How to Keep Up with Where Tech’s Headed

Earlier today I spoke with a bright, seasoned tech entrepreneur who admitted his biggest concern for his company is keeping up with all the emerging technology – and convincing his engineers and programmers that their jobs are at stake if they don’t keep up, too. Yet, just in this issue of ABL Technology Online, five candidates for Where Technology’s Headed jumped out:

The Cloud – With Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and even Oracle’s Cloud Platform as a Service all available, “Cloud Wars” may soon be playing on a system near you. And any enterprise software developer who hasn’t already migrated their offering to the cloud could find themselves left behind.

Mobile – Android OS has now overtaken Microsoft Windows, as well as Apple’s iOS, as the most-used operating system. Yes, some workers still sit at their desks, but growing numbers process their work, as well as their social and commercial interactions, on their phones. For businesses, a website that displays well on an Android phone is a must today. For coders, expanding one’s horizon in Android Kernel level programming and beyond is a step closer to job security.

Robots – Like AvatarMind’s iPal (illustrated in photo) – “a robot companion for kids and the elderly” – promoted at the San Jose Airport. Others are programmed with AI so they can see where they’re going, like Domino’s battery-powered, six-wheeled, self-driving pizza delivery robots. Think of the sophistication necessary to create an autonomous vehicle/ pre-coded vending machine that navigates through neighborhoods up to a mile away from the store, delivering 20 pounds of hot pizzas. And this is happening today in New Zealand and Australia.

Drones – Domino’s isn’t just delivering via robots on the ground, they started drone deliveries last November in New Zealand. Far beyond pizza, drones are already delivering Slurpees and coffee for 7-Eleven customers in Reno; drugs – both ethical and “recreational” – are being drop shipped into remote areas; and Amazon’s Prime Air dropped its first “shipment” in 13 minutes from click to delivery.

Hot Majors – Locally, thanks to Experian PLC’s $750,000 grant, Chapman University will be expanding its curriculum in data science and artificial intelligence with an Experian Assistant Professorship in Machine Learning. Students in this new program, and those studying for an undergraduate degree in Data Analytics, will be at the forefront of creating computers so they adjust and adapt – without being programmed – as they’re exposed to new data.

It’s hard to stay on top of all the Top Tech Trends, but Janet Rich, ABL Technology Online’s Editor, does it, week after week. For tech entrepreneurs and executives eager to stay on top of what’s happening, this bi-weekly condensation of hottest trends and Member News is a great place to start.