ABL has been a great pay-off for me and I have found great value. It has brought me help in financing the company, resolving financial issues, and customer problems. And it’s served for personal growth, too.

Randy Heyler,President & CEO | Ondax, Inc | Los Angeles Technology
Member Since: 2010



Dave Berkus

Dave Berkus

In Be an Adaptive Business Leader, Dave shares that he’s probably attended 400+ half-day ABL Round Tables over the years. “Why would I spend so much time networking with other CEOs, discussing mutual problems and solutions?” he asks. “The answer is that I am the recipient of many insights from fellow CEOs that sometimes strike like lightning bolts when least expected. The theme of these Round Tables is ‘adapt’ – to be ready for and embrace change quickly and efficiently in the light of opportunities and changes that might be missed by other CEOs without trained antenna-like skills. [ABL is] a group of fellow executives ready to share and solve your problems of the month, or share theirs with you to better inform you of those you might otherwise miss in your management life. Unlike other groups, ABL members all belong to either healthcare or technology industry-focused Round Tables. There they not only discuss their business issues, but significant business-changing trends facing their industry. And, as an active, professional angel investor, often I can help in areas not familiar to the others, when fundraising issues are on the list.
Dave Berkus

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