Winning Strategies for Direct-2-Consumer Marketing

Date: DECEMBER 6, 2017

Time: 8:30  –  11:30 AM
Networking Breakfast: 8 AM

Location: LONG BEACH, CA
You don’t need to be a Russian Operative to make great use of Social Media. Our kick-off speaker, recent “Leadership in Innovation” Awardee and two-time ABBY Award winner, George Carpenter, will be joined by his marketing maven wife, Jill Carpenter – who gets “wow” results from using social media to precisely target prime customers.

Fact is, with an increasingly large percentage of the commercial population having high deductible health plans, going “Direct-to-Consumer” is becoming much more common in savvy healthcare circles. And, particularly, when given a choice, consumers will typically select a provider with a strong reputation in the community and/or on the Internet, and transparent, affordable pricing. With that in mind, in addition to hearing how George and Jill have used Facebook to significantly grow MYnd Analytics, we’ll also hear from Jason Ciment, CEO of GetVisible, a digital marketing agency that (among other things) specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing – in fact, he’s written books on them! Jason’s team helps their clients “elevate rankings” and stay ahead of Googles ever-changing algorithms, resulting in increasing their clients’ website traffic upwards of 700%. He’ll also give us examples of how to use “Pay-Per-Click” marketing to “target” prospective patients or clients geographically, demographically, and even psychographically.

When it comes to DIY, D2C marketing Brad Schmidt, CEO of Inglewood Imaging, has been mastering it for years. Brad will share how Inglewood Imaging has developed a “Southwest Airlines of Imaging” reputation with transparent pricing directed at consumers (as well as 4,100 provider offices and 70+ contracted insurance carriers, IPA’s and workers comp groups). If you’re looking to learn how to “Embrace the Community” – from getting patients dancing in the streets to heavy community involvement, no one can share how it’s done better than Brad.

Then we’ll hear about the “Power of Branding” from Andy Leeka, CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital, which “Brings L.A. to Life.” Andy will share the various stakeholders a marketing campaign of this nature appeals to, and how they at least attempt to measure ROI results from their branding campaigns.