What is the Adaptive Business Leaders (ABL) Organization?

Through facilitated CEO-led Round Tables, a unique brain trust that transfers knowledge, skills and experience, Members have an invaluable place to receive feedback and encouragement surrounding their journey as a CEO.

What makes ABL unique?

  • Round Tables: Meet with other Healthcare or Technology CEOs and C-Level Executives to network, challenge, and receive valuable, career-changing feedback.
  • Industry focused: Every ABL Member is active in either the Healthcare or Technology industry, creating a meaningful and productive experience at each meeting. Meetings are focused, prompt, and follow a centralized agenda that is results-driven and results oriented.

If you are looking to ignite your company’s growth and excel as a CEO, ABL is a necessity for every Healthcare and Technology CEO.

ABL Brainstorming Session

Our History


ABL was founded under original name: Southern California Technology Executives Network (SO/CAL/TEN)


Stock Market crash of 1987 left many technology companies in disarray


Recognition that Members who did thrive after the crash of 1987 did so because of their adaptability.


The name Adaptive Business Leaders was born to accurately depict our Members: Leaders with the ability to adapt as a means to successfully grow their businesses.



Bob Kelley, CEO, ABL Organization

Bob Kelley

Bob Kelley is the lead Facilitator of ABL’s three Technology Round Tables, and leverages his Board Chairman experience with emerging and high-growth tech companies.

Mimi Grant

Mimi leads ABL’s six Healthcare Round Tables and its New Member Development activities.

Jody Ferguson, Director of Operations, ABL Organization

Jody Ferguson

Jody heads ABL’s Operations, including ensuring ABL’s Members’ Only website is always current.

Robin Ankrom, Member Services, ABL Organization

Robin Ankrom

Robin ensures great Member Services for ABL’s Southern California Healthcare and Technology Round Table Members.

Laura Grant, Member Services & Events, ABL Organization

Laura Grant

Laura is responsible for ABL’s Northern California Round Tables and all of ABL’s events, like Innovations in Healthcare™ and Top Tech Trends™.

Janet Rich, Publications, ABL Organization

Janet Rich

Janet is the editor of both the Healthcare and Technology  ABL Onlines, the Organization’s weekly Trend and Members Newsletter, plus all of our Members’ bios.

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