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The San Francisco Group will join the Oakland Group on September 15. See Discussion Topic and Presenter Information to the right.

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Our San Francisco Healthcare Round Table meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month – either via Zoom or sometimes with an In-Person option (*unless a holiday or special event alters the date).


Opening Discussion Topic for September 15:


But it’s a great “down payment.”

The Legislature added the $10 M to California’s budget to help Choice in Aging create a national model for aging independently with wrap around health and social services. CiA’s Pleasant Hill campus will ultimately include 81 single bedroom apartments for low-income seniors, a new Choice in Aging adult day health care facility and a new Choice in Learning Montessori intergenerational preschool.

Now, Debbie needs to come up with the other $20 million.

What approaches have you used to raise or give BIG money?

Anyone who’s ever run (or given to) a non-profit or other worthy cause has had to envision and execute campaigns that tug at the heart strings (and open the purse strings). During our Opening Discussion, plan to share the “Best Money Raisers” you’ve encountered either professionally or as a generous individual. We’ll also discuss the latest Healthcare Trends that are impacting you.

Then, our Featured Member, Debbie Toth, President and CEO of Choice in Aging, will bring us up to speed on all their programs, places, and parties – like Disco Dancing at The Bedford Center, and parties for donors – like “Bocce Booze and Blues”!

Debbie Toth, joined ABL in 2012, just a few months after she was named CEO of Rehabilitation Services of Northern California. Given she’d served with RSNC for a decade already, in various management positions, she knew the name no longer represented what the organization did to serve primarily seniors through 2 ADHCs, in their communities. Fast-forward another decade and Debbie’s added, under the Choice in Aging moniker, a 3-county MSSP, a 3-county CCT, a PEAS program, and Intergenerational Montessori preschool. And, if you don’t know what the acronyms represent, Debbie will be sure to explain!

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Our Oakland Healthcare Round Table meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month – either via Zoom or sometimes with an In-Person option (*unless a holiday or special event alters the date).

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