San Gabriel Valley (SVG)

Technology CEO Group

1st Friday of the month from | 8:15 am – 12:15 pm | Monrovia, CA

Upcoming ZOOM Meeting

 FRIDAY, December 4, 2020

Opening Discussion Topic:

Your Use of Coaches – What’s Working?

We’ll have a brief presentation about the value of coaching, and some best practices from The Leadership Playbook of a Trillion Dollar Coach who worked with Google’s Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and other Technology Superstars, and their organizations. And he previously was CEO at Apple’s Claris and also at Intuit.

Members will then share and discuss their use of business coaches, with those who are using coaches sharing their top 3 Key Success Factors in getting the most value from their coaches.

As always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?”

We’ll also be serving as Strategic Advisory Board Members to our Featured Member: Brian Arandez, President of Maroon Vault

Maroon Vault, provides industrial design, product strategy, prototyping, and manufacturing project management. Among the company’s clients are Amazon, AT&T, Mattel, Buena Vista Games, Bosch, Coleman, Hyundai, Kia, LG, Machinima, Sprint, Suzuki, TMobile, and Verizon. Maroon Vault holds several patents, and its designs are currently selling on the shelves of major chains.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

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Our San Gabriel Valley Technology Round Table meets on the 1st  Friday of the month (with the exception of some holidays, like Jan. 1st ).  We have been meeting via ZOOM since April, and look forward to meeting again in person – once we can do so safely, hopefully early in the New Year.


Past Discussion Topics Include

  • Effective Remote Team Members - What Works?
  • Hiring & Retaining Key Talent - What Works?
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage With Analytics, How?
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2020 Strategy
  • Developing Your Key Marketing Person: Why? How?
  • Ensuring Effective Cypersecurity - What's Working?
  • Where Would I Invest An Extra $10M? Why There?
  • Capturing Value with Your Digital Strategy
  • Re-Thinking Your Digital Strategy
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2019 Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management: Why? & How?
  • Agile Teams - When, Where & Why?
  • Blockchain - Applications Emerging – for Whom, What, Why & When
  • The People Side – A Key To Change Management
  • Becoming A Learning Organization:  Why - What - How?
  • Making Culture A Key Competitive Asset – How?
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