Dave Brown

Consumer Health Engagement & Quality Solutions
Bay Area Healthcare
Member Since: 1995

I rarely miss ABL; this is where I get my Brain Food. It helps to keep my day-to-day decisions in a larger perspective.

Round Tables

ABL’s monthly Healthcare Executives Round Tables form the core component of the ABL experience. These half-day sessions are professionally facilitated to ensure Members receive the utmost value for their investment of time and dollars. Leveraging ABL’s unique, industry-specific, confidential, peer-advisory board approach, Members reveal their most pressing concerns, hearing – and taking away – valuable feedback from each other. Together, ABL Members accelerate their real-time learning by hearing how their peers are taking advantage of healthcare’s emerging opportunities (and dodging its challenges), by:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Learning new approaches
  • Exploring opportunities and
  • Forging business relationships

Who Takes Part In ABL Round Tables?

Event_Hand shakes

ABL Members are industry leaders of non-competing:

  • Providers
  • Payers
  • Health IT, App, Telecom
  • Life science, and
  • Professional healthcare service firms.

What Are The Upcoming Meeting Dates?

What Are The Prerequisites for Membership in ABL?

  • 1/09 – Silicon Valley Round Table
  • 1/10 – San Francisco / Bay Area Round Table
  • 1/11 – East Bay / Bay Area Round Table
  • 1/18 – Sacramento Round Table
  • 1/19 – Los Angeles Round Table
  • 2/07 – Orange County Round Table


  • Leadership: Being the CEO, President, COO, or Division
    General Manager of a Healthcare firm
  • Scope: Members must lead Healthcare
    businesses/divisions with at least one million dollars in sales or assets –
    most of our Members run enterprises with major multiples of that.
  • Focus: Like Wayne Gretzky, our Members are
    future-focused, to where healthcare is going, not to where it’s been.
    Achieving affordable, quality care is a common aspiration.
  • Confidentiality: Treating that which is of a confidential nature – either regarding a fellow Member’s business or person – with the strictest confidence is required of all participants in ABL Round Tables, be they ABL Members or staff. (On behalf of our publicly-traded Members, Round Table participants acknowledge that they are “insiders” and, therefore, do not trade – long or short – in the stock of their companies, based on what is disclosed in the Round Tables.)
  • Collegiality: While candor is a hallmark of ABL Round
    Tables, so is a harmonious environment.

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