NorCal ABBY Award Finalists

Recap of the Northern California Innovations in Healthcare & ABBY Award Event

CONGRATS to ALL of the Northern California ABBY Award Finalists & Winner! 

At the Event, held in San Francisco on December 12th, five exceptional healthcare companies competed for this year’s Northern California ABBY Award, in recognition and celebration of their organizations’ innovative technologies and approaches that are dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare. The Finalists were selected from among ~30 nominees by a committee of ABL Members with deep industry domain expertise.

The ABBY Winner was chosen via secret ballot by the healthcare executives in attendance at the Event, after viewing presentations made by the senior executive representing each Finalist company.

NorCal ABBY Award Finalists

(Pictured above, left to right) Mimi Grant, President of ABL Organization; Scott Kim, CEO of NEOFECT, a Finalist for its RAPAEL SMART GLOVE FOR HOME which gamifies traditional, proven rehab exercises that patients look forward to playing every day; David Williams, Founder & CEO of Care3, a Finalist for its team collaboration platform for healthcare delivered in the home and community, by clinicians, home healthcare providers, and family members; Keynoter Dave Sayen, SVP for Gorman Health Group, and former Region 9 CMS Administrator, provided the “ABBY Update Presentation”; George McGregor, GM of California Schools VEBA, a Finalist for its Performance Network that shaved 11% from the cost of their health plan for 132,000 mostly teachers, and opened a Resource Center to help their members first address the root cause of their physical health issues – frequently deep-seated behavioral health issues; Kirk Heath, MD, Founder & CEO of Modio Health, a Finalist for its “One View” Provider Management and Verification Platform used by 200+ healthcare organizations nationwide to manage their provider credentialing processes; and Jenny Gallagher, Co-Founder & CEO of Help-Full, a Finalist for its community network where participants of all ages get and give practical help, share skills and talents, and enjoy common interests.

The FINALISTS competed for the ABBY on the basis of their company’s approach, device, app, or health IT solution’s ability to Solve a Major Healthcare Problem, with an Innovative Solution, and Metrics that Prove its Efficacy in Lowering the Cost of Quality Care.


David Sayen, Senior VP of Gorman Health Group, and former CMS Administrator of Region IX,
provided the “ABBY Award Update” presentation

Dave Sayen

In 2013, Dave Sayen (pictured at right) received an ABBY Award on behalf of CMS’s Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), for its “bold experiments in government payment innovations.” At the December 12 event, Dave gave us an update on what’s happened in the last five years, as CMMI continues to fulfill its mandate to “reduce program expenditures. . . while preserving or enhancing quality of care.”




And the ABBY was Awarded to California Schools VEBA

George McGregor with ABBY AwardeGeorge McGregor (pictured left), GM of the Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA), took home the ABBY Award for the association’s solutions for creating a high-quality, cost-effective Performance Network, and a Resource Center which customizes healthcare at the individual level, employing clinicians and “medical moms,” who are available in person and telephonically, to help members deal with their underlying behavioralhealth issues, so they can more cost-effectively deal with their physical health maladies.