ABL's 20th ABBY Awards Event
ABL Organization December 12, 2018
8:30 - 11:30 AM | Networking Breakfast at 7:45 AM

San Francisco Health Service System
1145 Market St., Wellness Center, San Francisco

For the 20th time, ABL's ABBY Awards will recognize and celebrate organizations that have developed and brought to market innovative approaches, med devices, health information - and digital health technologies, that are reducing the cost of quality healthcare. And this year, more than any other before, many of these innovations are blending technology with the human touch provided by providers, caregivers, and even family members and friends!

Come vote for the Innovations in Healthcare you think are most dramatically reducing the cost of quality care!
Dave Sayen
Dave Sayen
Sr. VP, Gorman Health Group
Former Regional Administrator of CMS, Region 9
2013 ABBY Award Recipient of behalf of CMS’s Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI)
for its "Bold Experiment in Government Payment Innovation"
Congress created the Innovation Center in the Affordable Care Act for the purpose of testing "innovative payment and service delivery models to reduce program expenditures… while preserving or enhancing the quality of care" for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. When Dave presented in 2013, the first 32 groups of "experienced providers" were participating in CMMI's Pioneer ACO program. After the first year, metrics proved that all 32 Pioneers improved the quality of care for the 669,000 patients in the program, cumulatively saving medicare more than $87 million. Today, other programs like Bundled Payments and Primary Care Medical Homes are having an impact, too.

Dave will update us on what's happened with CMMI's "bold experiments in Government Payment Innovations" in the last five years, as the program continues to fulfill its mandate.
Introducing this year's
ABBY Award Finalists  - List of Past Winners -
Eric Race
California Schools VEBA
George McGregor, General Manager
30% of healthcare costs are employee lifestyle choices. 1 in 5 diagnoses are wrong. 60% of medical treatments when correctly diagnosed are old treatments. CA Schools VEBA's solution customizes healthcare at the individual level, integrating holistic and ancient medicine with modern medicine; adding "medical moms" to help navigate the medical system, using state-of-the-art mental health screening materials, assisting our members in getting real help for real life issues, and providing 24 hour coverage through technology for mental health issues. Provides the right care, at the right time, that the member can embrace, provides financial incentives to continue strong behavior, by providing real help for real life issues, we find the treatment that a member needs, that the member will support and that will result in real long term results.
David Williams
Care3, Inc.
David S. Williams, Founder & CEO
CARE3, Inc. offers a team collaboration platform for healthcare delivered in the home and community, including collaborative care programs. The web-based Care3 Action Planner enables providers to build a single action plan for all care, with collaborative work space for interdisciplinary teams to build itemized task lists of care activities to be completed in the home by clinicians, aides, and/or family caregivers. Care3 Mobile is a HIPAA-compliant mobile app, used by the patient, family and care staff. Used together, Care3 provides insight,that enables care teams to intervene to prevent costly outcomes such as ED visits and hospitalizations.
Jenny Gallagher
Jenny Gallagher, Co-Founder & CEO
HELP-FULL operates a community network where participants of all ages get and give practical help, share skills and talents, and enjoy common interests. Utilizing technology, Help-Full connects members - old and younger - based on compatible backgrounds, interests, preferences and traits. The community runs on "Time Tokens," so members can pay for help - with either money or time. Help-Full supports key social determinants of health: meaningful social interactions, opportunities to give back with a sense of purpose, and minimizes seniors' loneliness and life restrictions, enabling them to live longer, happier independent lives.
Kirk Heath
Modio Health
Kirk Heath, Founder & CEO
MODIO HEALTH, Inc.'s, Provider Management and Verification Platform is used by 200+ healthcare organizations nationwide to simplify and efficiently manage their provider credentialing processes. The cloud-based platform, called OneView, uses a blockchain type of mechanism that connects all entities associated with a provider with the same real-time data collection, which is automated, updated, easily accessed, and securely protected. Modio’s HIPAA-compliant solution allows teams to securely manage and store credentials and licensure in one easily accessible location, slashing credentialing times and reducing administrative effort.
Scott Kim
Scott Kim, CEO
NEOFECT's RAPAEL SMART GLOVE FOR HOME takes traditional, proven rehab exercises and applies them to games that patients look forward to repeating every day. The glove is a wearable, active finger and hand rehabilitation solution that connects via Bluetooth to a TV or tablet to display movements on-screen, creating a gamified experience. Physicians can remotely and securely access performance data via the cloud to monitor and analyze progress, making at-home rehab possible, and patients can track their own improvement, which helps keep them engaged and motivated in their own recovery process.
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