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San Francisco

The San Francisco Group will join the Oakland Group on July 21. See Discussion Topic and Guest Presenter Information to the right.

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Our San Francisco Healthcare Round Table meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month – either via Zoom or sometimes with an In-Person option (*unless a holiday or special event alters the date).


Opening Discussion Topic for July 21:

Out-Recruit, Out-Retain Your Remote Competitors

A recent GoodHire survey found that 68% of Americans would choose remote working options over in-office work. That said, in Healthcare, not everyone can be remote. So, in the war for talent, the key is to build a bullet-proof culture (AKA a “family”) that retains the great talent you already have and attracts the superstars you want.

Our Guest Speaker, Kim Shepherd, literally wrote the book on REMOTE WORK, so she knows how to design the processes, practices and strategies to engage remote and hybrid workforces; even better, she knows how to invigorate teams that are engaged and productive, regardless of where they’re working.

During Kim’s presentation, not only will she share proven strategies for helping to make your organization even more “magnetic” for the team players you want to keep, but she will demonstrate how to make your company culture even more attractive than those that provide work-at-home flexibility.

We’ll also be sure to kick-off the session with “What Else Is Up?” in your healthcare world.

Even before Kim Shepherd built Decision Toolbox into a recruitment solutions powerhouse – that she took virtual with over 100 team members spread across three countries, she helped hospitals and SNFs find scarce therapists, so she understands competitive healthcare markets. More recently, with the sale of DT to Engage2Excel, Kim has focused her enormous energies on helping other leaders attract ‘A’ players and create high-performance teams through her three books and keynotes.

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Our Oakland Healthcare Round Table meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month – either via Zoom or sometimes with an In-Person option (*unless a holiday or special event alters the date).

Past Round Table Topics

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  • AI Innovation for Healthcare
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  • Lessons from Integrating Acquisitions
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  • Moving from Innovation to Adoption
  • AHS: Caring, Healing, Teaching, Serving All
  • Utilization Matters!
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  • New Approaches for Delivering Care
  • Lessons Learned from Geographic Expansion
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