Diego, and $0.42B in Orange County. SoCal had a total of 124 deals logged by Dow Jones VentureSource. (Read Article: SoCalTech, 1/11/19)
Meanwhile, in its recent "Q4 2018 LA Seed Deal Report," Amplify says that on the whole, 94 LA companies raised $1.98 billion in Q4, making Q4 the most active this year. At the Seed stage, funding remained steady with the prior two quarters, with 24 companies raising $59.2mm. Average round size was up slightly QoQ to $2.47mm, and still well above the national average of $2.1mm.
On the macro level, 2018 proved to be a particularly strong year for venture capital. Nationally, we saw $99.5bn in funding across over 5,500 deals - the highest figures in over a decade. This was driven in large part by expansion and late-stage deal activity, with nearly 200 mega-round financings this year. On the whole, average round sizes were up across every funding stage. In LA, venture funding topped $6.4bn - the highest year on record since 2000 (besting the previous record set in 2015). Q4, alone, showed a 100%+ increase over the prior quarter, as a number of LA companies raised large expansion rounds. (Read Report: Amplify.LA, 1/15/19)

Expect 30+ 5G Devices in 2019

Qualcomm recently announced that 2019 will be "the year of 5G" and that over 30 5G devices, mostly smartphones, will launch in 2019. According to Qualcomm, the company has won almost all of the chip contracts underlying 5G deployments for 2019. (Read Article: Venture Beat, 1/7/19)

Is the Smartphone Era Coming to an End?

Smartphone sales are slumping as technology has evolved to enable consumers to engage via wearable devices, voice-activated devices, smart TVs, and connected cars, write Timothy Martin and Sarah Krouse. But the advent of 5G could revive the industry, with Aiqudo's John Foster saying, "I don't think we've hit peak utility for the smartphone." (Read Article: Wall Street Journal, 1/12/19)
Meanwhile, The Verge reports that smartphone saturation hit major manufacturers over the past couple of years, driven by three major long-term factors: the shrinking benefit when upgrading from a recent phone to the latest model, the increasing average price of new devices, and the concordant reluctance to treat smartphones as things to be disposed of every year or two. (Read Article: The Verge, 1/3/19)

Apple Plans to Put iPhone & Watch at Heart of Your Wellbeing

Digital health is where big tech firms want to be right now: from Amazon to IBM, Microsoft to Google, hardware and software companies are scrambling to up their presence in the healthcare sector. Apple has been quietly expanding into the space for a number of years as its devices and its CEO Tim Cook recently said that in future the company's greatest contribution to humanity would be considered to be "about health." (Read Article: ZDNet, 1/16/19)
Meanwhile, Apple has been in talks with at least three private Medicare plans about subsidizing the Apple Watch for people over 65 to use as a health tracker, according to people familiar with the discussions. The insurers are exploring ways to subsidize the cost of the device for those who can't afford the $279 price tag, which is the starting cost of an older model. The latest version of the device, which includes the most extensive health features including fall detection and an electrocardiogram to measure the heart's rhythm, retails for a minimum of $399, which many seniors could benefit from but can't afford. (Read Article: CNBC, 1/16/19)

Elon Musk Opens Prototype Transportation Tunnel Under L.A.

Elon Musk and The Boring Company have opened up their first demonstration tunnel underneath the streets of Los Angeles - the prototype system takes a Tesla vehicle down an elevator, sends it jetting through the tunnel at high speed, and back onto another elevator. According to Musk, the "Boring Company Loop System" would eventually let vehicles enter and exit at special points and travel up to 150 miles per hour. The system originally planned to operate on special "skates" to transport vehicles, but was modified to instead to just use special retractable wheels on Tesla vehicles due to complexity. (Read Article: SoCalTech, 12/19/18)

HL7 Releases Updated Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

Health Level Seven recently announced that a new version of its interoperability specification, FHIR 4, is now available. Many in the healthcare industry have been eagerly awaiting this iteration because future changes will now be backward compatible. FHIR and open APIs are widely considered to be critical to making health data more interoperable. (Read Article: Healthcare IT News, 1/2/19)

Simple Pat on the Back Can Lead to Fearless Innovation

Companies maintain innovation by convincing employees that making a mistake doesn't justify termination, according to Anthony Marino, president of thredUP. Companies need teams charged with pursuing opportunities in the name of innovation, and they should "put them in a safe place," said Marino. Such a team can operate as an in-house startup with the budgets, goals and deadlines that a traditional startup would require. (Read Article: CIO Dive, 1/15/19)

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