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Sextortion - The Newest Way
to Ruin Your Day
by Mimi Grant

In this Blog, Mimi explains how she was recently the victim of a "sextortion" attempt. And shares the tips she learned from Alvaka Networks' COO & CSIO, Kevin McDonald, to help keep her safer from hackers in the future.

         "For years, in our Technology and Healthcare Round Tables we've been hearing about the cyber security risks posed by phishing, data breaches, malware and ransomware, that result in shutting down businesses, including hospitals. Just last week I was the recipient of a new twist on this twisted theme... READ REST OF BLOG >>>

  • 9/06 - Orange County Round Table
  • 9/07 - Downtown Los Angeles Round Table
  • 9/14 - West Los Angeles Round Table
Cornerstone & CEO Lauded as Industry Leaders

Recent accolades for Cornerstone OnDemand include CEO Adam Miller being named to Talent Management Solutions Review's list of "The 10 Coolest CEOs in Talent Management," which is based on a number of factors, including the impact each individual has had on their company's presence. And, Comparably named Adam to its list of the 25 "Best CEOs in Los Angeles" and Cornerstone to its list of the "Best Companies in Los Angeles 2018." Also, Cornerstone has been recognized as a Leader in all four IDC MarketScape reports that cover the integrated talent management industry, including its overarching report, plus reports on learning, performance, and compensation management. (Adam Miller, West Los Angeles)

Get Visible Launches Digital Marketing Video Series

Jason Ciment, CEO of Get Visible, Inc., has launched "Brand Visibility Alerts," a digital marketing video series for growing your website traffic, leads, and conversions. Video #1 covers three SEO tactics: Writing longer, keyword-themed articles; getting your site into Google's answer box, and into Google's "people also ask" box. Video #2 describes a simple SEO tactic that also doubles as a conversion rate optimization tactic. It involves testing the speed of each page of your website. Jason's tactics are culled from his recently published do-it-yourself guide to website marketing - I Need More Clients: Digital Marketing Strategies That Grow Your Business, available on Amazon. Meanwhile, Jason was recently featured on a podcast with Berbay Marketing & Public Relations - Creating a Powerful Online Presence to Generate New Business Opportunities, where he discusses the importance of investing in PR, SEO, and social media marketing, as well as the value of the four C's in branding and web design, and key performance indicators to measure success. (Jason Ciment, West Los Angeles)

IntelliFlux Begins Operations Contract with South Korean Facility

Intelliflux Controls has commenced implementation of a 10,000 m3/day operations contract at Coway EnTech's Build-Own-Operate Wastewater Reuse Treatment Facility located in Incheon, South Korea. The operational phase of the agreement follows the successful installation and commissioning of IntelliFlux membrane cleaning optimization software at the plant. The two companies initially tested the software on Coway's Woong-cheon ultrafiltration MBR system in 2017, which led to a separate continuous commercial operations contract. During the three-month trial, the IntelliFlux software independently optimized and controlled the membrane system cleaning protocol resulting in 8% less frequent cleaning, 34% less energy consumption, and 2.1% increased system net yield (94% to 96.1%). (Subir Bhattacharjee, Orange County)

Nortridge Anticipates New Hosted Data Center

Nortridge Software CEO Greg Hindson recently blogged that his company is in the process of migrating to Switch, a state-of-the-art data center that's considered the best in North America. The move is part of the company's effort to improve the efficiency and performance of the Nortridge Loan System. The better hosting environment provides Nortridge with increased opportunities for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability, and investment protection. Some of the innovative designs that have been patented and put to use at Switch data centers include: *100% hot aisle containment rows; *Multi-system exterior wall penetrating HVAC units; *Multi-color power systems; and *Power spine electrical pathway delivery. Greg's found that the proprietary and patented Living Data Center Switch software surpasses all other existing data center infrastructure management offerings. (Greg Hindson, Orange County)

PCIHIPAA Partners to Help Health Providers Navigate Regulations

PCIHIPAA and DMA Tech Solutions have partnered to protect DMA healthcare provider clients from the onslaught of ransomware attacks, HIPAA violations, and data breaches impacting medical and dental practices throughout the U.S. The collaboration comes on the heels of a recent announcement surrounding HIPAA compliance regulation in which the Director of the U.S. HHS Office for Civil Rights said, "Just because you are a small medical or dental practice doesn't mean we're not looking and that you are safe if you are violating the law. You won't be." Meanwhile, protected health information continues to be under attack as hackers strive to monetize stolen data on the dark web. DMA determined that PCIHIPAA's OfficeSafe Compliance Program is the right solution for its clients. (Jeff Broudy, West Los Angeles)

PeopleG2 CEO's Book Named Among Best in 2018

The Power of Company Culture: How Any Business Can Build a Culture That Improves Productivity, Performance and Profits, a book by Chris Dyer, CEO of PeopleG2, has been named one of the eight best new company culture books by BookAuthority, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings and sentiment. Structured around the seven pillars of culture success, Chris's book shows how any company of any size can implement and maintain a world-class culture for business success, and includes insights from leading practitioners. (Chris Dyer, Downtown Los Angeles)

Sidebench & CEO Declared an "Inspiring" Story

Sidebench CEO Kevin Yamazaki is featured in VoyageLA's recent "Most Inspiring Stories" series. The article describes Kevin's varied background (closet robotics nerd, high school and college football player, private equity fund investor, working for Accenture designing and building digital products), how Sidebench got started (100% self-funded, bootstrapped), where Sidebench is today (a product development firm and a high-leverage tech consultancy that speaks the language of both enterprise IT departments and creative startup founders with a passion for emerging technologies), lessons learned along the way, and what Kevin is most proud of. (Kevin Yamazaki, West Los Angeles)

Tanner Research CEO to Present Nutrition Science Workshops

On the evening of August 23, and again on September 19, John Tanner, Ph.D., CEO of Tanner Research, will present a Nutrition Science workshop, where he will share his story about how he suffered a near-fatal cardiac arrest in 2009. Since then, he has studied intensely the causes of heart disease, and found that it can be completely avoided through a proper diet - while cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and about 30 other diseases can be reduced, avoided, or reversed by this same diet. John will field questions and participants will continue nutrition discussions in small groups. The free workshop, to be held at Tanner Research in Monrovia, includes a meal and your choice of one of the top books on nutrition science. (John Tanner, Ph.D., Downtown Los Angeles)


Alvaka Networks Reports on GDPR & California's Similar Act

In GDPR for California: California's Consumer Privacy Protection Act, Alvaka Networks' Oli Thordarson notes that the State of California recently passed AB 375, which mandates the nation's most comprehensive privacy rights for consumers. It's very similar to the General Data Protection Regulation, the European Union's approach to privacy for its citizens. In this article, Oli provides a bullet-point summary of AB 375. Other recent articles from Alvaka include How Does GDPR Affect Companies Doing Business in California?, which reports that the GDPR applies to any company or organization anywhere in the world that employs 250+ people and processes the personal data of at least one EU citizen, and Steps for an Effective Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan. (Oli Thordarson, Orange County Healthcare)

Dignity Health Teams with UCSF on Digital Platform

Dignity Health and UCSF Health are collaborating to develop a state-of-the-art digital engagement platform that will provide information and access to patients when and where they need it as they navigate primary and preventive care, as well as acute and specialty care. The platform, which ultimately aims to serve as a model for health systems nationwide, will be hosted by Dignity Health. The two organizations will leverage technological expertise and cloud-based infrastructure that Dignity has developed for its 40 hospitals. As one of the nation's top-ranked academic medical centers, UCSF Health will contribute its extensive knowledge of the patient experience in specialty care. (Marvin O'Quinn)

King & Spalding Gives CryptoCurrency / Blockchain Forum Recap

King & Spalding has published a recap of its recent International Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Forum, and announced its 11th Annual Medical Device Summit, to be held on September 6, in Chicago. (Marcia Augsburger, Sacramento Healthcare, & Travis Jackson, Los Angeles Healthcare)

SAVI Group Offers Insights on Outsourcing & Technology

In What to Look For in an Outsource Medical Billing Company, SAVI Group's Sumit Mahendru discusses the key factors of level of expertise, technological proficiency, medical reporting, and customer service. And, in How Technology is Revolutionizing the Patient Care Model, Sumit delves into remote monitoring care strategies and turnkey billing solutions. (Sumit Mahendru, Orange County Healthcare)

VivaLNK's Developer Program Chosen by AlacrityCare & Myia

VivaLNK, a leading provider of connected healthcare devices, has announced several new solutions built on its developer program, AlacrityCare, which is currently developing clinical-grade digital monitoring solutions that connect patients, providers, and caregivers throughout the cancer treatment journey. Using VivaLNK's Fever Scout and an ECG recorder for remote continuous temperature and ECG monitoring, AlacrityCare provides better insights into what is happening throughout the treatment journey and helps to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations due to more proactive care. And Myia, which is developing an intelligent health platform for managing chronic conditions, is using the VivaLNK ECG recorder software development kit to gather the real-time data that powers the analytics behind its actionable insights for preventing costly medical events. (Jiang Li, Silicon Valley Healthcare)

Dave Berkus on: Choosing Your Marketplace Positioning Niche

In Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?, Dave notes five major niches a company should examine when calculating their positioning in the marketplace: Price; Quality; Service; Innovation; and Elegance. It's important for the image of the company to be known for one of the above attributes above others, Dave suggests. Competing on price alone is the most dangerous strategy of all, since other well-capitalized players can easily join the competition merely by dropping prices upon existing products (of course at the expense of its previous positioning). Questions for you and your team: Where do you think you can excel within these five positioning alternatives? What competition would you face? Can you defend your offering against that competition? Can you select and defend several of these at once, such as quality and elegance? Or quality and service? These are worth a team discussion, even for mature companies, with other decisions such as pricing, positioning, advertising, and which market segments to concentrate upon - all following that choice. Other recent posts from Dave include: Why buy IT? Why buy MINE? Why buy NOW? and Faster is sometimes more valuable than better. (Dave Berkus, Downtown & West Los Angeles)

Intellect on: Quality, Digital Transformation & Automation

In Digital Transformation: Why Is It Important for Quality?, Intellect CEO Romeo Elias affirms that the end goal of digital conversion or any other IT initiative is improved end-user experience, and Quality Assurance (QA) shares this focus as it aims to preserve a good corporate reputation. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial, but not at the cost of sufficient assurance of quality. And, in 3 Compliance Issues That Can Be Solved By Automation, Romeo discusses how automation of quality management can: help keep everyone on track with standards and goals; streamline corrective and preventive actions; and facilitate the document control system that is especially critical in regulated industries. (Romeo Elias, West Los Angeles)

myKaarma on: Learning from History

In Great Lessons from Historical Mistakes, myKaarma CEO Ujj Nath examines what happened to Blockbuster, Kodak and Xerox, and arrives at some "morals of the stories." And, in QR Codes: A Technology Asset or Failure?, Ujj notes that all recent iPhone and Android phones have the native ability to scan QR codes built right into them, making the codes less of a hassle and easier for consumers to use. Yet renowned investor Chris Sacca has made it very clear that he sees no future in QR Codes. So, Ujj ponders, will they make a comeback as mobile providers have simplified the process? Or have consumers lost interest due to past bad experiences? Perhaps there's some middle ground? Also, in Welcome to the Circus: See Cars, Elephants and the Wolf Boy!, Ujj reports that the mass transition from horse-powered transportation to automobiles took about 50 years. But, in these modern times, technologies develop much faster than in the past, and change is inevitable; for example, the move to autonomous vehicles. It's far better to embrace change than to resist it, Ujj believes. (Ujj Nath, West Los Angeles)

Taylor Digital on: Writing Great Website Content

In The Four Rules of Writing Great Website Content, Taylor Digital CEO Randy Taylor offers, in summary: *Studies show that a website will either grab or lose someone's attention in the first 10 seconds. So ideal headlines must use powerful words and be short and to the point. Place multiple headlines throughout the web page as they can act as an informal outline and guide for your reader. *Writing style: Who is your audience? It's important to use words, terms, and phrases that this audience easily understands. *Attention span: Keep your paragraphs and sentences as short as possible. *Easy to read: the writing must be at an easy reading level so that the user can quickly scan it and gather all the information they need. *SEO: keywords must be written into the copy, and use interlinking - link one word to another page within your site. Also, Randy has written How to Fix Your Website to be ADA Compliant, in which he discusses the American Disabilities Act mandate regarding creating websites and accessibility to other telecommunication avenues for people with disabilities. (Randy Taylor, Orange County)

Tech Firms, Embattled Over Privacy, Warm to Federal Regulation

U.S. tech companies, battered over their handling of consumers' personal data, are hoping to get ahead of the public and legal fallout by working with policy makers to help shape potential new federal privacy legislation. The effort by tech coalitions such as the Information Technology Industry Council - representing internet giants such as Facebook, Amazon.com, Alphabet's Google, and Salesforce.com - comes after the industry has fended off many types of federal action on privacy for years. The likely elements of legislation, which are taking shape in talks among industry representatives, Trump administration officials, and lawmakers, would include several features that politically powerful tech companies are urging. Importantly, the legislation would almost certainly pre-empt state regulation of online privacy, by states such as California, which recently adopted its own tough new privacy law. Firms worry that state-by-state rules could create a burdensome patchwork of regulation. (Read Article: Wall Street Journal, 8/6/18)

IT Services, Custom Software Development Job Market Booming

With 2018 half over, the technology job market is booming, led by high demand for IT services and custom software development fields responsible for 70% of the 71,800 IT industry jobs added this year. In July, IT services, custom software development, and computer system design added about 8,300 positions to the 14,500 total IT jobs added in the U.S., according to CompTIA analysis, based on data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. (Read Article: CIO Dive, 8/6/18)

Maersk and IBM Introduce TradeLens Blockchain Shipping Solution

A.P. Moller-Maersk and IBM have announced the creation of TradeLens, a jointly developed blockchain-enabled shipping solution designed to promote more efficient and secure global trade, bringing together various parties to support information sharing and transparency, and spur industry-wide innovation. As part of the TradeLens early adopter program, IBM and Maersk also announced that 94 organizations are actively involved or have agreed to participate on the TradeLens platform built on open standards. (Read: IBM release, 8/9/18)

Apple Becomes First U.S. Company to Hit $1 Trillion Value

Apple Inc. recently became the first U.S.-based company with a market value of $1 trillion, 40 years after its founding in a garage. On August 2, when Apple hit $1 trillion, other tech giants were not far behind, with Amazon.com Inc., Alphabet Inc., and Microsoft Corp. worth more than $800 billion each. In late 2007, PetroChina Co. briefly crossed the trillion-dollar mark, but slumped quickly as oil prices collapsed in the financial crisis. (Read Article: Bloomberg, 8/2/18)

Uber Self-Driving Cars Back on Public Roads, But in Manual Mode

Uber is bringing its testing of autonomous vehicles back to Pittsburgh roads, but the company says human drivers will operate the vehicles manually and that all such vehicles will have two "mission specialists" inside even if they are in self-driving mode. Uber also says its autonomous vehicles will feature systems that detect distracted driving, with the changes coming after police said the Uber autonomous-vehicle operator in a fatal Arizona crash had looked down at a phone 204 times while streaming a TV show. (Read Article: TechCrunch, 7/24/18)

Best Buy Thriving in the Age of Amazon

Best Buy has weathered multiple changes in retail and electronics technology since its founders launched their first store in 1966. Today, the retailer is fending off competition with in-home services featuring a fleet of 380 consultants who will work to form long-term customer relationships. The big-box retailer wants its in-home consultants to be "personal chief technology officers." (Read Article: Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/19/18)

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