I've been a member of ABL for the last 10 years and what ABL has done for me is given me a good group of more experienced executives who've walked in shoes that I am about to walk in.

Ujj Nath | Chief Executive Officer | Kaarma | Los Angeles Technology
Member Since: 1999


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Through ABL’s Round Tables, Events, and Personal Connections.
Members leverage the “Power of ABL” to accelerate the growth of their technology businesses.


As ABL Members attest:


I’ve been a Member of ABL for the last ten years and what ABL has done for me is given me a group of more experienced executives, who walk the shoes that I’m about to walk in, help me with decisions that I don’t have to figure out for myself, often save me a lot of headache, time and money and sometimes even put me in touch with people that help my business move forward. For example, executive contacts, board of directors, financing sources, all in all it’s been a very fruitful ten years.
Ujj Nath, CEO of Kaarma



John Tanner

With this group, you can share any issue in full confidentiality and get friendly advice from others who don’t have an agenda related to your company.
John Tanner, President and CEO, Tanner Research, Inc.



Kim Shepherd


ABL is a must-have for every CEO. For me, it is like CEO therapy. My favorite part is “What’s Keeping You Up Nights?” because it really gets you thinking and I always get incredible feedback.
Kim Shepherd, CEO, Decision Toolbox

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