San Gabriel Valley (SVG)

Technology CEO Group

1st Friday of the month from | 8:15 am – 12:15 pm | Monrovia, CA

Upcoming ZOOM Meeting

 FRIDAY, June 25

Opening Discussion Topic:

Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Talent –
for Today’s Workforce

Having the talent you need to operate your business processes and projects continues to be a major issue for many of our members. Additionally, getting and maintaining the level of engagement you need from them – to keep things on track – has recently emerged as another major issue. While we’ve discussed, over the last six months, various approaches for continuing to grow, they all require a talented team that can continuously adapt better approaches for working together, to avoid being disrupted and derailed.

This month, we’ll have a brief presentation of broad research into some additional approaches that can be utilized to better position your firm as an attractive leader for attracting, engaging, and retaining your key talent.

Then, as always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?” – and serve as Strategic Advisory Board Members to ABL’s Malik Arshad, President of Canoga Perkins Corp., as he makes his Featured Presentation.

Malik Arshad is President of Canoga Perkins Corp., which makes innovative and reliable products, helping service providers to build modern, high capacity, reliable, scalable, and adaptive network connectivity solutions, for 5G, 4G, and industrial networks. Malik has been in his current role at Canoga Perkins since August 2019. He joined the company in 2010 as Manager of Field Programmable Gate Arrays until 2014, where he led a technically and geographically diverse team to deliver a “world’s-first” 100-gigabit ethernet network interface device.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

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Our San Gabriel Valley Technology Round Table meets on the 1st  Friday of the month (with the exception of some holidays, like Jan. 1st ).  We have been meeting via ZOOM since April, and look forward to meeting again in person – once we can do so safely, hopefully early in the New Year.

Past Discussion Topics Include

  • Effective Remote Team Members - What Works?
  • Hiring & Retaining Key Talent - What Works?
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage With Analytics, How?
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2020 Strategy
  • Developing Your Key Marketing Person: Why? How?
  • Ensuring Effective Cypersecurity - What's Working?
  • Where Would I Invest An Extra $10M? Why There?
  • Capturing Value with Your Digital Strategy
  • Re-Thinking Your Digital Strategy
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2019 Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management: Why? & How?
  • Agile Teams - When, Where & Why?
  • Blockchain - Applications Emerging – for Whom, What, Why & When
  • The People Side – A Key To Change Management
  • Becoming A Learning Organization:  Why - What - How?
  • Making Culture A Key Competitive Asset – How?
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