An Ode to the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

‘Twas the 13th of January, when all through the City
Not a room could be found for the usual kitty.
Luring VCs, and PEs, and I-Bankers, too
JP Morgan’s Health Conf’rence is quite the to-do.

Armani and Gucci’s the dress code for four days,
Plus, red ties and pinstripes give attendees away.
While the Event’s hub at the Westin is found,
Receptions and meetings take place all around.

Non-profits and for-profits all make their play:
“No margin, no mission’s” the phrase of the day.
With $3.6 Trillion at stake in health’s game
No wonder for thousands, San Francisco’s their aim.

So on Uber, on Lyft, and a few Yellow Cabs
And trollies and Munis, and walking – so fab
In a town known for Tech and Unicorns rare:
Herald Healthcare’s 38th Annual financial affair!