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San Francisco

The San Francisco Group will join the Oakland Group on August 19. See Discussion Topic and Presenter Information to the right.

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Our San Francisco Healthcare Round Table meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month – either via Zoom or sometimes with an In-Person option (*unless a holiday or special event alters the date).


Opening Discussion Topic for August 18:

Technology That’s Reshaping Healthcare

Today, rapid advances in AI are enabling IT tools and software to boost productivity, close the gap between provider and patient, speed drug and device development, and improve overall quality of and access to patient care. Even more amazing, some of the most advanced technologies that will help reshape healthcare in 2050 are already with us today. Consider, for example, the ubiquitous FAX machine, first patented in 1843. Today it’s still growing in popularity as a secure way to transmit data and images, sent from a dedicated machine, computer, or an app, over a HIPAA-compliant cloud portal. Over two million times a day.

As we begin our Group Discussion on cutting-edge IT that will soon enable rapid advances in your healthcare sector, we’ll look to hear about the IT that’s already in use today as well that which is on the horizon.

Then, in the category of “the future is already with us,” our Featured (Orange County ABL) Member, Barry Clark, President and CEO of WestFax, will show us how the Fax has evolved from the humble machine in the corner to a sophisticated, physically and electronically secure, cloud fax system capable of sending millions of faxes a day.

In your RSVP, please tell us if there’s a particular technology, you’d like to share with us!

Barry Clark founded WestFax, in 1998, initially to serve clients in the travel industry. Fast-forward 24 years, and they’re a HIPAA-compliant cloud fax service and document workflow firm, with clients that include nearly every major healthcare company in the Fortune 100 to single-line mobile app users. To make that possible, WestFax operates the largest TDM fax platform on earth with multiple data centers supporting their online portal, an API, and mobile apps.

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Our Oakland Healthcare Round Table meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month – either via Zoom or sometimes with an In-Person option (*unless a holiday or special event alters the date).

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