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HiMMS18: Health IT of the Future is Debuting in Vegas Now

This week, Las Vegas is welcoming HiMMS18 attendees, from all over the world, to the largest gathering of folks who develop and sell Health IT to those who purchase it for their hospitals, health systems, medical offices, and health plans. Here are a few pictures snapped on Day 1:

A few of the 40,000+ attendees at HiMMS18 on their way to visit over 1,300 exhibitors in the Sands Expo Center:
 HiMSS Attendees  Novarad’s OpenSight Augmented Reality holograms allow clinicians (and med professors) to overlay MRI and CT images on a patient – for now to “practice,” soon, in real time:
Salesforce is enabling providers and payers to “customer journey map” their patients’ experiences through their acquisition, onboarding, and retention phases – just like “regular” customers: HiMSS Aug
HiMSS Salesforce This Masimo monitoring unit enables patients to stay connected to the hospital – or the clinicians tracking their clinical progress, post discharge from the ICU – in their home:
HiMSS Masimo

Mimi Grant, President, Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization – Round Tables and Events for CEOs of Healthcare and Technology Companies