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I've been a huge fan of Elon Musk, even before my husband first drove home his Model S. After participating in a Harvard case study about him, then reading Ashlee Vance's Elon Musk biography, I was even more enamored. I bought some stock. I even ordered a Model 3 on March 31st, 2016, the first day Tesla started taking orders - and took delivery just eight days shy of two years later.

Meanwhile, SpaceX has been shooting up privately-funded rockets for over 10 years, including the Falcon 9's launching 11 communications satellites into orbit. Earlier this year they launched the most powerful rocket in operation in the world. The payload was Musk's Tesla Roadster sports car, with a dummy astronaut called "Starman" in its driver's seat.

Yet, Elon has increasingly been acting like the dummy behind the wheel of his space-bound roadster in recent months, especially in his tweets. August 7th, Elon first announced he might buy back the company. That cost him the Chairmanship of Tesla for three years and a $20 million fine. Then, days after reaching an agreement with the SEC to settle the fraud charges they leveled against him, he poked the bear in the eye with a sharp verbal stick, saying "Just want to [say] that the Shortseller Enrichment Commission is doing incredible work. And the name change is so on point!" What was he thinking?!

The key for Tesla to start avoiding these unnecessary crash landings would probably be taking a similar approach to what's worked so well at SpaceX. And it wouldn't even take rocket science! READ REST OF BLOG >>>

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Catasys Expands Solution to Florida & Georgia

Catasys, an AI and technology-enabled healthcare company, has expanded its OnTrak-A solution into Florida and Georgia with one of the nation's leading health plans. Eligible members in these states are now able to participate in the integrated 52-week program that identifies, engages, and treats members with unaddressed behavioral health conditions that impact co-morbid medical conditions. (Rick Anderson, West Los Angeles)

Envision a Finalist for 2018 Technology Awards

Envision Financial Systems was named a finalist in two categories for the 2018 Mutual Fund Service & Technology Awards by Fund Intelligence - in the "Best Clearing and Settlement Technology" category - for which the firm took home the top prize in 2017, and the "Best Cloud Solution" category. This awards program recognizes the achievements of U.S. mutual fund service providers, and winners must demonstrate growth and innovation over the course of the last year. Envision is being recognized for its innovative new FundKeeper platform, created in collaboration with U.S. Bank Global Fund Services. (Satnam Gambhir, Orange County)

GF Piping Unveils New Bacteria-Resistant Piping System

GF Piping Systems has introduced its new ChlorFIT Schedule 80 CORZAN CPVC Piping System, which provides clean, safe, potable water for hospitals, offices, hotels, and other commercial and institutional buildings. The system's chlorine-treated compound creates a material that is highly resistant to heat, acids, alkalis, alcohols, and many other corrosive materials. Unlike copper, ChlorFIT resists harmful bacteria and greatly reduces biofilm build-up. (Mike Smith, Monrovia)

Intelliflux Debuts Next-Gen AI-Based Control Software

Intelliflux Controls recently introduced its next-generation artificial intelligence-based process control software for water treatment and process plant management. The core AI and machine learning engines of IntelliFlux - called APRICOT (Augmented Process Recommendation & Industrial Control Optimization Tools) - was developed into a standalone software platform, on which a broader set of water treatment and process plant optimization solutions can be customized. APRICOT underlies the next generation of IntelliFlux SmartMode2.0 control software targeting autonomous control of water treatment and chemical process plants. (Subir Bhattacharjee, Orange County)

PCIHIPAA Partners with IRIS Solutions & MBS Secure

IRIS Solutions and MBS Secure, two companies which provide IT solutions, have both recently partnered with PCIHIPAA to focus on protecting their clients from the onslaught of HIPAA violations which include ransomware attacks and data breaches impacting medical and dental practices throughout the U.S. (Jeff Broudy, West Los Angeles)

Sidebench Vying for TIMMY Tech Awards

Sidebench is a finalist for two TIMMY Awards - in the "Best Tech Workplace for Diversity" category and in the "Best Tech Manager category." The Timmy Awards aim to celebrate regional tech communities and the companies and individuals leading the way to create the best places for tech professionals to work. (Kevin Yamazaki, West Los Angeles)

Siemens' Mentor Graphics Extends Partnership with Boeing

Boeing has entered into an agreement to expand its use of Siemens' Mentor Graphics software as part of its Second Century Enterprise Systems initiative to transform itself, and the aerospace industry, to meet the challenges of the 21st century - looking to provide a set of technologies to enable the next generation of design and manufacturing through increased automation and digitalization. The long-term agreement provides Siemens technology in the areas of electrical systems design, electronic products design, and mechanical analysis as a foundation for Boeing to consistently deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to its customers. (Greg Lebsack, West Los Angeles)

UGovernIT Provides Free CIO Certification Program for Women

The Irvine Technology Corporation and UGovernIT are offering a free CIO Certification Course for Women this fall in Orange County, and will be expanding to other regions soon, as well as offering a web-based program next year. The program, designed for IT managers, strongly emphasizes leadership, role of the CIO, IT governance and management, IT service management, and technology innovation. After completion of the certification, a free year-long mentor program with a prominent CIO will also be offered. For more information, contact smurthy@ugovernit.com. (Subbu Murthy, Orange County)

UiTV Brings All IP-Video Solution to North America

UiTV Inc., provider of world-class, all-IP, high definition, intelligent, and interactive television solutions, announced recently that it is bringing its proprietary IPTV/OTT integrated technology to the North American market to enable service providers here to offer revenue-generating entertainment services through its customized multiscreen distribution systems. These services permit seamless subscriber access to a wide array of televised entertainment services through all types of connected devices. (James Meyers, West Los Angeles)

Welcome New Member: Suren Avunjian, LigoLab Information Systems

>>> Suren is Co-Founder and CEO of LigoLab, a leading provider of innovative software to molecular, clinical, and anatomic pathology laboratories nationwide. As a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution, LigoLab AP/LIS goes beyond the core workflow support and provides modules for outreach support, document imaging, specimen security and tracking, client services, reference work tracking, digital pathology, and consultative diagnostic reporting. Prior to co-founding LigoLab in 2006, Suren served as an information system and business consultant on various projects for the healthcare sector. He played a critical role building several start-up businesses, as well as backing well-established organizations. His previous roles include Director of IT for the largest privately held lab in California, Health Line Clinical Laboratories, which was eventually acquired by LabCorp, prompting Suren to launch LigoLab. Suren has joined the Los Angeles Healthcare Round Table.

AgilisIT CEO Discusses Transforming Healthcare

Joyce Tang, CEO of AgilisIT, recently spoke at Kardia Ventures' panel on "AI + Data Science: Transforming Healthcare, BioTech and Clinical with Innovative Technologies." Joyce also commented on current investment trends in artificial intelligence. (Joyce Tang, Orange County Healthcare)

Alvaka to Host Compliance Workshop & Webinar

On October 17, Alvaka Networks will present a combination live event and webinar - How to Comply with NIST 800-171 Requirements Now That the DFARS Compliance Deadline Has Passed - an opportunity to receive valuable information on how you can obtain certification of compliance, and the best steps to get you there as soon as possible. The session will run from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Oli Thordarson, Orange County Healthcare)

AT&T Helps Create Network-Connected Device for Prosthetic Limbs

AT&T and Hanger, Inc. a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic patient services and solutions, have developed a trailblazing proof of concept for the industry's first standalone, network-connected device for prosthetic limbs. The prototype, designed to attach to below-the-knee prostheses, is simple and highly mobile as it syncs directly to the cloud via AT&T's network without relying on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a separate mobile device. (Judi Manis)

CAREMINDr Chosen by Robert Wood Johnson & Rutgers

Healthcare IT News recently profiled Robert Wood Johnson (RWJ) Medical School's use of the CAREMINDr care management tool, which allows clinicians to communicate and share data with their chronic care patients through their smartphone or other mobile device, including results from tests patients take at home with monitoring devices for blood pressure, blood sugar, and others. The data is then automatically analyzed and reported to the provider's care coordinators. Also, the CAREMINDr tool is now part of the new Rutgers Premier health plan - see a flyer here, with more information to come soon. (Harry Soza, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

GeBBS' iCode Assurance Selected by The Johns Hopkins

The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation has chosen GeBBS Healthcare Solutions' iCode Assurance SaaS solution to help enhance their revenue stream, improve productivity, and increase efficiencies within their coding and auditing functions. iCode Assurance software is used by leading health systems to improve coding compliance and auditing across facility inpatient, outpatient, and physician office settings. (Nitin Thakor, Los Angeles Healthcare)

MYnd Analytics Gets Breakthrough Device Designation from FDA

The FDA has granted Breakthrough Device designation for MYnd Analytics' next-generation product, PEER 4.0 (Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry), the company's proprietary clinical phenotype database comprising 40,000+ medication outcomes for 11,000+ unique patients, which is used to predict how a patient will respond to a specific medication. (George Carpenter, Orange County Healthcare)

VivaLNK Provides Wearable for Stanford Study on Depression

Researchers in Stanford's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science are using VivaLNK's Vital Scout, a Band-Aid-sized digital health patch that uses sensors, including electrocardiogram measurement, to continuously monitor heart and respiratory rate, sleep, activity, and other functions. In a project aiming to find a link between stress levels and teenage depression, the remote patient monitoring program is tracking stress levels and other vital signs in teens for 24-hour stretches. (Jiang Li, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

WIPFLi Provides Article on Shared Responsibility IRS Notices

WIPFLi has published An Update on IRS Employer Shared Responsibility IRS Notices, applicable to employers with 50+ FTEs. Also, WIPFLi has joined the KnowBe4 partner program to provide more robust service offerings in the cybersecurity space. WIPFLi will leverage KnowBe4's suite of simulated phishing attacks, case studies, demonstration videos, and tests to better serve clients by deepening its understanding of the mechanics of spam, phishing, malware, and social engineering attacks. (Rich Gianello & Jeff Johnson, Bay Area Healthcare; Larry Blitz, Silicon Valley Healthcare; Tony Taddey, L.A. Healthcare)

Dave Berkus on: Contemplating Selling Your Business

In Can you list ten buyers for your business?, Dave shares an exercise that he performs at least every several years in planning sessions with his boards and their senior management. To summarize, on a spreadsheet, four columns are labeled: "Name of candidate buyer," "What they want," "What we want," and "Likelihood." The group then brainstorms 10 potential purchasers of the company for column one. For column two, the group does its best to divine what it is about their company that would most attract the buyer if the potential buyer had perfect knowledge of their business and its resources - perhaps intellectual property, geographic reach, superior product, management team, or dominant position. Dave explains the rest of the exercise, but concludes that it's the information gleaned for column two that shines as the true core competency of the corporation, and that is where resources should be directed/re-directed. And, in Another personal story: Timing is everything in a sale, Dave says, "Almost anyone who has sold a company has a story to tell about their good deal, the problems with the buyer, a last-minute change of terms, or more. I have saved this story until now because it is one of my favorites, and certainly illustrates the point about timing being a combination of luck and skill." (Dave Berkus, Monrovia & West Los Angeles)

Cornerstone on: Diversity & Other Lessons from HR Tech 2018

Cornerstone OnDemand has published The Business Case for Diversity and Other Lessons from HR Tech 2018, which reports that conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion took center stage at the recent conference. Cornerstone discusses five favorite take-aways, which in summary are: Diversity is about making everyone feel welcome; Data leads to better hires; Automation is coming, but there's no need to panic; Learning management tools are gaining importance; and Don't be afraid to fail. Meanwhile, Cornerstone has been recognized as a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites for the fifth consecutive time, and was positioned highest on the ability to execute. Also, Cornerstone has been named to Training Industry's "2018 Top 20 Learning Portal/LMS Companies List." (Adam Miller, West Los Angeles)

Intellect on: Supply Chain Risk Management

In Supply Chain Risk Management: 5 Different Types, Intellect's Romeo Elias examines five categories: Change Management Process, Supplier Performance Management, Out-of-Specification and Non-Conformance Management, Corrective Actions, and Post-Market Reaction. Romeo concludes that supply chain risk can effectively be managed with most of the techniques explained here, however, if you want entirely effective risk management that involves all of what he describes, an out-of-the-box Quality Management System solution is your best option. That's because the risk is no longer an isolated part of the QMS, but more a feature of it. (Romeo Elias, West Los Angeles)

PeopleG2 on: Great Leaders & Update for Employers

In Great Leaders Say "Yes!", published recently on thoughtleadersllc.com, PeopleG2's Chris Dyer extols the benefits of a positive outlook, particularly the "Yes, and. . ." response. This is also the first step to becoming a positive and more transparent leader, according to Chris, who adds: "Saying 'Yes' forces us to explain, provide context, and engage in dialogue. Saying 'No' just ends the conversation." And, in Update for Employers! A New Summary of Consumer Rights, PeopleG2 reports that, effective September 21, employers must use a new model of the "Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" disclosure document. Failure to provide this notification can lead to class action litigation. (Chris Dyer, Monrovia)

The Joy Factory on: Choosing a Proper Tablet Case & Mount

In How to choose the right tablet case and mount combo, The Joy Factory provides information to help a person and/or company find the right tablet mounting solution that will best fits their environment and needs. Some things to consider include deciding where you will be using this mount, such as automotive, flat or round surface, or fixed mounts. With just four easy steps, you will be able to have peace of mind and protection for your tablet(s) in the office or in the field if you are a mobile professional. (Sampson Yang, Orange County, & Miranda Su, Monrovia)

WorkDone on: Automating Repetitive Company Tasks

In WorkDone Use Case: Purchase Orders, WorkDone provides a use case to explain how the company's AI-based automation platform works. Briefly, in this example of processing purchase orders at a company, a browser plug-in, called WorkDone Monitor, follows along with a person as they process the POs. Soon, WorkDone's "Expertise Capture" gets the hang of it, and the Monitor alerts the person that it has built a custom WorkDone Agent to handle that process. This Agent can stage work for the person to review before submission, or the Agent can complete the entire process without human involvement. As the Agent keeps learning and the person keeps tweaking the process to make automation as effective as possible, the company can keep track of increasing productivity gains on the WorkDone Dashboard, and share this Agent with others doing similar tasks across the company. (Joe Rogers, West Los Angeles)

6 Amazing Ways Technology Will Transform How We Shop

If you thought it was high-tech to tap your phone or smartwatch to buy something, wait until you get a load of the following half-dozen scenarios to roll out over the next few years. In summary, they are: Stores with no checkout; autonomous cars providing delivery and serving as mobile storefronts; virtual shopping - walk the virtual aisles of stores; augmented reality glasses that can superimpose info on top of items in a supermarket; voice-controlled assistants; and delivery drones. (Read Article: USA Today, 10/1/18)

DOJ & Broadband Industry Sue California to Stop Net Neutrality Law

The Justice Department recently sued California to stop the state's new law that would guarantee full and equal access to the internet, a principle known as net neutrality. The suit was filed shortly after Gov. Jerry Brown signed the net neutrality bill - one of the strongest efforts in the nation to restore internet access rules since they were rolled back by the FCC last year. (Read Article: New York Times, 9/30/18) Subsequently, four lobby groups representing the broadband industry also sued California to stop the law. Mobile industry lobby CTIA, cable industry lobby NCTA, telco lobby USTelecom, and the American Cable Association, which represents small and mid-size cable companies, together represent all the biggest mobile and home Internet providers in the US and hundreds of smaller ISPs. (Read Article: Ars Technica, 10/3/18)

FCC Moves to Free Up More Airwaves in Prep for 5G; Verizon Launches 5G in L.A.

Federal regulators are proposing to free up a broad swath of underused airwaves for Wi-Fi and broadband, as part of their efforts to deploy next-generation 5Gwireless technology around the U.S., officials said. The move will open up airwaves now used by a range of industries including communications companies, utilities and broadcasters for unlicensed uses such as Wi-Fi, to help alleviate the growing wireless traffic crunch. The proposed changes are a part of the federal government's broader plan to foster more shared uses of the nation's increasingly crowded airwaves. (Read Article: Wall Street Journal, 10/1/18) Meanwhile, on October 1, Verizon officially turned on 5G services in four U.S. cities: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Houston, and Indianapolis. Verizon's offering is an end-to-end 5G solution, including the necessary wireless hardware to deliver next-generation wireless speeds to home broadband users. (Read Article: Venture Beat, 10/1/18)

AT&T and City of L.A. Explore Smart Cities Public-Private Partnership

To foster the creation of a Smart City, AT&T and Los Angeles are in talks regarding a public-private partnership - exploring the deployment of a variety of solutions ranging from digital kiosks to structural monitoring to digital infrastructure. The deployment of these technologies will help to provide better connectivity to neighborhoods that have been traditionally left behind in the digital divide. To enhance existing voice and data capacity in the city, they'll be looking to deploy a greater number of small cells more rapidly to expand AT&T's existing network and begin deployment of a 5G network. (Read: AT&T Release, 9/12/18)

California Institutes Board Gender Diversity Law

Noting that representation of women in leadership roles, in technology and businesses at large, is not proportionate to the workforce, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill into law mandating companies headquartered in the state have at least one female board director by the end of 2019. By the end of 2021, companies with five board members will need at least two female directors, and companies with six or more members will need at least three women. Companies that fail to comply can be fined $100,000 for initial violations and $300,000 for subsequent ones. (Read Article: CIO Dive, 10/5/18)

Augmented Reality Poised to Eclipse Virtual Reality

While AR and VR are related, they are distinct technologies with different applications. VR completely immerses users into visual environments that are separate from the real world, while AR involves overlaying information onto images or camera views of the real world to enhance users' experiences. Thanks to its affinity with smartphone tech, AR is proving easier to implement. AR and VR are also expected to grow at different rates. By the end of 2018, eMarketer estimates that there will be 51.2 million AR users in the US, compared with 36.7 million VR users. And July 2018 research, conducted by VR Intelligence and SuperData Research, found that 46% of industry professionals believed that AR would reach mainstream adoption within three years, compared with 33% who said the same for VR. (Read Article: eMarketer, 10/1/18)

World Wide Web Inventor Develops Startup to Give Users Control Over Data

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, has launched launch Inrupt, with a mission to turbocharge a broader movement afoot, among developers around the world, to decentralize the web and take back power from the forces that have profited from centralizing it. Berners-Lee and other internet activists dream of a digital utopia where individuals control their own data and the internet remains free and open. Inrupt will be the first major commercial venture built off of Solid, a decentralized web platform that Berners-Lee and others at MIT have spent years building. (Read Article: Fast Company, 9/29/18)

California Autonomous Farm to Produce Food Without Humans

With agricultural labor in short supply in the U.S., a Californian robotics company has opened an autonomous farm that aims to produce food without human workers. The startup Iron Ox aims to autonomously produce 26,000 units of leafy greens at its facility every year. A series of robotic arms and movers will work together to gradually shift plants from their trays as they grow. Although 15 farm hands will initially work alongside the robots as they quietly tend to rows of leafy greens, the company's ultimate goal is to operate "a fully autonomous farm," where software and robotics replace human agricultural workers altogether. (Read Article: MIT Technology Review, 10/3/18)

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