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What Makes for the “Top CEOs” in America?

In an industry rife with charges of sexual harassment, sexism, and discrimination, it’s refreshing to see that most of the Best CEOs in America run tech companies, according to Comparably is a compensation, culture and career monitoring website that recently surveyed the “sentiment” of employees of companies, large (over 500 employees) and small, where employees anonymously rated the “2017 Best CEOs”, who were then announced on the site November 27th. Another Comparably survey, released the next day, zeroed in on the 2017 Best Companies for Women – ranking the 50 workplaces that female employees felt were the best; and a third, released on November 29th, listed 25 companies for Top Rated for Diversity – based on CEO reviews by thousands of employees of color.

One company which made all three lists is Cornerstone OnDemand – and its CEO, Adam Miller, ranked #8 “Best CEO” among the nation’s Largest Companies.

The highest ranked of the “Top CEOs” included household names like SalesForce’s Marc Benioff (who came in #1 on the List), and – trailing Adam: Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (#9), Apple’s Tim Cook (#15), and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (#25).

Although neither of the “Top Rated” listings for Women and Diversity ranked the winning listed companies, nor their CEOs, we have every confidence that Adam Miller, an ABL Member since March of 2001, would have been at the top of those lists as well. For the primary traits required to catapult a company to the top of the list for “Diversity” are the abilities to create a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. Walking the halls of Cornerstone (where we hold our West LA Tech Round Table), passing by open offices and glass-walled conference rooms (that bear names like Tel Aviv and Mumbai), you can easily see the people working and meeting inside them. It’s obvious that diversity of color, ethnicity, age, and gender are all welcome at Cornerstone. And, by virtue of Cornerstone’s inclusion among the companies most highly rated for women, their female employees obviously believe Cornerstone values their talent with benefits like pay equity, women’s rights, opportunities for promotion – and a fully equipped spa-like room for nursing mothers.

“Top CEOs” aren’t born, they’re honed. Over the past 16+ years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Adam, from his just starting out as an early-stage entrepreneur to running a successful public company, from opening offices around the globe to spearheading the growth of LA’s Silicon Beach. And during that entire time, Adam has continually honed himself into becoming a Top CEO who is dynamic, engaged, inspiring, ceaselessly-learning, philanthropic, passionate, and an adaptive business leader.

Mimi Grant, President, Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization – Round Tables and Events for CEOs of Technology and Healthcare Companies