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Upcoming ZOOM Meeting

 FRIDAY, May 7

Opening Discussion Topic:

Value For Us From Amazon’s Working Backwards

In March, Ujj Nath, CEO of myKaarma – and a member of ABL-Tech West LA, shared with us the positive impact a new book, Working Backwards, is having on his SaaS company. Given Ujj has already grown his start-up into a successful multi-million dollar business, the Group was very interested in learning more about “how it works.”

Last week, Lisa Perrine, EdD, CEO of Cibola Systems, who “absolutely loves trying (and failing) at new things – no risk, no reward,” used the visionary-future dated Press Release approach detailed in the book’s title chapter to make her Strategic Advisory Presentation to the Table. While it was a major modification of our usual approach, the Group responded with seven pages of great feedback to a business concept she’s launching at Cibola. Lisa related she was “definitely inspired by the group’s insights, and has already started working on Press Release v.3. :)”

So, we’ve prepared a Briefing on the key material in Working Backwards, to open our May Round Table. Our Discussion questions will include:

  • How likely are you to use any of the key ideas in Working Backwards in your business in the next twelve months?
  • Which ideas specifically?
  • How might they translate resulting “disruptive competitive advantages” into more profitable growth for your business?
  • Why?
  • How likely are you to read this book?, and
  • How likely do you think you are to share it with others in your organization?

Then, as always, we’ll look to hear and discuss, “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?

We’ll also be serving as Strategic Advisory Board Members to ABL’s George Mekhtarian, as he makes his Featured Member Presentation.

George Mekhtarian is CEO of California Lightworks, a company focused on the research, design, development, and manufacturing of advanced energy-efficient LED horticulture lights. California Lightworks’ vision is to apply the latest advances in solid-state lighting and controls technology along with innovative manufacturing techniques to deliver highly differentiated products at competitive prices to the professional greenhouse and indoor horticulture markets.

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Our San Gabriel Valley Technology Round Table meets on the 1st  Friday of the month (with the exception of some holidays, like Jan. 1st ).  We have been meeting via ZOOM since April, and look forward to meeting again in person – once we can do so safely, hopefully early in the New Year.

Past Discussion Topics Include

  • Effective Remote Team Members - What Works?
  • Hiring & Retaining Key Talent - What Works?
  • Gaining Competitive Advantage With Analytics, How?
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2020 Strategy
  • Developing Your Key Marketing Person: Why? How?
  • Ensuring Effective Cypersecurity - What's Working?
  • Where Would I Invest An Extra $10M? Why There?
  • Capturing Value with Your Digital Strategy
  • Re-Thinking Your Digital Strategy
  • Key Issues Shaping Your 2019 Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management: Why? & How?
  • Agile Teams - When, Where & Why?
  • Blockchain - Applications Emerging – for Whom, What, Why & When
  • The People Side – A Key To Change Management
  • Becoming A Learning Organization:  Why - What - How?
  • Making Culture A Key Competitive Asset – How?
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