PriceMDs, Velano Vascular, and SnapMD Win ABBY Awards

On October 25, ABL Organization’s 18th Innovations in Healthcare(TM) event presented ABBY Awards to innovative organizations that are dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare.

The Winners were:

Marc Grossman, MD, Founder & CEO of PriceMDs (PMDs), who received the Diamond ABBY Award for his company’s proprietary, enterprise-facing, bundled-pricing health insurance solutions that empower and benefit self-insured employers, their employees, health plans, and other healthcare payers. PMDs’ surgical network includes 1,100+ outpatient surgical centers (and other facilities) in 44 states throughout the U.S., and the physicians who participate in PMDs’ network offer pre-negotiated, all-inclusive bundled prices for these procedures and specialty drugs at prices which represent savings of typically 25%-50% and as high as 75+% compared to prices currently paid by major health plans. Beneficiaries save money, too.

Eric Stone, CEO of Velano Vascular, who received the Platinum ABBY Award for Velano’s making the drawing of blood less painful, or even painless, using PIVO, a needle-free blood draw device. PIVO repurposes an existing peripheral IV line for inpatient blood draws, aiming to enable more compassionate care for hospital inpatients, a safer practice for caregivers, and a more financially responsible alternative for health systems for one of the most common, invasive procedures conducted in hospitals every day. PIVO addresses the billions of dollars spent annually on wasted materials, rejected blood samples, injury risks, delayed results, labor costs, and central line escalations.

Dave Skibinski, President & CEO of SnapMD, who received the Gold ABBY Award for his company’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform – a full-service, white-label platform that allows providers to extend their reach of care by leveraging secure one-on-one live video, audio, and text message consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary and specialty care physicians. As a cloud-based solution that is hardware agnostic, SnapMD’s VCM platform provides an enterprise-level tool that can typically be configured to integrate with existing EMR, scheduling and billing systems. Plus, SnapMD’s customers keep 100% of their encounter service revenue.

Plus, George Carpenter, CEO of MYnd Analytics, (pictured at right) keynoted the event, and was honored with the “Leadership in Innovation” Award. George leads the predictive medicine company, which brings objective physical findings to psychiatric treatment in order to reduce trial-and-error prescribing in mental health. George previously won ABL’s prestigious ABBY Award twice – for WorkWell in 2004, and MYnd Analytics in 2016.

At the event, nine exceptional healthcare companies competed for the 2017 ABBY Awards, which recognize and celebrate organizations with innovative technologies and approaches that are dramatically reducing the cost of quality healthcare. The nine Finalists were selected by a committee composed of 21 ABL Members with deep industry domain knowledge. The three ABBY Winners were chosen via secret ballot by the healthcare executives in attendance at the October 25th event, after viewing presentations made by the CEO or senior executive representing each Finalist company.

Congratulations to all of the 2017 ABBY Awards Finalists and Winners!

by Mimi Grant, President, Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization – Round Tables and Events for CEOs of Technology and Healthcare Companies