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>>> Ryan Huff co-founded and was until recently the CEO of Cirrus Insight, a leading provider of sales-enablement software for Gmail and Outlook, prior to its sale to a private equity firm. Cirrus Insight offers an all-in-one sales productivity platform with world-class Salesforce integration. To date, 250,000+ professionals use Cirrus Insight to increase their sales productivity. In September 2018, the company received a significant growth equity investment from Clovis Point Capital, LLC. Prior to co-founding Cirrus Insight, in 2011, Ryan founded and was the CTO of Cirrus Consulting Group, which provided solution architecture and project management services to companies seeking to extend their products to cloud-computing platforms such as Force.com, Google App Engines, and Amazon EC2. Earlier, he was a Product Manager at WebVisible, and a Product/Project Manager at Junction Solutions. He also founded RouteSlip.com, which was sold in late 2007 to MapMyFitness. Still earlier, Ryan was a Project Lead at ITresources, and a Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager at IBM. Ryan has joined the Orange County Round Table.

From major players, like Google, to earlier-stage ABBY Award competitors - using Big (Health) Data, telemedicine, software, and collaboration apps to lower the cost of quality care - the health IT gold rush is on.

Google recently hired David Feinberg, MD, to head their Health Strategy division. Feinberg previously ran UCLA Health and, more recently, Geisinger Health in Pennsylvania (which operates 13 hospitals, over 40 clinics, an HMO, the Commonwealth School of Medicine, and two research centers). So why would Google recruit one of healthcare’s superstars to head their initiatives to tap some of the $3.5 trillion spent annually in healthcare?

As Robbie Pearl, MD, the former CEO of the (Kaiser) Permanente Medical Group, speculated in a recent Forbes article: there are five opportunity areas that Google might "seize upon" under Dr. Feinberg's Google Health leadership. First: home automation gadgets that will enable seniors to live more safely at home - think digital doorbells, thermostats, and home security. Second: using self-driving cars to help solve a senior's transportation issues, like getting to the doctor’s office. Third, using Big Data to improve patient health. For example, Geisinger impressively used technology to keep medical tabs on every single patient within its three-million-person catchment area. Fourth, investing in the next gen of wearables and trackers - more than “jewelry,” they’d actually alert their wearers as to whether they’re OK - or not. And, fifth, to become a world leader in AI - using artificial intelligence to make better diagnoses, and potentially eliminate an estimated 30% of care delivery that’s been proven to provide no value.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a $110.9 billion revenue company to be a health IT innovator. For example, eight of this year’s 10 Innovations in Healthcare ABBY Award Finalists are. For example - presenting on December 5th, in Long Beach, will be the senior execs of: Catasys, which uses Big Data analytics to identify, engage and treat care-avoidant health plan members suffering from behavioral health disorders; healthPiper uses tele-technology to deliver psychiatric diagnosis, care, and prescriptions to their patients; and ImpediMed’s SOZO digital health platform enables the monitoring of subtle changes in breast cancer patient to allow early intervention/prevention of lymphedema. And on December 12th, in San Francisco, heads of these companies will be competing for a second ABBY: Atlas Lift Tech, which blends technology with training to ensure safe patient handling; Care3 enables caregivers in facilities, doctors’ offices, home health, and family caregivers all to coordinate care of the patient at home via an app; Help-Full uses technology to power their “community network” of caregivers and care-needy; Modio Health’s “OneView” provider management and verification platform dramatically eases the credentialing process; and NEOFECT’s Rapael Smart Glove for Home gamifies proven rehab exercises (so patients want to do them) and relates outcomes to their monitoring physician.

Just goes to show, the key phrase in business - including healthcare - remains: "follow the money."

  • 12/05 - 19th Innovations in Healthcare ABBY Awards, in Long Beach
  • 12/06 - Orange County Round Table
  • 12/07 - Monrovia Round Table
  • 12/12 - 20th Innovations in Healthcare ABBY Awards, in San Francisco
  • 12/14 - West Los Angeles Round Table
8 Tech-Enabled Companies Among the 10 Finalists Selected for Innovations in HealthcareTM ABBY Awards; Winners to Be Chosen on December 5th & 12th, in Southern & Northern California

Ten of healthcare's most innovative companies have been selected as Finalists to present their health IT, digital health, diagnostic, and med device solutions, as well as innovative approaches for reducing the cost of quality care at ABL Organization's 19th and 20th Innovations in HealthcareTM ABBY Awards Events. ABL's ABBY Awards events, which were first held in 1999, will be presented for the 19th time on December 5, 2018, in Long Beach, and for the 20th time December 12, 2018, in San Francisco. Since holding its first Awards event, ABL has recognized over 60 innovative organizations whose approaches and technologies are making dramatic inroads in the quest to improve the quality of care and health outcomes - while reducing its cost. For the first time, this year literally half of the Finalists' offerings blend "technologies with human providers, caregivers, or coaches" to achieve their quality-improving/ cost-saving results.

AND THE FINALISTS ARE: For the Dec. 5th Southern California Event: Advanced Pathways; Amenity Health, Inc.; Catasys, Inc.; healthPiper, LLC; and ImpediMed, Inc. For the Dec. 12th Northern California Event: Atlas Lift Tech; Care3, Inc.; Help-Full; Modio Health, Inc.; and NEOFECT. Click Here to Learn More About the Finalists.

At each event, following live presentations made by the leaders of the Finalist companies, each audience member will cast their secret ballots to determine one ABBY Awardee in Southern California and one ABBY Awardee in Northern California; both winners will take home coveted ABBY Awards. ABL Members and one guest are invited to attend at no charge. Further information about the Innovations in HealthcareTM ABBY Awards event/s is available by emailing laura@abl.org.

Catasys Signs Agreement with Capital Blue Cross

Catasys, Inc., a leading AI and technology-enabled healthcare company, has entered into an agreement with Capital BlueCross, a community-based health insurer serving members in 21 counties in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. Beginning the first quarter of 2019, eligible Capital BlueCross commercial members will be able to take advantage of Catasys' OnTrak solution, an integrated 52-week program that identifies, engages and treats members with untreated behavioral health conditions that exacerbate chronic medical disease and result in unnecessarily higher medical costs. (Rick Anderson, West Los Angeles)

Cornerstone: Adam Miller Named Best CEO + Acquires Grovo

Adam Miller, Founder and CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand, has been awarded Best CEO in the HR Technology Industry by European CEO magazine. The award recognizes leaders who have driven innovation in the industry and achieved continued success for their company. Meanwhile, Cornerstone has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Grovo Learning, Inc., a leading provider of micro-learning content for $24 million. In conjunction with this acquisition, Cornerstone also announced an expansion of its Content Anytime subscription offerings. Also, The Wall Street Journal included Cornerstone in its recent feature article on "Bring Your Parents to Work Days." (Adam Miller, West Los Angeles)

Ondax Acquired by Coherent, Inc.

On October 5, 2018, Coherent, Inc., of Santa Clara, CA, completed the acquisition of Ondax, the world's leading producer of volume holographic gratings (VHGs), wavelength-stabilized diode lasers, and THz-Raman laser systems. Now, as part of one of the world's leading photonics companies, Ondax will be in an even better position to deliver exceptional products, innovation, and customer support. Coherent provides lasers and laser-based technology for scientific, commercial, and industrial customers. (Randy Heyler, Monrovia)

Parasoft Honored + Releases New Solution & Program

Parasoft has been rated a Transformational vendor in the voke, inc. Market Mover Array TM Report on Service Virtualization, due to its "innovative and user-centric approach to service virtualization in areas such as test data management and AI." Also, Parasoft recently released Parasoft Jtest, their integrated Java development testing solution, providing static code analysis and unit testing. And, Parasoft has announced a new program that will provide software developers working on open source projects with free access to the Parasoft tool suite. The program will enable open source projects to leverage Parasoft's market-leading enterprise-class test automation software, ranging from deep code analysis, unit and functional testing, to performance, load, and security testing. (Elizabeth Kolawa, Monrovia)

Sidebench & WITH to Present Universal Design Symposium

In 2018, Sidebench has teamed with the WITH Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting comprehensive healthcare, deep empathy, and design that focuses on the needs of adults with developmental disabilities, to create a workshop that teaches tech product designers how to design for a more accessible world. In November, Sidebench and WITH are hosting a second round of Universal Design Events comprised of a Universal Design Symposium on Nov. 27, and a Beta Day on Nov. 28. More information. Meanwhile, Sidebench and WITH have been selected to share their message with a larger audience in an Equitable Design for Persons with Disabilities session at SXSW 2019, in March. (Kevin Yamazaki, West Los Angeles)

Tanner Research CEO to Present Dinner & Movie Night

On the evening of December 7th, John Tanner, Ph.D., CEO of Tanner Research, will present a Nutrition Science event - Dinner and Movie Night: Eating You Alive, where he will screen a movie that takes a scientific look at the reasons we're so sick, who's responsible for feeding us the wrong information, and how we can use whole-food, plant-based nutrition to take control of our health. Attendees will also enjoy a healthy, plant-based dinner buffet in an informal setting, with free parking. (John Tanner, Monrovia)

AgilisIT a Finalist in HHS Competition to Advance Care Through Patient Assessments

AgilisIT has been named a Finalist in the HHS/AHRQ Step Up App Challenge: Advancing Care Through Patient Assessments, in which the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has chosen teams to design, develop, and pilot a user-friendly application that simplifies the process of collecting, interpreting, aggregating, and sharing patient-reported outcomes (PRO) data related to physical function outcomes in the ambulatory care setting. PROs are defined as "any report of the status of a patient's health condition that comes directly from the patient, without interpretation of the patient's response by a clinician or anyone else." The competition has three phases that proceed from the development of a business proposal, to development of the app, and finally, to testing the winning app in nine practice settings affiliated with MedStar Health in Washington, DC. Cash prizes will be awarded at each phase with the grand prize winner receiving as much as $87,000. AHRQ received 50+ applications, from which 10 finalists, including AgilisIT, were selected to move on to phase 2. (Joyce Tang, Orange County Healthcare)

CAREMINDr Publishes Article on Benefits of Mobile-Enabled Remote Patient Monitoring

Harry Soza, CEO of CAREMINDr, co-wrote an article for Medical Economics - Increase revenue, improve patient care with mobile-enabled remote patient monitoring - which discusses how medical practices that are looking for ways to make Medicare's Chronic Care Management program more efficient and less costly, are utilizing mobile-enabled remote patient monitoring. The technology can greatly enhance communication between providers and patients; patients become more aware and engaged in their own care; it enables consistent monitoring between face-to-face appointments; and it has advantages compared to phone-based monitoring. In addition, CMS recently unbundled another level of remote patient monitoring, using a different CPT code, allowing providers to bill separately for these broader services. (Harry Soza, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

GeBBS Chosen by NYC Cancer Center & Large Florida Health Center

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions announced that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, of New York, and Lee Health, of southwest Florida, have selected their iCode Assurance SaaS solution to help enhance revenue integrity, compliance, and productivity. Meanwhile, GeBBS is making available their professional fee evaluation/management (E/M) leveling calculator tool - offered to the HIM community in appreciation for their service to the healthcare industry. (Nitin Thakor, Los Angeles Healthcare)

SAVI Group Examines HIPAA & Medical Billing

In Everything You Need to Know About HIPAA Compliance, SAVI Group provides a comprehensive list of all the HIPPA identifiers. And, in The Future of Medical Billing - Trends & Integrations, SAVI explores some of the latest innovations and trends, including blockchain technology, computer-assisted coding, and aligning electronic health records. Also, in Common Medical Billing Mistakes to Avoid, SAVI discusses unbundling codes, upcoding, billing multiple times for the same service, and mistakes in patient information. (Sumit Mahendru, Orange County Healthcare)

VivaLNK Partners with Reckitt Benckiser

VivaLNK has teamed with Reckitt Benckiser (RB) to market and distribute VivaLNK's wearable continuous temperature monitor worldwide. RB, the company behind brands such as Enfamil and Nurofen, will carry the product under the names Enfasmart FeverSense and Nurofen FeverSmart. Both products are available now to parents who wish to automatically track temperature changes in their child and take immediate action upon detecting a fever. FeverSense and FeverSmart continuously monitor changes in body temperature over a multi-day period. The small, comfortable patch is rechargeable and can be worn seven days straight on a single charge. (Jiang Li, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

WIPFLi Enlists Cybersecurity Program to Help Businesses Reduce Data Risk

WIPFLi has joined the NormShield partner program to expand its current cybersecurity solutions with state-of-the-art, on-demand, and standards-based cyber risk scorecards. The enhanced portfolio will provide Wipfli with a powerful tool to improve and reduce the risk associated with its clients' supply-chain partners, third-party vendor networks, and sensitive data. Meanwhile, WIPFLi has published Why You Should Measure Employee Engagement - and How to Use the Results. (Rich Gianello & Jeff Johnson, Bay Area; Tony Taddey, Los Angeles; Larry Blitz, Silicon Valley)

Easy Breathe on: Dealing With CPAP Issues

In 5 Ways to Reduce CPAP Mask Irritation Issues, Easy Breathe, Inc. discusses being sure your mask is the right size; not going to sleep with an oily face; using full-face or nasal mask liners; being sure to clean your mask regularly; and possibly needing a new mask. Other recent blog posts include: "My CPAP Equipment Is Too Loud - What Should I Do?;" "What Are the Benefits of an Auto CPAP Machine?;" and "Three Ways To Conquer CPAP Rainout For Good," all of which can be found here. (Nick Weiss, West Los Angeles)

Dave Berkus on: Good Times, Legacies & Measures of Success

In Take advantage of the good times to build stakeholder loyalty, Dave suggests that by keeping stakeholders in your company (ie, employees and investors) close with constant information as to the progress and even stressful setbacks, and by never withholding bad news, stakeholders will be in a much better position to understand necessary actions by senior management and accede to decisions made in the best interest of the company, even at the expense of self. "This kind of loyalty is never created during the bad times when everyone is thinking only of protecting self," Dave says. "Take advantage of the good times to build such loyalty." Other recent blog posts include: "Everyone wants to leave a legacy;" "Why not share your liquidity success with those who got you there?;" "Money is not the only measure of success;" and "The most satisfying life journey is never about the money," all of which can be found here. (Dave Berkus, Monrovia & West Los Angeles)

PeopleG2 on: Tech’s Impact in the Workplace

In Your HR Team Can Be a Key Factor in Organizational Change, PeopleG2 shares that one of the biggest shifts in the 21st century world of work has been the continued advancement of technology and innovation that have impacted everything from recruiting techniques, to background checks, to hiring, and ultimately to the day-to-day operations of an organization. And, in The Worst Ways to Thank Someone, CEO Chris Dyer discusses efforts that are too vague, impersonal, unstructured, too private or too public, small, and/or unfair. (Chris Dyer, Monrovia)

Poll: Majority of Shoppers Prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday

According to a recent survey by OpenX and The Harris Poll, the majority of consumers think Black Friday is overwhelming, and nearly 60% said they planned to skip Black Friday altogether this year. Instead, most customers said they would take advantage of Cyber Monday deals. The survey found that 73% of customers believe Cyber Monday isn't overwhelming. (Read Article: Forbes, 11/14/18)

California Agrees to Delay Enforcing Net Neutrality Law

California won't enforce the nation's toughest state-level net-neutrality law when it takes effect in January, agreeing with the Trump administration and internet companies who sued that the state law should wait for the outcome of a separate lawsuit pending in Washington. (Read Article: Wired, 10/26/18)

6 Months In, Industry Awaits Major GDPR Enforcement

While GDPR has forced businesses to reevaluate their relationship with consumer data, many are dragging their heels on compliance or treating it as a one-off. Going into 2019, all eyes will be on European regulators, waiting to see when they hand down the first major fine or penalty to a noncompliant company. In the U.S., comprehensive data privacy and protection rules are lagging. A federal data privacy law could be years away, but state legislation with GDPR-like principles are slowly beginning to shape data processing and handling practices. (Read Article: CIO Dive, 11/26/18)

T-Mobile Achieves 5G Connection with Nokia

T-Mobile announced that it has achieved the global first live network 5G data transmission using low-band spectrum in partnership with Nokia, saying it will now be able to "blanket the country with broad 5G in 2020." The trials, which took place in Spokane, WA, showed that a single cell tower will be able to transmit 5G signals across hundreds of square miles. Using 600MHz spectrum will therefore mean regional areas will also have access to its 5G network, T-Mobile said, as signals reach farther than higher-band frequencies. (Read Article: ZDNet, 11/21/18) Meanwhile, T-Mobile's $26 billion acquisition of Sprint could close as early as the first quarter of 2019. And, the FCC recently launched the agency's first high-band 5G spectrum auction, while Germany is expected to start its 5G auctions in early 2019. (Read Article: Reuters, 11/16/19)

Samsung to Invest $22 Billion in 5G and AI

Samsung Electronics will invest $22 billion in 5G networking and artificial intelligence going forward to secure a "minimum" of 20% market share in network equipment by 2020, the company's network boss said recently, noting that 5G will unlock AO's potential, describing it as "oxygen" for AI. (Read Article: ZDNet, 11/15/18)

Amazon Picks New York and Northern Virginia for HQ2

After running a year-long competition that drew interest from hundreds of cities and a number of states, Amazon has reportedly chosen New York City and Northern Virginia to split duty as its second headquarters. Having headquarters situated on the East and West coast give Amazon a bicoastal reach in the tech industry. It also gives Amazon a direct line to the nation's capital, where policy and regulations impacting the tech industry are made. (Read Articles: CNN Business & CIO Dive, 11/13/18)

First in California: Waymo Granted License to Test Fully Driverless Cars

Waymo LLC has obtained a license from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to test its fully driverless cars in the state, the first company to be granted a license to do so. The DMV permit allows the company, previously known as Google's self-driving car project, to test a maximum of 40 vehicles day and night on any type of California road, with a speed limit of up to 65 miles per hour. (Read Article: SiliconANGLE, 10/30/18)

SpaceX Authorized to Launch Massive, 7,500+ Satellite Constellation

Hawthorne-based space launch provider SpaceX, led by technology mogul Elon Musk, has just been given permission to launch a massive, 7,518 satellites into space, designed to provide saturated broadband communications across the globe. The FCC said on Thursday that it would allow the new, SpaceX satellite constellation, on top of another 4,425 satellites it already had been given permission to deploy into space. The launch of that many satellites would dwarf the current number of satellites current in operation in space, a number that currently is only around 2,000 in total. (Read Article: SoCalTech.com, 11/16/18)

Startup Working on AR Contact Lenses

What if instead of a bulky headset or cumbersome glasses to give you the futuristic augmented reality overlay of computer information on the real world, you could just wear contact lenses? That's what Silicon Valley startup Mojo Vision is aiming to let you do. (Read Article: CNET, 11/15/18)

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