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Storyboarding the “Movie” that will Shape Your Business in 2018

Written by Guest Blogger Bob Kelley, CEO, Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization – What kind of movie will characterize your organization in 2018? Will it be family fare unfolding in familiar places, with well-known actors, and a predictable plot line? Or film noir, studded with dark scenes occurring in unfamiliar territory? Or a fast-paced action adventure in which you emerge as the superhero? Storyboarding can help us pre-visualize how our movie will unfold. As business leaders, we shape the scenes, through the development and delivery of products and services, which create valuable experiences for those we serve. Hopefully these experiences will continue to be valuable for existing, and new customers in 2018, and beyond. Our people are counting on us for this.

As scene shapers, we typically use a combination – if not equal parts – of Hindsight, Oversight and Foresight to ensure we continuously sell (or provide) the things that our customers, clients, and patients believe they need. Based on over 30 years of leading ABL’s Technology CEO Round Tables – and tracking the acceleration of Technology, unquestionably I see the scene changing. For business people today, the coming year will demand that we apply more Foresight to our movies, and be much less focused on Oversight or Hindsight. Not surprisingly, Foresight is always more challenging to envision and depict.

As someone with a strong interest in business history – and experience running tech-empowered companies, I’ve seen this movie play out several times before. In more recent years, during the “dot com” era. And earlier, during the “computer revolution,” when there was a tremendous need for Foresight to shift the focus of the organizations I led, from where we’d been to where we were going. Then, as now, tools like storyboards, scenario planning, and simulations helped with this process of shaping new solutions for our customers.

Today, Foresight infused with Knowledge about the foundational technologies of the Advanced Digital Industrial Revolution – like AI, Machine Learning, IoT Devices, Robots, Drones, AR, VR & CRISPR – will be a key element in developing the storyboards, scenarios and simulations that will ensure the effective delivery of your product/service solution. Fortunately, we’ll soon have access to a front-row seat to learn how these rapidly evolving technologies are already shaping this latest Revolution, when Dave Berkus, our own “Mr. Trend,” presents: “THE NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: POWERED BY THE LATEST TOP TECH TRENDS.”

As you contemplate the storyboards and plot for your organization’s coming attraction: a new product/service “solution,” Dave’s insights will help you fashion the questions to pose to your customers, clients and patients. These questions might include, “If we could provide you with a solution like ___(based on these fast-evolving technologies)_____, when would you want it and how valuable would it be to you?”

If you’re looking to sharpen your Foresight, plan now to be with us in Long Beach, the afternoon of January 24th, to attend Dave’s premier presentation of “THE NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: POWERED BY THE LATEST TOP TECH TRENDS.” Chances are strong it will help you design a movie with a happy ending for 2018 and beyond.

Mimi Grant, President, Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization – Round Tables and Events for CEOs of Technology and Healthcare Companies