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Awards Event – COVID Edition

ABL’s Virtual Innovations in Healthcare – COVID Edition

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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 9 | Set up 8:15 | Meeting 8:30-11:30 AM | via Zoom


Certainly 2020 will go down in the history books as the year COVID changed the world, particularly the World of Healthcare. Ever since March, it’s been impressive to watch the bold steps taken by a number of ABL Members who not only survived the crisis, but thrived through the darkest days of the pandemic.


During this, our 23rd Innovations in Healthcare awards event, we’ll honor five ABL “Innovators in Healthcare,” members who made lemonade out of COVID’s lemons by developing new product and service lines, invested in and invented new technologies, and even helped employers ease the stress felt by their entire workforces, now WFH – many with “K-12 classrooms” sharing space in their kitchens.


During our morning session, you’ll hear our five “Innovators in Healthcare” Awardees share how they:

  • Identified a particular COVID-wrought PROBLEM
  • Developed SOLUTIONS to address it
  • Realized RESULTS from deploying their Solutions


You’ll also have an opportunity to engage our Featured Speakers during Q&A’s that will follow each presentation, and during two breakout sessions – in which you’re encouraged to discuss how you might apply and leverage these innovative approaches in your own healthcare organization.

ABL’s 2020 “Innovators in Healthcare” Awardees are:

Providers who quickly adapted to the “COVID world”
with new approaches and technologies for patients

Jennifer Ty Jennifer Ty, CEO, Excell Home Care, was the first among our ABL-Members who “leaned-into” COVID. Jennifer had her team of home health nurses and therapists make “custom scented” hand sanitizer, which she brought to our Orange County Round Table on March 4th. Then they created a “customized line” of home health supplies for SNF and ALF facilities, and created “sub-regional equipment sites” to re-supply their LA-Orange County-spanning team of clinicians – including their “wound care warriors.” Then she launched vans to bring COVID testing to patients; and more recently contracted with Kaiser, to provide flu vaccines to large employers’ employees – with plans to inoculate them again, as soon a COVID vaccine’s ready.

Dan Forche

Dan Forche, CEO of PreludeDx, realized on joining the nascent “DCIS Testing Company,” the key to getting breast cancer surgeons and radiation oncologists to order the DCISionRT test would be proving its value for predicting radiation’s benefit (or potential harm) to women with DCIS who’d already had breast cancer surgery. Since then, multiple validation studies have been published and presented: at tumor boards, small group dinners and major conferences – until COVID’s lock-down. But, undeterred, Dan and his team quickly began hosting “virtual dinners,” presenting at virtual conferences, and publishing data about women who would be “under-treated with surgery alone,” as well as those at lower risk for recurrence of DCIS or IBC who wouldn’t benefit from radiation treatment.

Brad Schmidt

Brad Schmidt, CEO of Inglewood Imaging, an “amazing grass roots healthcare organization,” took a daring deep dive into a pool of risk when, in the early months of COVID, he invested $1.7 million in new radiology equipment (MRI, X-ray, DEXA, ultrasound, and mammogram), plus added new radiologists and staff. The goal of the investment was to modernize the patient experience with technology to improve care outcomes, while tackling disparity statistics. Inspired by the 60% non-compliance rate for mammogram screening, Brad trademarked a “5-senses” protocol with “less squeeze more accuracy” – to boost engagement and compliance. The results are outstanding: patients now love their mammos and are achieving early detection compliance, too.


Technologists whose B2B-focused COVID Solutions enable labs
process results faster, and employers to reopen their offices safely

Naresh Menon

Naresh Menon, PhD, CEO of ChromoLogic, leads a team of highly-collaborative, world-class technologists who develop innovative, affordable healthcare solutions that “save lives and make the world secure,” that are used by health systems and the military alike. When COVID hit ChromoLogic, most of his top scientists retreated to their homes to work remotely, as best they could – without the ability to truly collaborate and use the lab’s sophisticated equipment. But, true to their mission, ChromoLogic’s developing a low-cost Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) COVID test, which is in line for the FDA’s EUA, so his scientists can get back to their benches and each other – securely knowing that everyone in the lab will be COVID tested daily.


Suren Avunjian

Suren Avunjian, CEO of LigoLab Information Systems, has long empowered molecular, clinical, and anatomic labs nationally to run and scale their operations efficiently with LigoLab’s LIS. But, when COVID hit, in Warp Speed, LigoLab developed, a direct-to-consumer portal that gave labs, customers of Ligo’s LIS or not, an innovative tool to process and report back to their clients, be they individuals, physicians, or, for example, the State of Florida. In Florida, Washington-based Northwest Laboratory was able to respond to the State’s request to test 500,000 long term care residents, residing in 4,000 facilities, in 67 counties – and their caregivers, providing a test-to-report turnaround to the SNF, and Health Department, within 2-3 days.


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